Residents close to the intended Barcloy Hill development were given a kick in the teeth on Monday when representatives from REG Windpower called to give them the devastating news that a scoping application has been submitted for 4 x 107m turbines nearby.


The proposal is sited on land belonging to Hartburn Farm and Realforests Group and some of the turbines appear to be located approx 500-600m from nearby houses.  Four house will have all 4 turbines within approx 1km.

There appears to be a problem with the name of the wind farm at present as the leaflets call it Sypland Wind Farm but the development will not be on Sypland land which is owned  by someone else.  Once REG decide on its proper name we'll let you know!


With plans for 5 x 115m turbines at Barcloy Hill, 4 x 107m at Hartburn, 1 x 84m Little Sypland and 6 x 130m at Mayfield there will be a string of 16 turbines across 5km of beautiful countryside in landscape character types identified in the Interim Planning Policy (IPP) as unsuitable for large typologies (over 80m).


No account is taken of the impact all this is having on people's health and the communities which are divided by these proposals.  The uncertainty of what will happen with all of these developments also means anyone in the area wanting to move faces an almost impossible task in selling their home or having to reduce the price drastically and lose money that they have worked hard for over the years.


Distressed and angry?  Damn right we are!


A sad day for D & G with news yesterday that RES's appeal to the Scottish Government against the council's original refusal of the Glenchamber application was successful.


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