Planning Objections

objections to planning applications


Banks Renewables have submitted Further Environmental Information on their proposed changes to the Knockendurrick development near Twynholm.  Documents can now be viewed on the council website and comments submitted until 5pm on Thursday 29th June 2017.


Although Banks have reduced the height of the turbines from 7 x 132m turbines to 6 x 115m and 1 x 100m to tip, the development would still have significant landscape and visual impacts.


The Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study, which states that “There is no scope for siting the large (>80m)  typology (turbines) within this landscape due to the scale of these foothills and their likely  prominence from adjacent sensitive landscapes", is quite clear that this development is in the wrong location. 


Below is an approximation of how the proposal could look…..


A new website has been set up called Say No to Knockendurrick – please Click here for more information


The refusal of the California, Mayfield, Barcloy Hill and Chapman's Howe developments in recent years strongly supports local policies.  If Knockendurrick were approved it would be particularly visible across large areas to the south, west and east which is the heart of D & G's main tourist area and it would significantly weaken local policies. 


We need as many people as possible to object individually to this scheme as Banks have been very active collecting support and many people have no idea exactly what they are supporting or how the proposal is contrary to local planning policies.


Please help us to protect our landscapes and tourism industry, by objecting before 5pm on Thursday 29th June and passing the message on to as many people as you can and asking them to object too.


Click HERE for a specimen objection letter created for Knockendurrick. You can add or delete text as you like! Just insert your address, the date and then your name at the end. Remember if two or more people sign the same objection it will only count as one so please sign and send in individually.



The California proposal, near Creetown and overlooking Wigtown bay, was submited directy to the DPEA for decision becasue the Council was unable to process it withn the statutory time allowed. The appointed Scottish Government Reporter recently held an accompanied site visit where dozens of people turned up!  Well done to Save Wigtown Bay for organising this level of interest.


The DPEA website lists a target date of 16th June for a decision – though these dates can be very unreliable. For example there is still no news on Mochrum Fell which was due at the end of March and we remeber that the publication of the Barcloy Hill appeal decision was some 8 months late.


The California proposal is of extraordinary interest not only because, as many believe, it is inappropriately sited – but also, because of its proposed position, it would be seen from many miles away – particularly down the length of the Wigtown peninsula.



TW312 have been asked to help local people fight the Mochrum Fell wind farm appeal and we have agreed to send out their request.  Please help if you can!


 "After a spectacular victory when the Dumfries & Galloway Council Planning Committee unanimously refused the Mochrum Fell wind farm application on landscape, visual amenity, scale and cumulative issue grounds, the developers chose the last day of their 3 month period allowed to lodge an appeal with the DPEA citing a lack of Policy References in the Decision Notice.

Objectors had just 14 days to submit a further response and we are very grateful to all of you who did so. The next step is the publicising of the appellants late revised Cumulative Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment report (CLVIA) which has been advertised locally and in the Edinburgh Gazette.
We now have 28 days –until Friday 27/11/2015 – to make further comments on the revised CLVIA to the DPEA. We hope as many as possible will respond to this – it does not need a lengthy letter, just a quick email to say your previous objection still stands or if you haven't objected previously that you would like to object to the proposal.  Please feel free to add more points to the draft comments below.
We have come so far together and we must protect this hard won victory, if not, it will be open season within 10km of Mochrum Fell.   Currently there are 10 proposals (including Loch Urr) at various stages of construction, planning or scoping, making a total of 157 wind turbines potentially overwhelming this beautiful landscape. 

Please help make this a lasting victory and send a clear message to the developers – enough is enough!
A sincere thank you to you all.


Sample DPEA responses are below if you wish to use them.
Use the first one if you have objected previously and the second one, if you have not previously objected but would like to put in an objection now.
Reference  PPA-170-2102 
Mochrum Fell Wind Farm Appeal
I would like to confirm that my previous objection to this application still stands firm following the updated Landscape report. Please dismiss this appeal and refuse the application.
Yours faithfully,

Reference  PPA-170-2102  
Mochrum Fell Wind Farm Appeal
Following the advertisement of the updated Landscape information for the Mochrum Fell wind farm application, I would like to strongly object to this application due to the serious landscape impacts, cumulative issues and the fact that turbines of this size would overpower the landscape and be visible from long distances away. 
In addition, the infrastructure of giant substations and upgraded pylons to transport this electricity would be totally unacceptable.
Please dismiss this appeal and refuse planning permission for the proposed development.
Yours faithfully,




For posted responses – please send to :-
The Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals (DPEA)
4 The Courtyard
Callendar Business Park
Callendar Road




Please remember to quote Reference PPA-170-2102 in all correspondence.


Documents relating to the appela can be viewed by clicking here



Here's some information provided by the Save Wigtown Bay group….


On the evening of 20th February 2015, Ecotricity published the full planning application documents on its website:  

CLICK HERE to see the documents (you'll need to scroll down)
Sections 4 , 5 and 7 of the Planning Statement are of particular interest.  
This is where some of the outrageous statements are about significant adverse impacts on the landscape and historic environment being 'reversible' (after building and operating it for 25 years and then decommissioning!
As you know, it does not fit with guidance in the DGWLCS either which indicates turbines above 50m are unsuited to this landscape. 
This particular planning application is quite simply preposterous and we must do everything we can to stop this idiotic turbine site from ruining the very heart and soul of Bonnie Galloway. 
Official objections will be able to be made once Dumfries and Galloway Council validate the application.  We expect this to happen w/c 23rd February 2015.
In the meantime, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the documents and are ready to respond appropriately – with individual emails and letters – when the time is right. 


The Chapman's Howe Appeal decision finally came through on 12th January and it was great news for everyone who submitted an objection.


The Reporter supported the guidance in the Council's Landscape Capacity Study and refused the appeal on grounds of the landscape and visual impact and the significant adverse effect on some local residents.


Here are a few of the Reporter's comments:-


"Overall, I regard this as a medium scale landscape. I do not agree with the appellant that it should be classed as medium-large."

"The openness of the site itself is contained within a landscape that has many smaller-scale elements, and is set against the backdrop of Barcloy Ridge (264 metres ADD, roughly 140 metres above the site) and the higher hills of Bentudor (274 metres) and Bengairn (391 metres). The proposed 100 metre turbines would appear large in relation to the existing landscape features."

"The visualisation from VP2 shows how they would dwarf the houses and trees in the immediately surrounding area as seen from the south. Viewed from the west, the blade tips at a height of over 210 metres ADD would seem to dominate Barcloy Ridge,"

"I consider that the turbines would become a dominant element in the landscape within 4-5 kilometres of the site. They would appear out of scale with other landscape features including the hills of Barcloy, Bentudor and Bengairn."

"SNH considers that the impact on the view from Bengairn would be adverse and Significant, and that this is of particular concern given the significance of this viewpoint as a landmark feature within the East Stewartry Coast National Scenic Area.  I agree that the proposed development would appreciably diminish the quality of the views from Bengairn and the neighbouring hills".

"These [5] properties are sited at ranges between 634 metres and 890 metres from the nearest turbine. At this proximity, I consider the effect of 100 metre high turbines would be overbearing and would significantly reduce the attractiveness of these properties as places to live."


There are plenty of relieved people around the Whinnieliggate/Nether Linkins area today who would like to thank everyone who has supported them over the past two and a half years in this fight! 



Barcloy Hill
The Barcloy Hill decision was expected on the 9th January, but no decision was posted.  Instead, a letter asking NATS to clarify their position in relation to an outstanding objection was listed on the website.


The target date for a decision was amended to the 6th March 2015.


Let us hope, in light of the Chapman's Howe decision, that the outcome is the same.



Chapman’s Howe  (3x100m turbines) previously had an agreed decision date of 20th Jan 2014. We understand that the developer [REG] has asked for more time before the application is considered at the Planning Committee. This has been agreed by the Council.  We will post any information about a new date for the scheme to come before the Planning Applications Committee as soon as we hear it.


Loch Hill (11 x 100m turbines) was refused by council last September.  The applicant has now appealed this decision to the Scottish Government.  We wait to see whether local democracy prevails!



Apologies for the lateness of December’s Newsletter – it has been a very busy couple of months for TW312, so without further ado, let’s update you on the latest developments in the local wind farm world – but not before we have taken this opportunity to wish you a




The opportunity to comment on this proposal is now closed.  It was heart-warming to see that 698 people submitted an objection to this application.  Banks’ people though raised 500 letters of support and several people contacted us to say Banks were knocking on doors even up until the last day.  There are still representations awaiting logging and it is likely to be Wednesday before the final numbers will be known.
There appears to be a problem with objection cards posted around 6th to the 9th November as we know some seem to be missing.  If people are concerned that their objection hasn't been received by the planning office please let us know at
The objections already listed on the council’s e-planning website can be viewed here
The MoD and Historic Scotland have both lodged objections.  Historic Scotland usually only object to a development on ‘national grounds’ and have cited the significant adverse impact on the cairn on Cairntosh Hill.


Chapman's Howe – 3 x 100m turbines

The MoD has withdrawn their objection to this proposal and the date for decision is 20th Jan 2014.  We suspect that this application will be decided at the Planning Application Committee (PAC) meeting on Wed 29th Jan.
High Barcaple  – 1 x 62m turbine

At the PAC meeting on the 11th December, the proposed 62m high turbine at High Barcaple was refused due to landscape impact grounds as the site is located in drumlin pastures.  According to the Landscape Capacity Study drumlins are not suitable (in general) for turbines of more than 35m to tip.  There is presently a 50m mast at High Barcaple which is highly visible around the area.


Appeal decisions

Two recent decisions by Scottish Government Reporters have been a bit of a mixed bag.  The Standingstone Farm, Borgue appeal for a 45m turbine to tip was refused as the Reporter found “the proposed development incompatible with its landscape setting and the landscape character of the area.”    This decision once again demonstrated support for local policies but sadly an earlier finding by a different Reporter to grant the Little Sypland appeal for a 1 x74m turbine, seemed at odds with all previous outcomes.
Plascow – 3 x 74m turbines

The applicant has agreed an extension for decision until 28th February 2014


Barcloy Hill – 5 x 115m turbines

No further news



New wind farm applications   

Two applications have been submitted recently (just in time for the Christmas and New Year period!).
Mochrum Fell (13/P/2/0327) for 11 x 126.5m turbines and Auchleand (13/P/1/0366) for 7 x 130m from our old friends Community Windpower Ltd
Mochrum Fell forms part of the ridgeline which can be seen from many parts of our area and the backdrop to the Ken Valley and Dalry.  The application will be advertised next Thursday (19th) December in the paper meaning the closing date for comment will be Thursday 16th January 2014.  It would appear that objections are already being accepted though.  We do not know the dates for comments for Auchleand yet!


A further reminder of these two proposals will be sent out in the New Year as a lot of people will be busy in the run-up to the festive season.

Below is a short objection letter for Mochrum Fell that you may copy and paste into your own document

It is better to rewrite the objection in your own words but we know people don’t always have time.  Every objection submitted is important

If more than one person from your household wants to object please send the objection in from each separate person.  One objection signed by more than one person still only counts as one!


Remember to include your name, address and date for validity (posted objections must also be signed)

Email to

Post to     

Head of Planning and Building Standards
Dumfries and Galloway Council
English Street

Objections must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 16th January, 2014



Planning Application number 13/P/2/0327
Erection of 11 x 126.5m turbines and associated infrastructure at Mochrum Fell, Parton
Dear Planning Officer,
I OBJECT to the Mochrum Fell Wind Farm for reasons set out below:

Mochrum Fell wind farm would be prominently sited and highly visible over a large area cluttering the backdrop to Loch Ken and the south and impacting historical assets, designated landscapes, roads, footpaths and viewpoints (Policies E2/3/11, S21).


Significant adverse impact on the landscape of the surrounding area due to the height, number and siting of the turbines which will industrialise and change the character of the neighbouring countryside. (IPP & Policies E3, S21, GP7 and 24).


19 homes within 2km of the wind farm could suffer potential noise and/or health impacts. (Policies S21, GP24).


Excessive & abnormal construction traffic through Crossmichael & Parton, estimated 8,000 HGV movements, between 40 to 90 vehicles per day.  (Policies S21, GP24).


Potential adverse impact on the area’s natural heritage, including protected species – goshawks, red kites, great crested newts, 7 bat species. (Policy E6) Impact on established tourism & recreational businesses, tourist routes & trails. (Policy S21).

I request that you refuse this application.
Yours sincerely





Save the Machars

We have heard about another campaign group, in Wigtownshire, which is fighting developments over in that area, so please give their website a look and help if you can.




Community Benefits Consultation

There is a ‘community benefits consultation’ being run by the Scottish Government which is open for comment until the 17th January 2014.  If anyone would like to comment please go  to  for further information.



Planning News

Planning applications
13/P/1/0351   Annabaglish 14 x 110m   closed for comments
                                (Newton Stewart/Wigtown way)
13/C/3/0024   Harestanes ext 7 x 126.5m  (Section 36)
                                Open for comments until Friday 20th Dec
                                Please contact us for details of where to submit
13/C/4/0025  Beck Burn, Longtown   (Solway Moss)  9 x 126m
13/C/4/0026   Hallburn Farm, Longtown   6 x 126.5m
Scoping requests
13/E/2/0035   Corlae Byre, Dalry   1 x 22.4m

13/E/2/0036   NW of Kirkland Cottage, Manse Rd, Lochfoot
                                1 x 34.42m
13/P/2/0252   Torrorie Farm, Kirkbean 1 x 20.35m



TW312's email address has changed to 



3 x 100m turbines at Chapman's Howe Wind Farm


Hartburn Farm, Kirkcudbright


Please, we need as many genuine objections as possible as we are aware that there is a support 'campaign' ongoing.  Please pass this on to as many people as you can and show the developers and our councillors that we care about the landscape of D & G.



Proposed 3 x 100m turbines near Hartburn Farm, Kirkcudbright

Click on the photo to see a larger image.


The 2 x 20m turbines on site will be removed if Chapman's Howe is approved.  They are barely visible to the left but show the difference in size!  This is an approximation of what the development will look like.


The site lies off the B727 (National Cycle Route 7) which is the Gelston to Kirkcudbright road, between Nether Linkins and Whinnieliggate and is adjacent to the proposed Barcloy Hill development.


The site is not ‘up in the hills’ and away from people as there are 26 properties within 2km.


The development would be located in a very complex landscape which is unique in Dumfries and Galloway.  On the cusp of coastal granite uplands and peninsula landscape character types, turbines of this height would dominate the iconic ridgeline of Screel, Bengairn/Barcloy contravening local policy.


Dumfries & Galloway Council's responsibility is to ensure a balance between turbine development and the amenity value of local landscapes. These landscape types have been assessed for local Council policy as NOT being suitable for turbines over 50 – 55m to tip.  If these turbines (or any turbines over 55m) are approved it will set a precedent for this area.  This would render the council’s latest planning policy ineffective for any other turbine developments  – wasting a great deal of public money. More importantly there would be no effective means of protecting valuable local landscapes against the industrialising effects of very big turbine development.



Barcloy Ridge


The Barcloy Ridge – photo taken from B727 near Sypland.  Note the 80m mast to the right that towers above the Barcloy ridge line.  The foreground is the Chapman's Howe site and the turbines would be approximately the same tip height as the mast tip!

Barcloy mast

TW312 firmly believes that this development is inappropriate for the location and is contrary to Council poilcy.


Below are 2 specimen objection letters that you may copy and paste into your own document


It is better to rewrite the objection in your own words but we know people don’t always have time.  Every objection submitted is important.


If more than one person from your household wants to object please send an objection in from each person.  One objection letter signed by several people still only counts as a single objection!


Remember to include your name, address and date for validity (posted objections must also be signed)

Email to:


Or post to:       

Head of Planning and Building Standards

Dumfries and Galloway Council


English Street




Objections must be submitted by 5pm Thursday 15th August 2013


If you object via email or letter and don't intend to use  one of the objection cards received through your letterbox, please pass the card onto someone you think may be prepared to object.


Thank you!








Head of Planning and Building Standards

Dumfries and Galloway Council


English Street




Dear Planning Officer,


Planning Application    13/P/2/0189

Erection of 3 x 100m wind turbines and associated infrastructure

at Chapman's Howe, Hartburn Farm, Kirkcudbright


I object to this application on the following grounds:-


Approval of this scheme would set a precedent and open the area to further large scale turbines.


The proposed size of turbine is contrary to the guidance detailed in the Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study, which identifies turbines of 50-55m to tip as being more appropriate for this site.


The height of these turbines will diminish the scale of the landmark hills and ridge line of Screel, Bengairn and Barcloy. Scottish Natural Heritage advises turbines should not be more than one third of the height of key landmarks (such as these coastal granite hills).


The turbines would be too close to several properties but one in particular will experience an over-bearing presence with all 3 turbines located within 750m.  Local people face a potential adverse impact on their quality of life and property values.  Emerging evidence indicates that wind turbines can impact indirectly on health due to stress and annoyance from noise, which are known to cause problems such as disrupted sleep, tinnitus, loss of concentration and cardiovascular problems.


Excessive amounts of construction traffic and abnormal loads will travel through Gelston and along minor roads over a six month period.


The site supports a variety of wildlife which could suffer through loss of foraging/disturbance of habitat and many wintering birds pass through the site on their way to and from feeding grounds.


There will be a significant adverse impact on the setting of archaeological features such as Kirkbride Settlement and Dungarry Fort.


This proposal breaches SPP 127, 187 and local policies S21, E3, E6, GP7, GP24, D36 and the IPP.


I do not believe the benefits of this development will outweigh the negative impacts and hope you refuse this application.


Yours faithfully,


[Name & Signature]


[Version 2 – more detailed]






Head of Planning and Building Standards

Dumfries and Galloway Council


English Street




Dear Planning Officer,


Planning Application    13/P/2/0189

Erection of 3 x 100m wind turbines and associated infrastructure

at Chapman's Howe, Hartburn Farm, Kirkcudbright


I object to this application on the following grounds:-


Setting a precedent


Approval of this scheme would set a precedent and open the area to further large scale turbines which would prove difficult to stop.  SNH have raised concerns in their scoping response for the adjacent Barcloy Hill “that permitting the use of large turbines in this location would set a precedent for their widespread use in this area”.


Size of turbines


The site sits on the boundaries of 2 landscape character types (peninsula and coastal granite uplands).  The Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study (LCS) indicates that neither landscape type is suitable for turbines of this size by stating that:-


“There is no scope for the larger typologies to be located within the Dundrennan peninsula without significant adverse effects occurring on a number of key sensitivity criteria.”


“There is no scope for the large typology to be located within the Bengairn unit of the Coastal Granite Uplands without significant adverse effects occurring across a wide range of sensitivities.”


The Landscape Capacity Study classification for Coastal Granite Uplands, identifies turbines at the lower end of medium typology (50-55m to tip) as being more appropriate for this site.


“Scale and openness:-   there may be some limited opportunity to locate turbines towards the lower height band of this typology (and limited numbers of turbines) to avoid dominating the vertical scale of key hills.”


“Landform and shape:-   There may be some limited scope to locate lower (height) turbines on slacker lower hill slopes and less complex undulating moorland in the north-west and west of this unit to minimise effects on adjacent more dramatic rugged hills”.


“Landscape context:-   there may be some increased scope to locate turbines towards the lower height band of this typology in areas where the landmark hills are less pronounced”


"Landscape values:-   This typology may also affect the setting of the landmark hills if located in undesignated parts of this landscape unit of the Coastal Granite Uplands."


However, the applicant fails to make a convincing case that the locality is appropriate for 100m turbines to tip.  They completely fail to address the issue of the scale of the turbines in relation to the height of the landmark hills of Bengairn, Barcloy and Suie Hill.


Guidance from SNH 2009, states that wind farms of good design are typically “Of minor vertical scale in relation to the key features of the landscape (typically less than one third)”


This proposal is for  turbines to be  sited approximately 135m below the Barcloy ridgeline. SNH's guidance (above) would mean limiting the height of  turbines to no more than 50m.  This guidance backs the advice in the LCS, which is further supported by the fact that, to date, there are no approved turbines over 55m in the area with several proposals ranging from 74m to 130m being refused by the council and/or the Scottish Government.


Turbines of 100m to tip will have the effect of diminishing the scale of this iconic ridge and in many views the turbines will be visible on the skyline.  Views to and from these hills will be disrupted by the moving blades.


The landscape around the site is unique and complex and the introduction of large industrial generators will detract from these rare, special qualities as they would appear out of scale with the surrounding landscape and the small landscape features of gorse, hedgerows and mature trees. The applicant tries to down-grade the landscape sensitivity of the site and this tactic should not be entertained.



Impacts on National Scenic Area (NSA) and Regional Scenic Area (RSA)


There is a tendency for wind developers to devalue the inland setting of the coastal granite uplands.  The Screel/Bengairn/Barcloy ridge performs an important function as the background setting for Castle Douglas and for views across the wider area.


The LCS identifies that uninterrupted views to and from Bengairn are important.  This does not only mean out to the coastal views but as a 360 ° experience.  The piecemeal erosion of parts of the NSA and RSA should not be tolerated.  At just over 3km distance from Bengairn these turbines will introduce large, vertical, moving, man made structures which will detract significantly from the vistas.


The RSA is just 400m away and actually extends towards the site beyond the NSA boundary.  This whole area is worthy of National Park status and the small scale of our NSA’s and RSA’s should be fiercely protected.



Impacts on Residential Amenity


The turbines would be far too close to nearby properties with all 3 turbines ranging from approximately 650 – 750m for one property.  This would have an overbearing effect on the residents.  Local people face a reduction in their quality of life and property values due to significant visual impact and/or noise.


The developer gives assurances that the permitted noise levels will be met but adhering to these levels does not guarantee that local people won’t suffer noise problems.  Guidance (ETSU-R-97) was written in 1996 at a time when turbines were half the height planned for Chapman’s Howe and is considered by many acousticians to be outdated and unfit for purpose.


If Barcloy Hill is approved, the applicant requests that the permitted noise levels be raised from 35 dB during the daytime to 37.5dB.  This should not be allowed – it is evident that trying to cram too many turbines in-between properties is an identied problem so why should local residents suffer higher noise levels?


Emerging evidence indicates that wind turbines can impact indirectly on health due to stress and annoyance, which are known to cause problems such as disrupted sleep, tinnitus, loss of concentration and cardiovascular problems.


In view of this, the ‘Precautionary Principle’ should be invoked and setback distances of 2km enforced between properties and turbines.



Other issues


Excessive amounts of construction traffic and abnormal loads will travel through Gelston and along minor roads over a six month period.  Local property owners are concerned about structural damage heavy traffic could cause to their roadside dwellings


The site supports a variety of wildlife which could suffer through loss of foraging/disturbance of habitat and many wintering birds pass through the site on their way to and from feeding grounds.  The numbers of over-wintering birds quoted are low compared to the numbers witnessed by locals in the area.  One of the problems with the bird surveys is that the bird surveyors do not attain a true picture of the large numbers of over-wintering birds that fly over the site on days when they are not present.


There will be a significant adverse impact on the setting of archaeological features such as Kirkbride Settlement and Dungarry Fort.


The Chapman's Howe Wind Farm would in effect be adjacent to the Barcloy Hill 5 x 115 metre wind turbine development for which the application has been submitted but not yet decided.  If Barcloy were consented, this development would have a cumulative negative impact due to the differing heights of turbines and rotational speeds of the blades which would make for a confusing picture and would ‘clutter’ the locality.  The impact on the landscape character would be significant and adverse and the requested increase in permitted noise levels to 37.5dB should not be allowed for what in effect would be an 8 turbine wind farm.


The applicant admits in their application that this development will bring little economic benefit to the area, however, it will have long term economic consequences for households as the ‘subsidies’ gained by the development are levied via consumers’ electricity bills for the 25-year operational life of the wind farm.


This proposal breaches SPP 127, 187 and local policies S21, E3, E6, GP7, GP24, D36 and the IPP


I do not believe the benefits of this development will outweigh the negative impacts and urge you you refuse this application.


Yours faithfully,


[Name & Signature]




13/P/2/0081   Upper Porterbelly Farm, Kirkgunzeon   ! x 45m

Until 5pm Thursday 2nd May 2013


Scoping Opinions


13/E/2/0010   MARNHOUL FARM CD 16 x 146.5m


13/E/3/0004   Stroanshalloch, Moniaive   16 x 146.6m

13/E/3/0006   Spango (Community Windpower)   14 x 135m

13/E/3/0007   Bush of Killylour, Dumfries   1 x 45m




13/P/2/0055   Marnhoul met mast 80m

due to proximity of Glenswinton air strip


Public exhibition


REG Windpower are holding 2 public exhibitions for the Chapman's Howe Wind Farm a:-


Gelston Village Hall Friday 26th April 1 – 7.30pm

Kirkcudbright Town Hall Sat 28th April 10 – 3pm

Reasons for objection – click here


Open for comments until Thursday 14th February 2013

TW312 heard yesterday that RES UK have submitted their application for the Barcloy Hill development between Gelston and Kirkcudbright.


Despite RES boasting on their website that they believe in "open and honest communication with the communities"  local people were unaware that the application had been submitted the week before Christmas!  How much would it have cost RES to let the 27 properties within 2km of the development know of their intentions?


We were told that the application would be submitted in early spring 2012 and have heard nothing from RES since their last Community Group Liason meeting back in Nov 2011.  Congratulations RES on keeping the local community informed!


With 209 documents to download, read and digest TW312 members will be busy for some time.  Objections can be submitted to the council once the advertisement for the application appears in the newspaper (expected Thursday 17th Jan 2013) and will be open for 28 days.


We will be posting  reasons for objection soon so please check back!


The 80m mast at Barcloy Hill    Photo by Rae Leigh

Mayfield open for comments until the 9th August 2012 on the following sections only


Volume 1 Section 6 of the Environmental Statement (Socio-Economic Impacts)

Ornithology Addendum (Bird Survey submitted 31st May 2012)


The documents can be read here

All other documents can be read at Kirkbank House Dumfries during office hours


The Galtway Hill proposal for 2 x 100m turbines at Dundrennan was refused on Wednesday 25 th January 2012 at the Planning Applications Committee meeting.


The application was rejected on the grounds of adverse landscape and visual impact, with the turbines considered to be too big for their location.


Read the Galloway Gazette report here


The Pattiesthorn met mast (Benshinnie) was rejected on safety grounds due to the proximity of the nearby airstrip at Glenswinton.


Previous objections to Mayfield do NOT stand – you will need to object again to be counted.


Reasons for objection and information to help you can be found by clicking 'Projects in the Region'  then 'Mayfield'


Or simply click here




MAYFIELD WIND FARM     (11/P/2/0478)


The planning application has been resubmitted for Mayfield and according to the planning department it is expected to be advertised in the local paper this Thursday.  Because an Environmental Impact Assessment was required for this proposal, it means people have 28 days to comment.




Please remember that two or more people signing a letter of objection will only count as one – print off extra copies and sign seperate letters.

Anyone who objected to the proposal before will need to object again – your original objection will not stand.

The planning department has moved from Castle Douglas and the staff now work in Dumfries.  We shall shortly post valid reasons for objection to help people and supply details of where to send your email/letter.

Please check back soon



Auchleand Farm, Wigtown   –   scoping opinion for 14 x 130m turbines   12/E/1/0003

Sandy Knowe    –   scoping opinion for 27 x125m turbines   12/E/3/0001


Trostrie Farm, Twynholm   –   planning application 1 x 53.71m to tip   11/P/2/0486

We have posted our comments on the High Banks 2 x 45.5m turbines and the Banks Hill 2 x 44.5m turbines applications, outside of Kirkcudbright.

See under 'Projects in the Region – Other Developments' or click here

You only have until Thursday 1st Dec to submit your comments


All I can say is that the applications are of such poor quality that I hope an experienced specialist firm will be employed to erect them if approved.

Communities Against Turbines Scotland has changed their web site address.

It is now   


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Please consider attending  the day-long in Ayr on the 11th November (why not make a weekend of it!). The conference has been called to generate a national critical voice on Scottish wind energy policy and to facilitate solidarity between groups and communities.


Please register as soon as possible and preferably before the end of September so that  numbers can be assessed.

TW312 held a public exhibition at Castle Douglas Community Centre on Tuesday 30th August in the room opposite RES UK, the developers of the proposed Barcloy Hill Wind Farm. 


People came from across the Stewartry to meet us (and it was good to put some faces to names too) – we appreciate the efforts you made to give us your support.


Congratulations to all those involved in putting this exhibition together at the eleventh hour!


We have had many offers of help recently in various ways, from the donation of material goods, people's time, energy and skills and also financial support.  TW312 would like to take this opportunity to express our SINCERE THANKS to ALL OF YOU!

To see our comments on the IPP click here


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their comments on the draft IPP

16th May 2011     Article written by TW312 member


Mayfield Community Windfarm         7 x 130m wind turbines         Planning Application Ref: 11/P/2/0001

Community Windpower has been advised by the Dumfries and Galloway Council to withdraw their application until they have secured additional data to satisfy a number of consultees, notably:

Scottish Natural Heritage who wish to see further watches carried out to fully assess the impact on two bird species, whooper swan and red kite.  They suggest the period September 2011 to April 2012 for additional watches in relation to whooper swan and May to August watches for red kite.  In addition, they suggest that VP3 should be relocated to a more appropriate position.

Galloway Fisheries Trust  wish to see a survey conducted of the salmonids in the water courses in and around the proposed development and wish to see addressed other shortcomings in the information submitted in the Environmental Statement.

Historic Scotland confirmed that the assessment of potential impacts on cultural heritage assets is inadequate and they detail a number of inadequacies.

The implication of the recommendation to withdraw the application and the additional requirements of the consultees would suggest that this application is now in limbo.  We shall keep an eye out for further developments.


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