This is a list of wind turbine and related planning applications in the Stewartry. It contains a summary of the key information in relation to each application. When Dumfries & Galloway Council have updated their Planning Register website, we will be creating links directly to the full details of applications on their website.

DateLocationMap Ref.ApplicationTurbines
Number & Height
Met MastComments
Find a location from the NGR (grid reference). Click the link and when the page opens copy and paste the first 6 numbers into the 'x' box and the second 6 into the 'y' box.
11/07/2016Longburn Wind Farm16/P/2/018710 X 134mNot Decided
03/05/2016Quantans Hill Carsphairn16/P/2/01361 X 80m Not Decided
19/04/2016Lorg Wind Farm16/P/2/01251 X 80m Not Decided
19/04/2016Lorg Wind Farm16/P/2/01241 X 80mNot Decided
26/04/2016Quantans Hill Carsphairn16/P/2/000212 X unknown heightNot Decided
19/04/2016Loch Hill Dalry16/P/2/01228 X 126.5mNot Decided
07/12/2015Lorg Wind Farm SW of Sanquar15/P/2/033711 X 130mNot Decided
15/10/2015Craigley Farm Gelston15/E/2/00071 X 30mNot Decided
29/09/2015Culmark Hill Dalry15/P/2/02761 X 80mNot Decided
25/08/2015Loch Hill Dalry15/E/2/201510 X 126.5mNot Decided
08/07/2015Knocknalling North of Dalry15/E/2/000514 X 150m Not Decided
18/06/2015Trostrie Farm Glengap15/P/2/01571 X 53.7mReapplication but Withdrawn
15/06/2015Knocknalling North of Dalry15/P/2/01871 X 80mApproved
03/06/2015Mollance Farm Castle Douglas15/P/2/01771 X 34.2mWithdrawn
20/05/2015Windy Rig NE Carsphairn15/P/2/015516 X 125mNot Decided
02/04/2015Mochrum Fell15/P/2/01171 X 80mWithdrawn
19/03/2015Lethans Wind Farm 5Km NE of New Cumnock15/C/2/000912 X 136 m & 14 X 152mNot Decided
17/03/2015Rerrick Dundrennan15/P/2/00861 X 34.2mApproved
16/03/2015Pencloe Nr New Cumnock Eas tAyrshire15/C/2/000521 X 125mNot Decided
12/03/2015Windy Rig NE Carsphairn15/P/2/00831 X 80mNot Decided
03/03/2015NW of Kirkland Cottage, Manse Road Lochfoot15/E/2/00011 X 45m Not Decided
16/02/2015California Wind Park Carsluth14/P/2/00537 X 110mNot Decided
15/12/2014Culshan Farm Springholm14/P/2/04791 X 17.75mNot Decided
10/12/2014Pibble Farm Creetown14/E/1/00212 X 77.9mAwaiting Submission no EIA Required
20/11/2014Land South of Barlay Hill14/E/2/002110 X 126m Not Decided
18/09/2014Plascow Farm Dalbeattie14/P/2/03603 X 76.5mApproved
08/09/2014Land South of Barlay Hill East of Balmaclellan14/P/2/03831 X 80mWithdrawn
28/08/2014CulshanFarm Culshan Springholm14/P/2/03621 X 17.5mWithdrawn
25/08/2014Plascow Farm Dalbeattie14/P/2/0360to increase approved 3 X 74m turbine heights to 76.5mWithdrawn
15/07/2014Windy Rig Wind Farm 18km north of Dalry14/E/2/001825 x 125mNot decided
14/07/2014California Wind Park Carsluth14/E/2/00177 x 126mNot Decided
12/06/20149km South West of Sanquhar14/E/3/000720 X 160mNot Decided
19/05/2014Kirkdale Hill Carsluth14/P/2/02091 X 80mRefused
03/04/2014Culdoach Tongland14/P/2/01522 X 48.5mRefused
01/04/2014Littleton Farm14/P/2/01483 X 45mApproved
15/04/2014Mollance Farm Castle Douglas14/P/2/01151 X 44.5mWithdrawn
01/04/2014Knockower Wind Farm (Loch Doon)14/E/2/000816 X 145mNot Decided
31/03/2014Windy Standard Phase 314/E/2/0007Up to 25 X 100-120mNot Decided
20/02/2014Standingstone Farm Borgue14/P/2/00151 X 34.2mApproved
25/11/2013Land at Barwhilly Est Glenswinton Farm Parton (Mochrum Fell Wind Farm)13/P/2/03277 X 126.5m & 1 X 116.5m TurbinesRefused But Approved By Scottish Government at Appeal
06/11/2013Land NW of Kirkland Cottage Manse Road Lochfoot291225,57378013/E/2/00361 X 34.4mNot decided
05/11/2013Corlae Byre St John's Town of Dalry265925,59770513/E/2/00351 X 22.43mNot Decided
30/09/2013Knockendurrick Twynholm13/P/2/02847 X 132mNot Decided
30/09/2013East of Waterworks Cottage Lochfoot290379,57424213/E/2/00311 X 34.42mNot Decided
27/09/2013Ingleston Farm Twynholm266625,553119 266756,55305713/E/2/00302 X 47m Not Decided
20/09/2013Windy Standard13/P/2/02733 year Extension for Start of ConstructionNot Decided
16/09/2013Meikle Culloch Farm Kirkgunzeon13/P/2/02682 X 35.2mApproved
13/09/2013Holmhead Farm Moniaive270178,58639913/P/2/02675 X 22mWithdrawn
Corlae Byre, St John's Town of Dalry265975,59770513/P/2/02661 X 22.43mApproved
02/09/2013Torrorie Farm Kirkbean 13/P/2/02521 X 20.345m (Additional)Approved
22/08/2013Drumhumphry Farm Corsock277888 57598413/E/2/00261 X 79mNo EIA Required
03/07/2013Marhoul Castle Douglas13/N/2/000416 X 146.5mNot Decided
28/06/2013Chapmans Howe Kirkcudbright13/P/2/01893 X 100mRefused at Appeal
27/06/2013Glentoo Farm Castle Douglas13/E/2/00232 X 42mEIA Not Required
06/06/2013Little Sypland273271 55471713/P/2/01571 X 50mApproved
13/06/2013Baerlochan Twynholm13/E/2/00221 X 78mEIA Required
28/05/2013Braidenoch Farm Castle Douglas13/P/2/01421 X 21.5mApproved
22/05/2013Ingleston Lodge Gelston276954 55790413/P/2/01331 X 36mApproved
16/05/2013Corse Hill Duchrae Dalry13/P/2/01351 X 70m(Approved for extra 2 years)
16/05/2013Ingleston Lodge Gelston276954 55790413/E/2/00171 X 36mNo EIA required
14/05/2013Holehouse Kirkpatrick Durham13/E/2/00161 X 42mNo EIA Required
13/05/2013Shepherd's Rig Carsphairn13/E/2/001545 X 146.5mNot Decided
09/05/2013Plascow Farm13/P/2/01293 X 74mApproved
07/05/2013Merklands Farm274360 57405013/E/2/00131 X 67mNo EIA Required
09/05/2013Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie13/P/2/01293 X 74mApproved
15/04/2013Bush of Killylour 287190 57384413/E/2/00121 X 45mNot Decided
17/04/2013Marhoul Farm13/E/2/001116 X 146.5mNot Decided
09/04/2013Mochrum Fell Corsock13/N/2/000214 X 126.5mNot Decided
26/03/2013Upper Porterbelly Farm Kirkgunzeon13/P/2/00811 X 44.9mTaken to the Scottish Government on Appeal due to Non Determination (Appeal Dismissed)
18/03/2013Knockendurrick Gatehouse of Fleet13/E/2/000710 X 132m1 X 80mScoping Report Completed
19/03/2013Gerranton Farm Haugh O Urr13/E/2/00081 X 45.5mNot Decided
Smittons Carsphairn13/P/2/00561 X 80mApproved
25/02/2013Larg Farm Creetown13/P/2/00501 X 45mRefused
20/02/2013High Barcaple Ringford13/P/2/00441 X 62mRefused
14/02/2013Standingstone Farm Borgue264165 55265713/P/2/00351 X 45mRefused on Appeal
08/02/2013Crumquhill Farm Ringford270425 560223113/E/2/00031 X 42mNot Decided
07/02/2013Farhills Farm Auchencairn79921 49986
13/E/2/00021 X 45.5mNot Decided
21/12/2012Barcloy Hill Kirkcudbright12/P/2/03575 X 115mRefused
21/12/2012Halket Leathes Farm Castle Douglas280435 56124012/E/2/00511 X 42mNot Decided
21/12/2012Halferne Farm Clarebrand276650 56680012/E/2/00501 X 42m Awaiting Submission
21/12/2012Barbey Farm Twynholm264176 55502612/E/2/00491 X 42mWithdrawn
18/12/2012Collieston Hill Dunscore278202 58185312/P/2/03561 X 80mApproved on Appeal
19/12/2012Mochrum Fell12/P/2/03541 X 80m Approved
18/12/2012Culcaigrie Farm Twynholm12/E/2/00481 X 66.6mNot Decided
06/12/2012Mochrum Fell Corsock12/E/2/004715 X 137mNot Decided
05/12/2012Knockendurrick Hill (Irelandton)12/P/2/03411 X 80mApproved
05/12/2012Culdoach Tongland12/P/2/03401 X 77m 1 X 40mWithdrawn
05/12/2012Porterbelly Farm Kirkgunzeon285280 56595012/E/2/00461 X 44.9m Awaiting Submission (NO EIA Required)
26/11/2012Enoch Hill Wind Farm Between New Cumnock & Dalmellington12/E/2/004423 X 150mNot Decided
26/11/2012Benbrack Wind Farm Soth East of Dalmallington12/E/2/004327 X 150mNot Decided
23/11/2012Lorg Wind Farm North East of Knowehead12/E/2/004228 X 150mNot Decided
05/11/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie12/P/2/03171 X 55mRefused after appeal to Scottish Government
25/10/2012Nether Ernambrie Clarebrand12/P/2/03092 X 21.9mApproved
23/10/2012Largs Farm Creetown248386 55791312/E/2/00391 X 45mNot Decided
22/10/2012Farhills Farm Auchencairn12/E/2/00381 X 65mNot Decided
18/10/2012Benbrack near Carsphairn Forest (On the site of the proposed 27 turbine wind farm)12/P/2/03051 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Benbrack near Carsphairn Forest (On the site of the proposed 27 Turbine Wind Farm12/P/2/03021 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Lorg (Craigstewart)12/P/2/03011 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Lorg (Ewe Hill)12/P/2/03001 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012West Kirkcarswell Dundrennan12/P/2/02981 X 56.3mAppeal Refused
16/10/2012Little Sypland Near Kirkcudbright12/P/2/02961 X 74mApproved on Appeal
15/10/2012Baerlochan Twynholm12/E/2/00371 X 105mNot Decided
15/10/2012Kenview Parton12/P/2/02941 X 25.8mWithdrawn
12/10/2012Torrorie Farm Kirkbean295621 557280 & 295586 55732012/P/2/02932 X 20.3mWithdrawn
08/10/2012High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270313 549325 & 270365 54928712/E/2/00362 X 33.1mNot Decided
08/10/2012Pibble near Gatehouse of Fleet Station254405 58211412/E/2/00351 X 56.7mNot Decided
05/09/2012High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270313 549325 & 270365 54928712/P/2/02432 X 33.1mApproved
05/09/2012Banks Hill Kirkcudbright270738 548364 & 270774 54826912/P/2/02442 X 33.1mApproved
28/08/2012Valley View Ringford12/P/2/02451 X 50mApproved
24/08/2012West Lagan Farm281016 562336 & 281042 56217812/E/2/00302 X ?Not Decided
22/08/2012Rattra Farm Borgue260132 54888212/P/2/02411 X 27mApproved
08/08/2012Ken View Parton, Barend Hill268877 57171612/E/2/00291 X 25.8mNot Decided
09/08/2012Barcloy Hill12/P/2/02281 X 80mRenewal of previous approval for temp Met Mast 10/P/2/0202 for further of 2 years Approved
07/08/2012Pencloe Windfarm New Cumnock12/E/2/002833 X 130mNot Decided
07/08/2012Margree Dalry12/P/2/02251 X 60m Renewal of permission (10/P/2/0337) for 2 yearsWithdrawn
07/08/2012Margree Dalry12/P/2/02241 X 60m Continued siting for further 2 yearsWithdrawn
31/07/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie562394 28058912/P/2/02191 X 50mApproved
27/07/2012Longburn Windfarm Stroanfreggan Carsphairn12/E/2/002736 X 135mAwaiting Submission
25/07/2012Chapman's Howe Wind Farm12/E/2/00264 X 107mAwaiting Submission
25/07/2012Chapman's Howe Wind Farm KbtAprox 273537 55366912/P/2/02161 X 16mApproved
25/07/2012Little Sypland GelstonAprox 273200 55460012/P/2/02151 X 50mApproved
25/07/2012Marhoul Farm Between Balmaclellan and CorsockAprox 271100 57805012/P/2/02141 X 50mApproved
25/07/2012High Barcaple Farm RingfordAprox 266790 55830012/P/2/02131 X 50mApproved
20/07/2012Torrie Southwick12/E/2/00252 X 20mAwaiting Submission
05/07/2012Nether Ernambrie Clarebrand275717 566018, 275763 56598012/P/2/01912 X 27mRefused
28/06/2012Round Craig Dalry264140 59342312/P/2/01871 X 70mApproved
20/06/2012Breaconside Kirkgunzeon12/P/2/01811 X 70mWithdrawn
13/06/2012Culdoach Farm Tongland271600 55450012/E/2/00231 X 77mAwaiting Submission
30/05/2012Gledpark Borgue12/P/2/01591 X 17.8mApproved
30/05/2012Corlae Dalry12/P/2/01511 X 31.5mRefused due to lack of requested information
25/05/2012Kissock & Breconside, Beeswing12/E/2/002216 X 126.5mNot Decided
22/05/2012Conchieton House Twynholm12/P/2/01491 X 17.75mApproved
09/05/2012Lochhill Farm Crossmichael12/P/2/01411 X 18.61mNot Decided
04/05/2012Corra Farm Kirkgunzeon286220 56559312/E/2/00181 X 78mAwaiting Submission
28/04/2012Auchenlosh Dalbeattie12/P/2/01222 X 47m1 X 40mApproved
27/04/2012Standingstones Auchencairn76954923, 76964920, 7700491712/P/2/01173 X 17.75mWithdrawn
16/04/2012Meikle Culloch284057 56405712/E/2/00171 X 80mNo EIA Required Awaiting Submission
13/04/2012Kirkbride Hill Gatehouse of Fleet256139 556697,
256262 556574
12/P/2/01212 X 46.5mRefused
10/04/2012South Kyle Wind FarmNot Given12/E/2/0016Not GivenNot Decided
04/04/2012Byecroft Farm South West of Dumfries286237 56940312/E/2/00151 X 80mNo EIA Required Awaiting Submission
28/03/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie12/E/2/00141 X 79mAwaiting Submission
29/03/2012Benshinnie Wind Farm Parton12/E/2/001324 X 125mNot Decided
22/03/2012Townhead Farm Kirkcudbright269632 54726612/E/2/00111 X 66.5mNot Decided
24/02/2012Land to the South of Loch Urr Moniaive12/P/2/006580mApproved
13/02/2012Balmangan Farm Dundrennan12/P/2/00443 X 27.2mApproved
31/01/2012Culraven Farm Borgue264549 550022, 264688 54998012/P/2/00282 X 45.5mRefused
26/01/2012Fellend Farming Company Ringford268330 56004012/P/2/00231 X 19.25mApproved
24/01/2012Rattra Farm Borgue260132 54888211/P/2/04911 X 39.92mWithdrawn
23/01/2012Marnhoul Farm Dalry71178012/E/2/00051 X 80m Awaiting Submission
19/01/2012Blackmyre Moor Creetown12/E/2/0004Up to 10 X unknown HeightProject withdrawn
18/01/2012North of Black Burn, Carsphairn Forest, Carsphairn12/P/2/001890m MastApproved
18/01/2012Blackmyre Moor Creetown12/P/2/001790m MastRefused
18/01/2012Overlaw Farm Kirkcudbright12/P/2/00161 X 18.5mApproved
09/01/2012Land North West of Lennox Plunton Borgue260748 55156612/P/2/00061 X 18.5mApproved
09/01/2012Land North West of Lennox Plunton Borgue260741 55147512/P/2/00051 X 18.5mApproved
06/01/2012Larg Farm Creetown248387 557928, 248451 55791711/P/2/04872 X 27.1mRefused But Approved on Appeal by Scottish Government
06/01/2012Trostrie Farm Twynholm265063 55811411/P/2/04861 X 53.7mApproved
06/01/2012Mayfield Rhonehouse272624 55623811/P/2/04786 X 130mRefused and Refused again on Appeal
06/01/2012Castle Creavie Farm Dundrennan Kbt272273 54875011/P/2/04691 X 22.85mApproved
05/01/2012Orroland Farm Dundrennan11/P/2/04491 X 23.5mApproved
05/12/2011Auchenlosh Landfill Site285509 56129911/E/2/00721 X 74mAwaiting Submission
23/11/2011Barnbarroch Farm Dalbeattie11/P/2/04511 X 19.05mApproved
21/11/2011Auchengibbert Farm Crocketford283425 571492, 283393 57155911/P/2/04432 X 21.9mApproved
21/11/2011Kings Grange Old Bridge of Urr278526 56704211/P/2/04421 X 20.3mApproved
21/11/2011Rerrick Park Farm Dundrennan276491 54718311/P/2/04281 X 41mApproved
17/11/2011Standingstone Auchencairn Castle Douglas11/E/2/00685 X 20.75mAwaiting Submission
14/11/2011Quantans Hill Carsphairn11E/2/0067up to 30 X 125mNot Decided
09/11/2011Low Chapelton Farm Borgue261615 54718411/P/2/04231 X 26.13mApproved
07/11/2011Kirkcudbright Golf Club11/E/2/00651 X 24.8mNot Decided
01/11/2011Margrie Farm Borgue11/P/2/04182 X 46.5mRefused
02/11/2011High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270967 549234, 276967 54913111/P/2/04002 X 45.5mWithdrawn
02/11/2011Banks Hill Kirkcudbright270738 548364, 270774 54826911/P/2/03992 X 44.5mWithdrawn
20/10/2011Colt Cottage Borgue26125 5492511/P/2/04091 X 19mApproved
13/10/2011Cambret Hill Creetown252886 5900411/P/2/03831 X 45mAppeal Refused
10/10/2011Valley View Ringford11/E/2/00581 X 80mAwaiting Submission EIA Required
10/10/2011High Barcaple Ringford11/E/2/00571 X 80mAwaiting Submission EIA Required
30/09/2011Barstobrick Ringford11/P/2/03841 X 26.13mApproved
05/10/2011West Kirkcarswell Farm Dundrennan11/P/2/03701 X 79mRefused On Appeal
30/09/2011Erncrogo Hill Cross Michael11/E/2/00561 X 66.7mAwaiting Submission EIA required
16/09/2011Conchieton House Twynhom552995 26366111/P/2/03581 X 17.75mWithdrawn
06/09/2011Edingham Farm Kirkgunzeon11/P/2/03561 X 19.8mApproved
08/08/2011Larg Farm Creetown248173 557615, 248131 55764611/P/2/03502 X 27.1mWithdrawn
23/08/2011West Barmoffity Farm Kirkpatrick Durham278136 57108011/P/2/03372 X 21mApproved
22/08/2011Holmhead Farm Moniaive270886 58593011/P/2/03331 X 25.6mApproved
22/08/2011Holmhead Farm Moniaive270884 58592911/P/2/03321 X 25.6mApproved
19/08/2011Lochdougan Dairy Kelton557220 27392711/P/2/03301 X 27.1mApproved
18/08/2011Craigley Farm GelstonGR 275935 55841811/P/2/03171 X 27.1mApproved
18/08/2011Shirmers Farm PartonGR 266270 57523411/P/2/03211 X 27.1mApproved
02/08/2011Livingston Glenlochar Castle DouglasGR 271552 56777911/P/2/02971 X 22.4mApproved
26/07/2011Low Chapelton Farm BorgueGR 261615 54718411/P/2/02951 X 19.25mRefused Due to lack of Information
26/07/2011Kirkmabreck CreetownGR 248668 55614811/P/2/02901 X 45.9mApproved
21/07/2011Garrochar Tree Farm CreetownGR 51936 5879211/E/2/00451 X 65mAwaiting Submission
21/07/2011Brighouse Bay Compressor Station264326 545713,264371 545667,264448 5456811/P/2/02893 X 24.25mApproved
13/07/2011Land Adjacent to Guffogland Dalbeattie11/E/2/00441 X 87m

EIA Required
Awaiting Submission
11/07/2011Trostrie House TwynholmeGR 557593 26479311/P/2/027740.5mApproved
08/07/2011Kirkland Farm Kirkpatrick Durham11/P/2/02751 X 27mApproved
08/07/2011Cullinaw Farm BuittleGR 280746 55951011/P/2/02731 19.25mApproved
04/07/2011Moorbrock Hill Carsphairn
Pre Application Enquiry
11/F/2/0005Not known at this timeSubmitted by Community Windpower Ltd
28/06/2011Ingelston Farm GelstonGR 557904 27695411/P/2/02641 X 21mApproved
28/06/2011Holehouse Farm SpringholmGR 280006 57001711/P/2/02631 X 21mApproved
22/06/2011Rattra Farm BorgueGR 260132 54888211/P/2/02521 X 39.92mWithdrawn
15/06/2011Little Sypland11/E/2/00391 X 84mAwaiting Submission
10/06/2011Balmangan Farm Dundrennan276138 548139, 276159 548040, 276181 54794311/P/2/02383 X 39.6mRefused
10/06/2011Muirhead Farm Twynholm11/P/2/02371 X 27mApproved
07/06/2011Culnaightrie Farm AuchencairnGR 276374 55033611/P/2/02301 X 75mRefused On Appeal

Refused after Apeal

07/06/2011Culnaightree Farm Auchencairn11/P/2/022950mApproved
31/05/2011Auchenlosh DalbeattieGR 288607 5596411/E/2/00351 X 34.2mAwaiting Submission
31/05/2011Low Arkland Kelton272596 557898, 272650 55790811/P/2/02132 X 27mApproved
31/05/2011Kelton Hill Farm Castle DouglasGR 27490 56000, 275060 56002011/P/2/02122 X 27mApproved
19/05/2011Blairshinnoch Farm KirkgunzeonGR 288159 569409, 288227 569364, 288196 56926111/P/2/01953 X 27.1mApproved
16/05/2011Ingelston Farm Borgue11/P/2/01932 X 39.6mRefused
11/05/2011Larghill Farm CrocketfordGR 82138 7423011/P/2/01821 X 21mApproved
04/05/2011Garrochar CreetownGR 50079 59262 & 50079 59212 11/P/2/01702 X 27mDelegated Refusal
26/04/2011Shrimers Farm Balmaclellan11/P/2/01631 X 27.1mWithdrawn
15/04/2011Shenrick Farm CrocketfordGR 83459 71992 & 83479 7193711/P/2/01542 X 21mApproved
08/04/2011Torrorie SouthwickGR 295654 55725211/P/2/01461 X 15m HubApproved
05/04/2011Land Adjacent to Crocketford House CrocketfordGR 282004 572618, 282060 57270111/P/2/01342 X 27.1mApproved
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Auchengibbert Farm CrocketfordGR 283378 571598 & 283350 571524 & 283322 5714711/P/2/01333 X 27.1mWithdrawn
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Croft Head Farm Crocketford282798 568779 & 28284 56869011/P/2/01322 X 39.6mApproved
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Chapel Farm Kirkcudbright268790 55594411/P/2/01311 X 39.6mApproved
25/03/2011East Kirkcarswell Dundrennan11/P/2/01173 X 19.6mApproved
04/03/2011Furmiston Criag CarsphairnGR 261460 59365011/P/2/008880m mastApproved
04/03/2011Quantans Hill CarsphairnGR 258530 59490011/P/2/008780m mastApproved
04/03/2011Kirkmabreck Carsluith CreetownNGR 248820 55613011/P/2/00841 X 45.9mWithdrawn
03/03/2011Blaiket Mains Haugh of UrrGR 282945 567732 & 282916 56780211/P/2/00832 X 39mWithdrawn
21/02/2011Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon11/E/2/00171 X 27mAwaiting Submission
15/02/2011Littleton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet11/P/2/00653 X 40mApproved
15/02/2011Larg Farm CreetownGR 248346 55790111/P/2/00631 X 27mApproved
14/02/2011Merklandwell Lochfoot NGR 571700, 28915011/P/2/00601 X 27mApproved
14/02/2011Crochmore Farm Crocketford286460, 570401311/P/2/00591 X 27mApproved
27/01/2011Portmary House DundrennanGR 275166 54558311/P/2/00411 X 22.4mApproved
05/01/2011Mayfield RhonehouseGR 272624, 55623811/P/2/00017 X 130m1x80m MastApplication Withdrawn
23/12/2010High Barcaple Farm Castle DouglasNX 267390, 55802010/P/2/04981 X 21mApproved
22/12/2010Auchenleck Farm Auchencairn Castle DouglasNGR 277300, 55200010/P/2/04961 X 27mApproved
22/12/2010Barstibly Farm TonglandNX 270800, 55750010/P/2/04952 X 21mApproved
22/12/2010Slagnaw Farm KeltonNX 274804, 558505
274940, 558453
10/P/2/04942 X 41mApproved
22/12/2010Ingleston Farm TwyholmNGR 266644, 553029
& 266757, 553029
10/P/2/04912 X 45.5mApproved
21/12/2010Culraven Farm BorgueNGR 264709, 549832
& 264855, 549847
10/P/2/04902 X 45.5mRefused
20/12/2010Craigmore Hill LochfootNX 291498, 573218
& NX 291597, 573119
10/P/2/04872 X 45.5mRejected due to effect on Seismological Station at Eskdalemuir
10/12/2010Little Barmoffity Kirkpatrick Durham10/P/2/04752 X 27mWithdrawn
08/12/2010Sypland KirkcudbrightNGR 273163, 55368110/P/2/04742 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
25/11/2010Drumhumphry CorsockGR 277994 575784 & 277994 57582510/P/2/04552 X 15m Hub,
Apprrox 20m
Total Height
10/11/2010Little Milton Crocketford10/P/2/04392 X 27mWithdrawn
10/11/2010Stonehouse Farm Crocketford10/P/2/04352 X 27mWithdrawn
09/11/2010Carsphairn Community Garden10/P/2/04341 Mini Turbine On Pole with Solar Panel Approved
09/11/2010Ladies Walk Farm KirkcudbrighhtNGR 270120 55071810/P/2/043385m MastApproved
05/11/2010Craigmore Hill LochfootNX 291498, 57321810/P/2/04282 X 45.5mNot Decided (Re applied 20/12/2010 app.No. 10/P/2/0487)
04/11/2010Loch Hill North of DalryGR 266200, 58426010/P/2/042711 X 100m76m MastRefused
01/11/2010Greenburn CreetownNX 560733, 24830510/P/2/042130m MastApproved
23/10/2010Land Adjacent to Barnbarroch Farm DalbeattieGR 28150, 55694010/P/2/04151 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
Refused due to being in a Regional Scenic Area & on a high ridge
22/10/2010Standingstone Farm Borgue10/E/2/00331 X 62mAwaiting Application to be submitted
22/10/2010Irelandton Farm Twynolm10/E/2/00324 X 100mAwaiting Application to be Submitted
26/08/2010Magree Dalry10/P/2/0337Mast 2Renewal of Application 08/P/2/0290 (Approved)
26/08/2010Magree Dalry10/P/2/0336Mast 1Renewal of Application 08/P/2/0289 (Aproved)
11/08/2010Larg Farm Creetown10/P/2/03161 X 23.4mApproved
02/08/2010Windy Standard Wind Farm Carsphairn10/P/2/0305
& 10/P/2/0303
Control & Communication Buildings & Maintainance Shed + Electrical Cable & Excavation Work Approved
26/07/2010Land Adjacent to Barnbarroch Farm DalbeattieNGR 284150, 55694010/P/2/02971 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
Refused, insufficient information provided
26/07/2010Land Adjacent to Boreland of Covend Farm ColvendNGR 287390, 55394010/P/2/02961 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
22/07/2010Land Adjacent to Milnmark Farm Dalry10/P/2/02911 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
09/07/2010Kirkmabreck Carsluith CreetownNX 252249, 55625810/P/2/02791 X 45.5mWithdrawn (Re applied on 20/12/10 App No. 10/P/2/0488)
01/07/2010Glenquicken Moor Creetown10/E/2/00231 X 67mAwaiting Submission
24/06/2010Rutherford's Whitness Skyreburn Gatehouse of Fleet10/E/2/00212 X 45.5mAwaiting Submission
24/06/2010Knockenbrex Duck Lochen/Strudie Moss Carrick10/E/2/00192 X 45.5mAwaiting Submission
15/06/2010Mark Farm CreetownNGR 252249, 56137810/P/2/02471x60m MastApproved
14/06/2010Barcloy Hill10/E/2/00186 X 125mAwaiting Submission
02/06/2010Culnaightrie Farm Auchencairn10/P/2//02381 X 20mApproved
25/05/2010Milnthird Hill Kelton Castle Douglas10/P/2/02281x50m MastApproved
17/05/2010Slagnaw Farm Kelton10/P/2/02192 X 34.5mResubmitted with 41m turbines 22/12/2010. App No. 10/P/2/0494
07/05/2010Barcloy Hill KirkcudbrightNX 274000, 55300010/P/2/02021x80m MastApproved
28/04/2010Boreland of Borgue Kirkcudbright10/P/2/01861 X 20mApproved
21/04/2010Arvie Castle Douglas10/P/2/01581 X 20mApproved
14/04/2010Glensone Farm Southwick10/P/2/01461 X 20mApproved
30/03/2010Low Barend Farm Dundrennan10/P/2/01221 X 20mApproved
19/03/2010Torrs Farm Castle Douglas10/P/2/01021 X 20Approved
22/01/2010Knockman Hill Milnmark Farm Dalry10/P/2/00215 X 81m1x55m MastApproved
19/01/2010Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie10/P/2/00181x50m MastApproved
19/01/2010Balmangan Farm Borgue Kirkcudbright10/P/2/00171 X 20mApproved
12/01/2010Torrs Farm Mutehill Kirkcudbright10/P/2/00083 X 19.5mRefused due to lack of information
24/12/2009Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon09/P/2/04341 X 15mApproved
21/12/2009Corse Hill Dunchrae Dalry09/P/2/0429Mast No Height GivenApproved
05/11/2009Ardendee Tongland Road Kirkcudbright09/P/2/0373Mast No Height GivenApproved
20/10/2009Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie09/P/2/03593 X 84mNot Decided
08/09/2009PortMary Cottage Dundrennan09/P/2/03111 X 15m
28/08/2009Durham Hill Kirkptrick Durham09/P/2/03001 No
Height Given
05/08/2009Galtway Hill Milton Farm Kirkcudbright09/P/2/02672 X 100mRefused On Appeal
12/06/2009Little Farm Gatehouse of Fleet 09/P/2/02081 No Height
15/05/2009Galtway hill Miltton Farm Kirkcudbright 09/P/2/01641x60m MastApproved
Ingleston Farm Gelston09/E/2/00039 X 125mAwaiting Submission
16/02/2009Glenquickeb Farm Creetown09/P/2/00492 X 15mApproved
07/07/2008Magree Dalry08/P/2/0289Mast 1 (2 year extension)Approved
07/07/2008Magree Dalry08/P/2/0290Mast 2 (2 year extension)Approved
17/01/2008High Barley Farm Gatehouse of Fleet08/P/2/00111 No Height
1 Mast No Height GivenApproved
18/12/2007Site 3 Mackilston Dalry07/P/2/05181 No Height
Given (6Kw)
22/05/2007Forrest Estate Dalry07/P/2/02231 X 15mApproved
26/02/2007Adjoining 93 Cottan Street Castle Douglas07/P/2/00841 No Height
Plus Solar Panels Approved
08/01/2007Barnbackle Hill Barnbackle Farm Lochfoot07/P/2/00062 X 100mMast No Height GivenRefused at Appeal
08/01/2007Doon Hill Upper Porterbelly Kirkgunzeon07/P/2/00052 X 100mRefused at Appeal
17/10/2006Upper Craigenbay Clatteringshaws06/P/2/04531 Domestic
21/09/2006The Kennels Airds of Balcloy Auchencairn06/P/2/04171 Domestic
13/09/2006East Balcloy Colvend Dalbeattie06/P/2/04021 DomesticApproved
13/09/2006Land North of Cleughbrae Dalry06/P/2/04051 DomesticApproved
30/05/2006Darngarroch Hill Corsock06/P/2/02461x60m Temp MastsApproved
14/12/2005Magre Forest Dalry05/P/2/0514,
5x60m MastsApproved
13/12/2005Rainton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet10/P/2/05101 X 25mApproved
23/08/2005Brockloch Rig Wind Farm, Windy Standard Carsphairn05/P/2/03572x50m MastsApproved
02/02/2005West Barmoffity Farm Kirkpatrick Durham05/P/2/00531 Domestic
04/11/2004Bridgend of Kildarroch Borgue04/P/2/05031 X (2.75Kw)Approved
10/05/2004Rainton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet04/P/2/02392 X 13mApproved but subsequently replaced by application for 1 x 25m turbine
17/06/2003Edgerton Cothouse Laurieston03/P/2/02621 No Height
Septic Tank & Turbine Approved
10/06/2003Torrs Hill Forest Est Dalry03/P/2/02522 X 100m1 Mast No Height GivenApproved
28/01/2003Brockloch Rig Wind Farm, Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00221X60m MastApproved
28/01/2003Bawnhead Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00181X60m MastApproved
28/01/2003Craignane Hill Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00211X60m MastApproved
16/10/2002Lochinvar Water Water Treatment Works Lochinvar Dalry02/P/2/03641X40m Temp MastApproved
13/09/2001Craignane Hill Windy Standard Carsphairn01/P/2/02821X60m MastApproved


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