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This is a recent  extract from the Financial Times’ Letters To the Editor section. For the full letter from: Prof Peter P Edwards, University of Oxford, UK  please use this link:  Just how ‘green’ are renewable technologies?

….Magnets manufactured from these [rare earth] metals are used extensively in wind turbines and for extending the range of electric vehicles. The manufacture of solar PV panels — the icon of all that is green — requires caustic chemicals such as hydrofluoric acid and at least one rare or precious metal, including silver, tellurium or indium. One adds for consideration, the environmental and ethical burdens of cobalt production for electric vehicles (“Lack of ethical cobalt undermines Tesla debt” John Dizard, FTfm August 14).

Such fundamental problems significantly undercut the much promoted ability of “green technologies” to fight climate change. As with the hidden financial costs of integrating renewable power (letter from Robert Goss and Phil Heptonstall, August 24), similar hidden, environmental costs relating to all “green tech products” — must be laid open for careful scrutiny. Only through increased focus, analysis and transparency in tackling the dirtier side of otherwise clean energy sources can they one day be seen truly, and not just symbolically, green.

Thousands of Britain’s wind turbines will create more greenhouse gases than they save, according to potentially devastating scientific research to be published later this year.

Click the link to see the full article in The Telegraph (Sunday 24th Feb 2013)


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