After three and a half years fighting this proposal, TW312 are delighted to announce that the Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government has refused the appeal.


Landscape visual impact and the overbearing impact on 2 properties are citied


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The Reporter has recognised the importance of the Interim Planning Policy (IPP) and the Dumfries and Galloway Landscape Capacity Study (DGWLCS) which contains the details of landscape character types and their ability to accommodate a size of turbine in a particular location.




Some quotes from the report:-


I agree with the conclusions of the council’s landscape capacity study (DGWLCS) that there would be significant adverse effects from large turbines occurring across a wide range of sensitivities within the drumlin pastures and coastal granite uplands. From the evidence of my site inspection, I also agree with the advice of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) that the drumlin pastures and coastal uplands have a higher sensitivity than ‘medium’ to large (typology) turbines as suggested in the appellant’s Environmental Statement.


I find the whole landscape envelope, running north-east to south-west from Castle Douglas to Kirkcudbright and incorporating small settlements and their agricultural hinterlands, would be unable to accommodate 6 wind turbines of the size and scale proposed by the appellant.  I consider the proposed turbines, 130 metres in height to blade tip, would the area’s small scale land use pattern and gentle rounded topography.


I find that the turbines would be visually dominant when viewed from the north against the rising backdrop of the granite uplands (Screel, Bengairn, Barcloy) and the jagged hill tops beyond. The peaks and hills are also important recreational assets and I consider their attractiveness would be diminished by the presence of a cluster of large turbines in such close proximity.


In summary, for the reasons set out in paragraphs 9 to 15 above, I consider that the proposal does not accord with the requirements of structure plan policies S21 and E3 and interim planning policy (IPP) WEP3 because it would result in a significant adverse impact on the character, appearance and visual amenity of the local landscape and area. The turbines would also have a significant adverse visual impact on occupiers of the two closest residential properties.


A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over this time and/or has submitted objections

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