TW312 heard yesterday that RES UK have submitted their application for the Barcloy Hill development between Gelston and Kirkcudbright.


Despite RES boasting on their website that they believe in "open and honest communication with the communities"  local people were unaware that the application had been submitted the week before Christmas!  How much would it have cost RES to let the 27 properties within 2km of the development know of their intentions?


We were told that the application would be submitted in early spring 2012 and have heard nothing from RES since their last Community Group Liason meeting back in Nov 2011.  Congratulations RES on keeping the local community informed!


With 209 documents to download, read and digest TW312 members will be busy for some time.  Objections can be submitted to the council once the advertisement for the application appears in the newspaper (expected Thursday 17th Jan 2013) and will be open for 28 days.


We will be posting  reasons for objection soon so please check back!


The 80m mast at Barcloy Hill    Photo by Rae Leigh

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