Community Windpower Ltd have submitted an appeal to the council's refusal of the Mayfield wind farm.


The application will be allocated to a Reporter from the Scottish Government who will decide how the appeal will be heard.  This could be through an oral hearing or via written evidence.


Anyone who commented on the application should be contacted and will be able to submit further comment.


Community Windpower's decision to appeal this application demonstrates complete disdain for our local policies and communities. This application is CLEARLY against the Interim Planning Policy and the Landscape Capacity Study.


Sadly their attitude is not unique as RES UK showed at the Kirkcudbright Community Council meeting last week.  When asked by a community councillor how they expected the Barcloy hill wind farm to be approved as it was against local policy, the new project manager replied that they were aware it was against local policies but they hoped to push it through anyway.


So much for community consultation and local democracy!

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