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"….And there’s no direct evidence that they affect house prices, in fact the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors says they don’t…."


This is a quote – a genuine quote: not one devised by his enemies to satirise the outrageous absurdity of the wind industry's specious claims – from Maf Smith, Deputy Chief of the wind industry propaganda arm RenewableUK.


I suppose how far it qualifies as a lie depends on how you construe that weasel phrase "direct evidence.


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Residents close to the intended Barcloy Hill development were given a kick in the teeth on Monday when representatives from REG Windpower called to give them the devastating news that a scoping application has been submitted for 4 x 107m turbines nearby.


The proposal is sited on land belonging to Hartburn Farm and Realforests Group and some of the turbines appear to be located approx 500-600m from nearby houses.  Four house will have all 4 turbines within approx 1km.

There appears to be a problem with the name of the wind farm at present as the leaflets call it Sypland Wind Farm but the development will not be on Sypland land which is owned  by someone else.  Once REG decide on its proper name we'll let you know!


With plans for 5 x 115m turbines at Barcloy Hill, 4 x 107m at Hartburn, 1 x 84m Little Sypland and 6 x 130m at Mayfield there will be a string of 16 turbines across 5km of beautiful countryside in landscape character types identified in the Interim Planning Policy (IPP) as unsuitable for large typologies (over 80m).


No account is taken of the impact all this is having on people's health and the communities which are divided by these proposals.  The uncertainty of what will happen with all of these developments also means anyone in the area wanting to move faces an almost impossible task in selling their home or having to reduce the price drastically and lose money that they have worked hard for over the years.


Distressed and angry?  Damn right we are!


A sad day for D & G with news yesterday that RES's appeal to the Scottish Government against the council's original refusal of the Glenchamber application was successful.


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An article in The Buteman quotes Conservative MEP Struan Stevenson talking about the potential health impacts from living near wind turbines.  The application discussed is for 3 turbines on the isle of Bute, but it is the first time we have seen/heard politicians start to acknowledge the possible impacts on the health of local residents.


“If constructed, the turbines will intrude on many of Bute’s tourist attractions, but the potentially hazardous impacts of the turbines on local residents’ health are most worrying. The health impact of wind farms has recently become a hot topic in the media and independent biomedical experts have shown that living close to a turbine can cause headaches, dizziness, sleep deprivation, unsteadiness, nausea, exhaustion, mood-swings and the inability to concentrate.


“The low-frequency noise emitted by a turbine travels easily and varies according to the wind. This constitutes a permanent risk to people exposed to it. There is even military weaponry that relies on low-frequency sound for crowd control purposes.


“At high intensities it creates discrepancies in the brain, producing disorientation in the body and resulting in what is called ‘simulated sickness’. The Israeli army uses this technology to cause instability, nausea and headaches. It is great for crowd control as it has no adverse effects…unless you are exposed to it for hours, as you would be if you lived beside a turbine."


Previous objections to Mayfield do NOT stand – you will need to object again to be counted.


Reasons for objection and information to help you can be found by clicking 'Projects in the Region'  then 'Mayfield'


Or simply click here



TW312 held a public exhibition at Castle Douglas Community Centre on Tuesday 30th August in the room opposite RES UK, the developers of the proposed Barcloy Hill Wind Farm. 


People came from across the Stewartry to meet us (and it was good to put some faces to names too) – we appreciate the efforts you made to give us your support.


Congratulations to all those involved in putting this exhibition together at the eleventh hour!


We have had many offers of help recently in various ways, from the donation of material goods, people's time, energy and skills and also financial support.  TW312 would like to take this opportunity to express our SINCERE THANKS to ALL OF YOU!

Scottish Tory MEP Struan Stevenson has lent his whole-hearted support to a campaign by Communities Against Turbines (Scotland) against the scandal of industrial wind developments in Scotland. Speaking at Ballantrae Community Centre tonight (Tuesday 9th August 2011), Mr Stevenson delivered the following speech:

 "Chambers Dictionary defines the word RAPE as meaning violation, despoiling or abuse.

I have chosen this evocative word as the title of my presentation this evening, not as an emotive gesture or a cheap gibe against the renewable energy sector, but as an accurate description of the scandal of industrial wind developments in our nation today. I intend to demonstrate this evening how industrial wind developments encompass all three of these descriptive words.

Wind turbines violate the principle of fairness by transferring vast amounts of money from the poor to the rich. They despoil our unique landscape and environment; and through noise, the flicker-effect and vibration, they abuse the health and welfare of people and animals which have to live near them."

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Click here for Struan Stevenson's website

TW312 have corrected information on their Shadow Flicker page after an error was discovered. Originally, we stated that a new report from Parsons Brinckerhoff for the Department for Energy and Climate Change recommended that shadow flicker should be acceptable at a property for a maximum of 30 hours per year and no longer than 30 minutes per day.


This is incorrect and we offer sincere apologies for posting incorrect information.


In the UK there appears to be no specified limit as to the length of time that a property can suffer shadow flicker, either daily or yearly.


Which begs the question – what is an acceptable limit ?

Carrick is part of South Ayrshire and borders Dumfries and Galloway

Credit:     The Carrick Gazette     (18/05/11)


The debate over whether Carrick has enough wind farms was dicussed at Westminster last week.

Carrick MP Sandra Osborne told the House of Commons that the area was in a ‘David and Goliath battle with big companies’ and no-one was listening to their concerns.

Ms Osborne revealed that England has stronger rights to object developments than Scotland.

She said: “I was interested to hear that England has stronger rights to object. I would like to know more about that, because such rights are needed in Scotland and elsewhere.

“It is not acceptable that people can be more or less bullied into accepting the situation, with no redress or appeal.

“My other worry is with the new Scottish National Party Government. I have a lot of worries about that, but the main one is that they have totally unrealistic targets for 100 per cent renewables, and they cannot possibly be met in the timescale.

“To my consituents, that means only one thing – even more wind farms in their area.”

And Ms Osborne shares the same worries as a growing number of people in south Carrick. She said: “My worry with wind farm development is the profileration of wind farms in particular area.

“I now fear that, once the doors to wind farms have been opened in an area, before we know it, the whole place will be full of them.

“Not enough work has been done on alternative sources of energy other than wind farms. Carbon capture and storage is close to my heart because another part of my very large constituency is a mining area with an open-cast mine.

“In contrast to wind farms, which do not provide many jobs, open-cast mines could provide hundreds of jobs in a very poor part of my constituency.”

Ms Osbrone also argued that the UK as a whole has been too slow to invest in other means of generating energy, such as offshore and tidal schemes.

She said: “Some progress has now been made, but they will not become a practical alternative in the near future. We hope to see them become so, but they are not there now.”

Members at the House of Commons were painted a picture by Ms Osborne of just what some of her constituents face.

She explained: “There are 20 wind farms operational, at the scoping stage or in the planning process in my constituency and the adjacent area of Galloway, which is by no means large.

“I have a map of the area that indicates the scale of development that will happen if all the wind farm applications go through.

“We will almost have 600 wind turbines, and even the most ardent environmentalist most surely understand that this is not acceptable in anybody’s book.”

Along with visual impact, health concerns remain a major question mark over potential new developments.

Sandra added: “In Scotland, the suggested separation distance is 2 km, but some individual houses are nearer than that.

“I have a constituent who cannot open her curtains or blinds because she is subjected to constant flicker from the wind farm.

“Although it is said there is no evidence that that can happen, she would differ; her mental and physical health has been seriously affected.

“However, compensation is not available to allow people to move, and such people will not be able to sell their houses.”

If you live close to a proposed wind turbine development and you're not sure how it might affect you – please listen to Jenny's story. Jenny lives within 1 mile of the Dalswinton wind farm – 9 miles from Dumfries & 12 miles from Lockerbie – yet clearly visible from the A75. We could be accused of being alarmist – the problem is, once the turbines are up – it's too late. Action is needed now, so it's important to hear about the experience of those who already have to live with it.

Click on the link below to hear Jenny's story.

Jenny's Story

At a public meeting on Monday March 7th 2011, held by Kelton Community Council, representatives from Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) gave assurances that certain information would be provided to the public. 

In relation to the proposed the Mayfield 'Community' wind farm, a request was made concerning the potential number of hours that shadow flicker may cause problems for nearby residents.  In the Environmental Statement produced by CWL it is predicted that 5 properties will suffer 30+ hours per year.

TW 312 has asked for clarification on the exact number of hours and the length of time properties could be affected each day.  Despite a dozen emails requesting this information Community Windpower have failed over the past 5 weeks to answer our questions.

We are also trying to establish how many weeks per year properties will be affected and the exact time of year this could happen.

Despite public promises, Community Windpower Ltd choose not to supply complete information to the public 

The Mayfield Community Wind Farm application is now live. 

You have until the 24th March to submit your objections.

Why should you object?

The development is located in a tranquil area just over 3 km from Rhonehouse, in landscape types which have been identified as only being suitable for 'small scale' wind developments.  This, when turines were only half the proposed height. 

Local residents are going to suffer increased noise and at certain times of the year, shadow flicker.

TW 312 has concerns that the number of proposed developments around the area are going to negatively impact on tourism and businesses in Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Gatehouse.

We need your help to stop the inappropriate siting of wind farms around our main tourist towns. 

If you would like help on submitting an objection, including valid grounds for objecting and where to send it,  just click here

How else can you help?

We also ask that you contact your community council and request them to lodge an objection on behalf of your community.  This is very important.

Make sure your friends and neighbours know about the application, ask if they will send an objection to the planning department and contact the community council to make their views known

Thank you from TW 312


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