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TW312 held a public exhibition at Castle Douglas Community Centre on Tuesday 30th August in the room opposite RES UK, the developers of the proposed Barcloy Hill Wind Farm. 


People came from across the Stewartry to meet us (and it was good to put some faces to names too) – we appreciate the efforts you made to give us your support.


Congratulations to all those involved in putting this exhibition together at the eleventh hour!


We have had many offers of help recently in various ways, from the donation of material goods, people's time, energy and skills and also financial support.  TW312 would like to take this opportunity to express our SINCERE THANKS to ALL OF YOU!

To see our comments on the IPP click here


Thank you to everyone who took the time to send in their comments on the draft IPP

16th May 2011     Article written by TW312 member


Mayfield Community Windfarm         7 x 130m wind turbines         Planning Application Ref: 11/P/2/0001

Community Windpower has been advised by the Dumfries and Galloway Council to withdraw their application until they have secured additional data to satisfy a number of consultees, notably:

Scottish Natural Heritage who wish to see further watches carried out to fully assess the impact on two bird species, whooper swan and red kite.  They suggest the period September 2011 to April 2012 for additional watches in relation to whooper swan and May to August watches for red kite.  In addition, they suggest that VP3 should be relocated to a more appropriate position.

Galloway Fisheries Trust  wish to see a survey conducted of the salmonids in the water courses in and around the proposed development and wish to see addressed other shortcomings in the information submitted in the Environmental Statement.

Historic Scotland confirmed that the assessment of potential impacts on cultural heritage assets is inadequate and they detail a number of inadequacies.

The implication of the recommendation to withdraw the application and the additional requirements of the consultees would suggest that this application is now in limbo.  We shall keep an eye out for further developments.

If you live close to a proposed wind turbine development and you're not sure how it might affect you – please listen to Jenny's story. Jenny lives within 1 mile of the Dalswinton wind farm – 9 miles from Dumfries & 12 miles from Lockerbie – yet clearly visible from the A75. We could be accused of being alarmist – the problem is, once the turbines are up – it's too late. Action is needed now, so it's important to hear about the experience of those who already have to live with it.

Click on the link below to hear Jenny's story.

Jenny's Story

Sadly this week, the Blackcraig development that Alison Chapman and GLARE have worked so hard to prevent, was approved by the Scottish Government.  This on the day the Parliament closed for the May elections.

The Robin Rigg extension and Wigtown Bay 'offshore' proposals were dropped from the Marine Plan, which is great news for Dumfries and Galloway.  However, we have concerns that this will put undue pressure on 'onshore' wind farm applications to be approved.

TW 312 have concentrated on the Mayfield application for the past month,  In the meantime other proposals have appeared in the planning system:-

18/03/2011 West Barmoffity Kirkpatrick Durham CD   11/E/2/0021     2 X 21m          Awaiting Submission
11/03/2011 Muirhead Farm Twyholm   11/E/2/0020     1 X 27m   Awaiting Submission
11/03/2011 Balmangan Farm Dundrennan   11/E/2/0019     3 X 39.6m   Awaiting Submission
04/03/2011 Furmiston Criag Carsphairn   11/P/2/0088     80m mast   Not Decided
04/03/2011 Quantans Hill Carsphairn   11/P/2/0087     80m mast   Not Decided
04/03/2011 Kirkmabreck Carsluith Creetown NGR 248820 556130 11/P/2/0084     1 X 45.9m   Not Decided
03/03/2011 Blaiket Mains Haugh of Urr   11/P/2/0083     2 X 39m   Not Decided
21/02/2011 Ernespie Dairy Castle Douglas   11/E/2/0018     1 X 39.6m   Awaiting Submission
21/02/2011 Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon   11/E/2/0017     1 X 27m   Awaiting Submission
22/02/2011 Cambret Hill Creetown   11/E/2/0016     1 X 45m   Awaiting Submission
21/02/2011 Trostrie Farm Twynholm   11/E/2/0015     1 X 66.6m   Awaiting Submission
17/01/2011  Culnaightrie Farm Auchencairn   11/E/2/0005      1 x 70m   Awaiting submission

The planning application number provides information about the stage the porposal is at.  For example 11/P/2/0001

'11' means the application was registered in 2011.

'P' indicates an application for full planning permission

'2' indicates the proposal is for the Stewartry area  (1 = Wigtownshire,   3 = Nithsdale,   4= Annandale and Eskdale)

'0001' is the number allocated to identify each application

 Any application with an 'E' instead of a 'P' means the applicant has applied to the planning dept for a scoping opinion and it is not yet a full planning application.   A scoping opinion identifies any issues that will need to be taken into consideration when applying for planning permission.


The closing date for comments on Mayfield Wind farm has now passed.

Thank you to everyone who objected. There are over 150 objections lodged though we cannot be sure of the exact number yet.


Today is the last chance to submit an objection to the proposed Mayfield Wind farm.  You have until 4.30 pm, so if you haven't sent yours in yet, please do so now.

TW312 has been working hard over the past couple of months.   To raise awareness of turbine proliferation around Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Gatehouse areas, we have printed and delivered over 1,500 leaflets.  Thank you to everyone who helped with  distribution.

We will update the blog more regularly now so please check back soon to see what's happening.

The Mayfield Community Wind Farm application is now live. 

You have until the 24th March to submit your objections.

Why should you object?

The development is located in a tranquil area just over 3 km from Rhonehouse, in landscape types which have been identified as only being suitable for 'small scale' wind developments.  This, when turines were only half the proposed height. 

Local residents are going to suffer increased noise and at certain times of the year, shadow flicker.

TW 312 has concerns that the number of proposed developments around the area are going to negatively impact on tourism and businesses in Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Gatehouse.

We need your help to stop the inappropriate siting of wind farms around our main tourist towns. 

If you would like help on submitting an objection, including valid grounds for objecting and where to send it,  just click here

How else can you help?

We also ask that you contact your community council and request them to lodge an objection on behalf of your community.  This is very important.

Make sure your friends and neighbours know about the application, ask if they will send an objection to the planning department and contact the community council to make their views known

Thank you from TW 312

We have posted our reasons for objection to the Culraven Farm , Borgue and Ingleston Farm, Twynholm under "Other Developments" in our Planning Application section.  To make it even easier for you to find click here   You have until the 10th Feb if you wish to object.

Some members of TW 312 met with representatives of RES UK & Ireland this week.  RES are the developers for the Barcloy Hill site between Whinnieliggate and Nether Linkins.  It is a proposal for 6 x 125m turbines and is adjacent to a National Scenic Area.  It is believed that the planning application will be ready for submission sometime in October 2011.  The preferred route for transportation is through Castle Douglas down past the cemetry and turning right into Gelston before continuing towards Kirkcudbright on the B727. 

Twynholm Community Council have called an extraordinary meeting for Twynholm villagers and parish residents.  It will be held at Twynholm village hall on Thursday 17th February at 7pm. 


Five applications for wind turbines appeared in The Galloway News this week (27/1/11) and are now open to comments/objections until 10th February 2011.


Culraven farm, Borgue           10/P/2/0490     2 x 45.5m to tip

Ingleston farm, Twynholm     10/P/2/0491     2 x 45.5m to tip


The above applications can be examined at the Customer Service Centre, 4 Market St, CD and the Council Offices, Daar Rd, KBT during business hours.


Craigmore Hill, Lochfoot        10/P/2/0487     2 x 45.5m to tip

Slagnaw, Kelton                      10/P/2/0494     2 x 41m to tip

High Barcaple, Ringford         10/P/2/0498     1 x 21m to tip


The above applications can be examined at the Customer Service Centre, 4 Market St, CD during business hours


We will be posting further information on some of these applications next week so please check back


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