Community Windpower Ltd has submitted an appeal to the Scottish Government against the refusal of their Mayfield application by the council.


An advert appeared in the Galloway News on Thursday 4th April notifying objectors that they have 14 days from this date to submit further comments on this application if they so wish.


Normally the council have to send individual letters to everyone who commented but due to the numbers involved it was agreed by the Scottish Government that Dumfries and Galloway council could instead place an advert in the local paper.  If you know someone who did comment and may like to add further comments please let them know they have until the 18th April 2013 to send their email to :-


Or write to:-


The Scottish Government

Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals

4 The Courtyard

Callendar Business Park

Callendar Road





Documents can be viewed on the council’s eplanning website or at


(use simple search facility and enter case number for Mayfield which is PPA-170-2062)



Community Windpower’s main arguments against refusal



The Mayfield application conforms to guidance in the Wind Energy Diagram Technical Paper No5 (1999) and (they try to argue!) the Interim Planning Policy (IPP).


The current Supplementary Guidance on Wind Energy Development (the IPP) is not a material consideration as it has been incorporated into the draft Local Development Plan which has just been out for public consultation.


Scottish Natural Heritage has not objected to the application and the implication is therefore they support it!  Anyone who has read SNH’s response can be left in no doubt this couldn’t be further from the truth.  SNH are unable to object to applications unless the proposal impacts on national grounds.


The proposed wind farm would make a ‘small but valuable’ contribution towards the Scottish and UK renewable energy targets





Barcloy Hill Wind Farm


RES UK has applied to the council for an extension to the date for determination.  This six week agreement will mean the determination date is now 2nd June 2013.



Chapman’s Howe


REG Windpower has announced further public exhibitions for the Chapman’s Howe project which has been reduced from 4 x 107m turbines to 3 x 100m (still contrary to local policies!).


Gelston Village Hall   1 – 7.30 pm   Friday 26th April

KBT Town Hall   10 – 3 pm   Saturday 27th April

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