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The new Environment Secretary, Owen Paterson, appears to be sceptical about climate change policies and is not a  fan of wind farms.


Read the article by Rowena Mason here


According to this article by Christopher Booker in the Telegraph, Owen Paterson favours massive investment in gas generation.


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Burcote Wind agreed to withdraw a claim from their website that "owing to the topography of the site, (the proposed wind farm at Benshinnie) would be obscured from many local viewpoints."


The developers were reported to the Advertising Standards Authority after Crossmichael resident Alan Keith, on behalf of TW312, refuted their statement and submitted one of Burcote Wind's own documents as evidence.


Read the Galloway News article here






Scottish Government Consultation



Friday 7th September


McMillan Hall, Dash Square, Newton Stewart


Public Exhibition (drop in) 1 – 6pm


Public discussion 7 – 9pm




Anyone interested in going please contact asap and we may be able to arrange a lift share

Credit:     Michael Blackley,     Scottish Political Reporter,    Scottish Daily Mail     (03/09/12)


The number of wind farms in Scotland is set to more than treble as developers look to take advantage of the SNP’s ‘obsession’ with turbines.


Figures show that the total number of wind farms operating in Scotland will rise from 131 at present to 435 if all those currently planned go ahead, while the number of turbines will increase to nearly 5,000.


SNP ministers believe that onshore wind can help Scotland achieve ambitious green energy targets, despite widespread fears in communities across Scotland about the impact that it will have on the countryside.


There are almost double the number of wind turbines in Scotland than in the rest of the UK put together.


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Credit:     Simon Johnson     Scottish Political Editor     The Telegraph     (22/08/12)


SNP minsters are planning to undermine community opposition to wind farms by having teachers tell schoolchildren that turbines benefit the environment, according to official guidance just published


Updated advice issued by the Scottish Government stated that councils should include green energy in the school curriculum or after-school activities “to provide a foundation for balanced decision-making in later life”.


It also recommended that renewable power companies embark on public relations campaigns so that the intermittent power and visual impact of turbines are not “portrayed as show-stoppers or roadblocks”.


Fergus Ewing, the Scottish Energy Minister, said the guidance would ensure wind farm planning applications “go more smoothly for everyone involved”.


But opposition parties last night accused the SNP of infecting classrooms with pro-wind farm propaganda in order that they achieve their green energy targets.


Scottish ministers want to generate the equivalent of all the country’s electricity needs from renewable sources by the end of the decade but planning chiefs have warned this could mean the countryside being turned into a “wind farm landscape”.


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Concerned about the number of wind turbines at various stages of planning for Dumfries & Galloway?

That number is now over 1,000 turbines over 50m to tip



Please sign Russell Brown's Wind Farm Petition here



Great article by James Delingpole (21/08/12)


"I'm talking, of course, about the wind farm menace.

It divides once-happy communities; it blights cherished views; it wipes between 25 per cent and 50 per cent off property values; it causes insomnia, depression, palpitations, anxiety, sickness of all kinds; it enriches the cynical, greedy few at the expense of the many; it drives up energy prices; it kills birdlife and bats; it destroys jobs (creating only fake, taxpayer-subsidised ones), it does nothing whatsoever to benefit the environment, let alone arrest "climate change."


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Credit:     Sharon Liptrott,     Dumfries Standard     (27/07/12)


COUNCIL resources are being swamped by applications for windfarm developments.

And Dumfriesshire MP David Mundell says the Scottish Government should realise “enough is enough”.

He is urging Dumfries and Galloway Council to issue a memorandum opposing all new applications to stop tax payers’ cash and planning officers’ time being wasted.


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Credit:     Victoria Allen     Scottish Daily Mail     (23/07/12)


Scotland is set to become a magnet for wind farm developers, after Alex Salmond yesterday promised to protect their multimillion-pound subsidies from large-scale cuts.


It is feared a flood of applications will leave planners north of the Border struggling to cope.


Scottish Conservative chief whip John Lamont said: ‘The SNP has to realise that its obsession with wind farms is not shared by the majority of Scottish people.


‘There are already far too many applications for wind farms and one thing people and councils do not want to see is an SNP-fuelled surge in such developments.’


Linda Holt of Communities Against Turbines Scotland said: ‘Alex Salmond doesn’t just want to see the feeding frenzy for wind developers in Scotland continue, he wants to offer bigger bait than his neighbour so the feeding frenzy becomes even fiercer.


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Credit:     Gerri Peev     Mail Online     (22/07/12)





Wind farms do hit property prices – something anyone with an ounce of common sense would know but at least it is official now.  It will be interesting to see the "spin" developers will put on this!


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Mayfield open for comments until the 9th August 2012 on the following sections only


Volume 1 Section 6 of the Environmental Statement (Socio-Economic Impacts)

Ornithology Addendum (Bird Survey submitted 31st May 2012)


The documents can be read here

All other documents can be read at Kirkbank House Dumfries during office hours


BBC News South Scotland     (13/07/12)




Plans by Vattenfall for up to 10 x 125m turbines on Blackmyre Moor just outside Creetown have been dropped.


Project manager Andrew Bennett said:


"Planning policy guidance set out recently by Dumfries and Galloway Council has indicated that only turbines of less than 80m would be appropriate for this area.


"We respect the guidance given by the council and this was a factor in our decision to withdraw.


"We felt it was important to confirm our decision to withdraw to give certainty to as many local residents as possible."


Well done to Vattenfall for their actions and their intentions to share information collected on bird flight paths with SNH and the RSPB!


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I wonder if RES UK  will show the same integrity and withdraw their plans for  5 x 115m turbines close to Barcloy Hill, in an area identified in the new Interim Planning Policy as unsuitable for turbines over 60-65m to tip?

Credit:     Stuart Gillespie     The Galloway News    (05/07/12)


Windfarm number 12 is in the pipeline for the Glenkens.


Fife-based Burcote Wind has revealed it is aiming to build 36 turbines at Longburn between Carsphairn and Moniaive in a £130 million scheme.


If the proposal and the other 11 developments currently being worked on are given the go ahead it would take the number of Glenkens turbines to well over 300.


The plans have come under fire from local pressure group Turbine Watch 312 (TW312).


The organisation’s Keith Mycock said: “It is a matter of great concern that more and more windfarm developments are being announced almost weekly.


“There are more than 1,000 large turbines already proposed for Dumfries and Galloway, which will make it one of the regions with the highest number of turbines in the UK.




Credit:    Andrew Gilligan,     The Telegraph,     (23/06/12)


Hundreds of miles of giant electricity pylon lines are planned to be driven through some of Britain’s finest landscape — including at least two national parks — to serve the growing wind farm industry.


Documents published online by the Government and National Grid show plans for 160ft pylons cutting across Snowdonia, mid-Wales, the Lake District and other unspoilt countryside. Each pylon will be the height of a 15-storey tower block.


National Grid, which controls most of the British electricity transmission network, insisted that the plans in the documents did not “prejudge future decisions about what projects to develop.”

However, Duncan Burt, its head of customer services, said that the company had signed contracts to connect 43 gigawatts of renewable power, mostly new wind farms, to the grid by 2020.


The cost of the land transmission infrastructure required for this will be at least £8.8 billion over the next eight years alone, the reports say, almost double previous estimates. The figure further undermines the economics of wind power, which needs more than £500 million a year in subsidies.


To read the full article click here


An article in The Buteman quotes Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson talking about the potential health impacts from living near wind turbines.  The application discussed is for 3 turbines on the isle of Bute, but it is the first time we have seen/heard politicians start to acknowledge the possible impacts on the health of local residents.


“If constructed, the turbines will intrude on many of Bute’s tourist attractions, but the potentially hazardous impacts of the turbines on local residents’ health are most worrying. The health impact of wind farms has recently become a hot topic in the media and independent biomedical experts have shown that living close to a turbine can cause headaches, dizziness, sleep deprivation, unsteadiness, nausea, exhaustion, mood-swings and the inability to concentrate.


“The low-frequency noise emitted by a turbine travels easily and varies according to the wind. This constitutes a permanent risk to people exposed to it. There is even military weaponry that relies on low-frequency sound for crowd control purposes.


“At high intensities it creates discrepancies in the brain, producing disorientation in the body and resulting in what is called ‘simulated sickness’. The Israeli army uses this technology to cause instability, nausea and headaches. It is great for crowd control as it has no adverse effects…unless you are exposed to it for hours, as you would be if you lived beside a turbine."

Credit:     Victoria Allen,     The Scottish Daily Mail,     (18/06/12)


Scottish councils are being swamped with seven wind turbine planning applications a day by developers trying to cash in on millions of pounds of public subsidies.

Local authorities are being besieged by landowners hoping to secure some of the £400million paid out to green energy schemes in Britain every year.


Local authorities struggled with more than 1,800 made in the last year alone. The leader of Fife Council has written to the Scottish Government requesting a moratorium so officials can cope.

Meanwhile, a Scottish Daily Mail investigation has revealed there could be as many as 2,700 turbines in Scotland.


A Scottish Daily Mail investigation found some of the remotest areas face being covered in wind turbines. In Dumfries and Galloway last year there were 371 applications. Aberdeenshire, in 2011/12, received 492.



Credit:    Daniel Ionescu     The Lincolnite      (06/06/12)


Lincolnshire County Council have voted unanimously to halt the spread of turbines across their region and introduce tougher criteria which wind developers must consider including:-


Residential amenity: Amenity of existing residential occupants must be maintained at an acceptable level in particular, no wind turbine should be constructed within 2km of a single residential property, and no wind farms should be constructed with 10km of a village with more than 10 properties.


"Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of the County Council, said: “There’s been a proliferation of wind farms across Lincolnshire in recent years, and we feel that enough is enough.


“Although we understand the need for alternative energy and are not opposed to all wind farms, we remain unconvinced by the questionable science behind them.


“Not only are these things spoiling our beautiful countryside for future generations, they could also seriously damage our tourism industry – who wants to spend their holiday looking at a 400ft turbine?


“Similarly, who wants to live next door to one? People enjoy living in Lincolnshire because we have a great way of life, not because the landscape’s blighted by wind farms."


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With Dumfries and Galloway's Planning Application Committee meeting for the first time next week we will be watching to see which councillors stand up to protect our region


Another story in The Telegraph re wind farm subsidies being cut.


There is a poll listed giving you an opportunity to vote on the issue.


If any of you would like to write to George Osborne encouraging him to make these cuts (TW312 would prefer it to be 100% !)


please email him at


Credit:     Damian Carrington and Toby Helm     The Guardian     (02/06/12)


Plans for dramatic cuts in government subsidies for onshore windfarms are being drawn up by the Treasury in a move that seriously undermines David Cameron's claim to be running "the greenest government ever".


The Observer has learned that George Osborne is demanding cuts of 25% in subsidies, a reduction the industry says would "kill dead" the development of wind power sites. The Treasury's stance has put the chancellor at loggerheads with the Liberal Democrat energy secretary Ed Davey, whose party strongly supports more renewable energy.



Clcik here to read the full article


Last week I had a rant about Patrick Harvey's comments on Newsnight Scotland (scroll down to Edinburgh March).


It now appears that CATS (Communities Against Turbines Scotland) have complained to Alex Salmond and other ministers about Mr Harvey's loutish behaviour in relation to an incident which is alleged to have occurred as Donald Trump left the Energy, Economic and Tourism Committee after giving evidence last week.


Mr Harvey apparently, flashed a two finger sign towards Mr Trump as he left the room.  You may recall it was Mr Harvey who was reportedly showing an anti Donald Trump video in the Scottish Parliament the night before Mr Trump was due to give evidence.

A Green party spokesmans said of the two finger incident  ”I wasn’t in the room at the time. I do, however, understand Patrick asked Mr Trump about the famous V sign he makes wherever he goes.

”It’s possible while attempting to copy Mr Trump he got it the wrong way round.”


Mr Harvey has also posted religious imagery 'lampooning' Mr Trump on Twitter and Facebook.  Graham Lang from Fife on behalf of CATS said  "We find this gratuitous material deeply offensive. We do not believe it remotely acceptable that an MSP should post such an image or that MSP who sits on that committee to originate and circulate this kind of material targeted at a witness.”


Whether you love or loathe Mr Trump, you have to question the actions of Mr Harvey and his "appalling lack of decorum and respect for an invited guest.” 


To read the full article click here


One has to question the purpose of this whole inquiry though, as it would appear to be biased in it's outcome before any evidence was even heard.  Isn't this just another waste of taxpayers money with yet another committee 'going through the motions' ? 




The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) says its groups feel "powerless in the face of speculative applications from big, well-funded developers".

Some 1,800 wind turbines more than 30 metres tall (100ft) are currently planned in England.

An industry spokesman said restrictions would put green energy targets at risk.


Clcik here to read the BBC report      or     here for a version from Yahoo




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