Hello there! Welcome to the TW312  website. It's new and we've set it up to provide information , to people who are concerned and interested, about the rapid expansion of wind farm and wind factory proposals in the Stewartry area. There are current and proposed planning and scoping proposals for wind turbines of quite a massive size throughout the area.

Our purpose is to let local people know what is happening and to provide information about the possible  consequences of wind turbine proliferation. Official Planning procedures are not easy for the public to access – so we intend to make them more accessible and to let you know what can be done if you have concerns and would like to make your views count.

We'll also provide more information in general about wind turbines. We've only just set up the web site so please bear with us. We'll be adding information to the site from now on. Please bookmark the site as or add it as a 'favourite' so you can check back easily. We will also let you  know (in a separate post) how to set up a feed so the latest information comes to you automatically. If you're interested in in contacting us and/or want to help with the work of the group, please click on the 'Contact Us' link at the top and complete the short form there. Many thanks, TW312

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