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E-mail Objections


For Type A Applications you have 2 weeks (14 days) from the date of the advertisement

For Type B Applications you have 3 weeks (21 days) from the date of the advertisement

For Applications that require an Environmental Statement you have 28 days from the date of advertisement


Valid Grounds for Objection


  1. Proposal is contrary to the Development Plan (either Structure and/or Local Plan)
  2. Impact of the proposal on built or natural environment
  3. Creation of a precedent for more of the same
  4. Design, scale or materials of the proposal and it's relationship to it's surroundings
  5. Resendential amenity such as noise, overshadowing, overlooking etc
  6. Effect on the setting of a Listed Building or the character and appearance of a conservation area
  7. Traffic, access or parking consideration
  8. Road safety


You cannot make a valid objection on:-


  1. The developer's motives, record or reputation
  2. (Perceived) impact on property value
  3. Inconvienience caused by construction work


Important Points


Send your objection to the Planning Department after the application has been published in the local paper & before the deadline

If one objection is signed by more than one person (i.e. 2 people) it still only counts as one objection.   It is better to print the letter twice and sign individually.

Be aware that your name, address, date, relevant planning application number and your signature must be on your objection.  Signature is not required for emails.

All objections received by the planning office will be in the public domain.  Your name and address will be available for the public to see.  Personal information (telephone number and signature will be blacked out for security reasons.



 Planning Policies and Documents relevant to wind farm proposals



Scottish Planning Policy (Feb 2010)   – in particular sections 31 – 48 and sections 182 – 191 Renewable Energy.


PAN 45 (Revised 2002)   Renewable Energy Technologies


PAN 45 – annexe 2 Spatial Frameworks


Dumfries and Galloway Structure Plan 1999  


S21   Renewable Energy    and   S22   Wind Farm and Wind Turbines Development


E3      Landscape character



Dumfries and Galloway Structure Plan – Technical Paper No 5 – Preparation of wind Energy Diagram


Stewartry Loacl Plan


ETSU-R-97   Guide lines on noise


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