RES announced a new project manager for the Barcloy Hill Wind Farm at the Kirkcudbright Community Council meeting last week.  When asked how the scheme conformed to local policy they admitted it didin't but said they hoped it would be pushed through anyway!


RES stated that the decision date for Barcloy was the 24th April (unless RES and the council agree an extension) and there is a Planning Application Committee meeting due that day.  We will let you know as soon as we hear if Barcloy is on the agenda.


Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) are not able to object to wind farms anymore but have submitted clear guidance that the Barcloy turbines are too big for the landscape and will have significant adverse impacts on the area.




Community Windpower Ltd have until the 18th March to appeal against the councils refusal of the Mayfield application.  It could take a few days for the appeal to appear on the Scottish Government website but we should know by the end of next week.




Banks Renewables will be holding 3 public exhibitions on the Knockendurrick proposal for 10 x 132m turbines


Twynholm Village Hall 18th March 3 -7pm

Kirkcudbright Town Hall 19th March  3 – 7pm

Gatehouse Community Centre 21st March 3 – 7pm




The application for an 80m mast has been appealed to the Scottish government due to non-determination within the time frame allowed.  There is a scoping application in for the same site for 18 x 141.4m turbines.


OPEN FOR COMMENT (until 28/03/13)


13/P/2/0044   High Barcaple   1 x 62m

13/P/2/0050   Larg Farm Creetown 1 X 45.5m




13/P/2/0055   Marnhoul Wood ( E271234, N576145) 1 X 80m Met Mast (Infiergy)

13/P/2/0056   Smittons   E262318, N593717) 1 X 80m Met Mast (Infiergy)

13/P/1/0042   Kirwaugh Farm Wigtown 2 X 28.673m turbines

13/P/1/0105   North Park Farm Kirkcolm 1 X 46.5m turbines




13/E/1/0021   Awkirk Farm Ardwell 1 X 27m turbine

13/E/1/0022   Baltersan Farm Newton Stewart 1 X 45m

13/E/1/0023   Reiffer Park Sorbie Newton Stewart 1 X 67m


13/N/1/0002 Shennanton Wind Farm, Kirkcowan 11 X 100m turbines dated 07/03/2013 (submitted by PNE Wind)

13/N/1/0003 Larbrax Wind Farm Nr Stranraer 8 X 125m turbines dated 07/03/2013 (Submitted by PNE Wind)


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