As at 1st Nov, 2012, applications for thirty seven 100m+ high turbines around the Kirkcudbright area are in various stages of the planning system.  With many additional plans for turbines ranging in height from 39m – 84m, we believe current proposals, almost encircling Kirkcudbright, are a real threat to the local tourism industry.

Wind Energy Projects in Area 312

Mayfield Rhonehouse 6 x 130m Refused at appeal
Barcloy Hill Kirkcudbright 5 x 115m Awaiting decision
Mark Farm Creetown 11 x 120m ALL WORK CEASED!
Blackmyre Moor Creetown 5 – 10 withdrawn
Hartburn – Chapman's Howe Kirkcudbright 3 x 100m Refused at appeal
Baerlochan, Twynholm 1 x 105m scoping
Galtway Hill Kirkcudbright 2 x 100m REFUSED  by Scot Govn
Knockendurrick Twynholm 7 x 132m? Awaiting decision
Valley View Ringford 1 x 80m scoping
Culnaightrie Farm Auchencairn 1 x 75m REFUSED by Scottish Govn
West Kirkcarswell Dundrennan 1 x 79m REFUSED by  Scot Govn
Culdoach Farm Tongland 2 x 48m Refused by council
Little Sypland Kirkcudbright 1 x 74m Granted at appeal
Culcaigrie, Twynholm 1 x 66.6m scoping
Farhills Auchencairn 1 x 65m scoping
High Barcaple Ringford 1 x 62m Granted at appeal
Pibble, Gatehouse Station 1 x 56.7m scoping
Trostrie Farm Twynholm 1 x 53.7m Approved by Scottish Govn
West Kirkcarswell Dundrennan 1 x 56.3m Refused at appeal
Rutherford's Witness Skyreburn G of F 2 x 45.5m see Kirkbride hill
Kirkbride hill G of F 2 x 45.5m REFUSED 28/11/12
Margrie Farm Borgue 2 x 46.5m A/D
Culraven Farm Borgue 2 x 45.5m REFUSED now appealing
Ingleston Farm Twynholm 2 x 45.5m APPROVED
Farhills Auchencairn 1 x 45.5m scoping
Kirkmabreck Creetown 1 x 45.9m APPROVED
Standingstone Farm Borgue 1 x 45m awaiting decision
Larg Farm Creetown 1 x 45m Approved at appeal
Cambret Hill Creetown 1 x 45m REFUSED by Scottish Govn
Crumquhill Farm Ringford 1 x 42m scoping
Slagnaw Farm Kelton 2 x 41m APPROVED
Rerrick Park Farm Dundrennan 1 x 41m APPROVED
Liitleton Farm Gatehouse 3 x 45m APPROVED
Balmangan Farm Dundrennan 3 x 39.6m REFUSED
Ernespie Dairy Castle Douglas 1 x 39.6m REFUSED (at appeal)
Ingleston of Borgue Borgue 2 x 39.6 REFUSED
Chapel Farm Kirkcudbright 1 x 39.6m APPROVED
Blaiket Mains Haugh of Urr 2 x 39m WITHDRAWN
Rattra Farm Borgue 1 x 39.92m WITHDRAWN
High Banks Kirkcudbright 2 x 33.1m APPROVED
Banks Kirkcudbright 2 x 33.1m APPROVED
Rattra Farm Borgue 1 x 27m APPROVED
Larg Farm Creetown 2 x 27.1m APPROVED
Balmangan Farm Dundrennan 3 x 27m APPROVED
Muirhead Farm Twynholm 1 x 27m APPROVED
Low Arkland Kelton 2 x 27m APPROVED now built
Kelton Hill Farm Castle Douglas 2 x 27m APPROVED now built
Garrochar Creetown 2 x 27m APPROVED
Auchenleck Farm Auchencairn 1 x 27m APPROVED
Lochdougan Dairies Kelton 1 x 27m APPROVED now built
Low Chapleton Farm Borgue 1 x 26.13 APPROVED
Barstobrick Ringford 1 x 26.13m APPROVED
Rainton Farm Gatehouse 1 x 25m Operating
Castlecreavie Dundrennan? 1 x 25m APPROVED
KBT Golf Club KBT 1 x 24.8m awaiting submission
Brighouse Bay Compressor Station 3 x 24.25m APPROVED
Orroland Farm Dundrennan 1 x 23.5m APPROVED
Castle Creavie Dundrennan 1 x 22.85m Approved
Portmary House Dundrennan 1 x 22.4m Approved
Ingleston Farm Gelston 1 x 21m Approved
Barstibly Farm Tongland 2 x 21m Approved
High Barcaple Farm Castle Douglas 1 x 21m Approved
Standingstone Auchencairn 3 x 17.75m Withdrawn
Sypland Kirkcudbright 2 x 20m Approved now built
Culnaughtrie Farm Auchencairn 1 x 20m Approved now built
Boreland of Borgue Kirkcudbright 1 x 20m Approved
Low Barend Farm Dundrennan 1 x20m Approved
Torrs Farm Castle Douglas 1 x 20m Approved
Balmangan Farm Kirkcudbright 1 x 20m Approved
East Kirkcarsewell Dundrennan 3 x 19.6m Approved
Torrs Farm Mutehill 3 x 19.5m refused – lack of info
Fellend Ringford 1 x 19.25m Approved
Colt Cottage Borgue 1 x 19.1m Approved
Overlaw Farm Kirkcudbright 1 x 18.5m Approved
Lennox Plunton Borgue 2 x 18 5m Approved
Gledpark Borgue 1 x 17.75m A/D
Conchieton house Twynholm 1 x 17.75m Approved
Portmary Cottage Dundrennan 1 x 15m Approved
Ardendee Tongland Rd Kirkcudbright no height Approved
Ladies Walk Farm Kirkcudbright 85m mast Approved
Culnaughtrie Farm Auchencairn 50m mast Approved & built


Wind Energy Projects in the Stewartry

Auchenlosh Dalbeattie 2 x 47m Approved
Kirkmabreck Carsluith 1 x 45.9m Approved
Criagmore Hill Lochfoot 2 x 45.4m refused
Larg Farm Creetown 1 x 45m scoping
Cambret Hill Creetown 1 x 45m refused
Upper Porterbelly Kirkgunzeon 1 x 44.9m awaiting decision
Croft Head Farm Crocketford 2 x39.6m Approved
Blaiket Mains Haugh of Urr 2 x 39m awaiting decision
Blairshinnoch Kirkgunzeon 3 x 27.1m Approved
Shirmers Farm Parton 1 x 27.1m Approved
Larg Farm Creetown 2 x 27.1m Approved
Crocketford house Land adjacent to 2 x 27.1m Approved
Nether Ernambrie Clarebrand 2 x 21.9m Approved
Merklandwell Lochfoot 1 x 27m Approved
Crochmore Farm Crocketford 1 x 27m Approved
Kirkland Farm Kirkpatrick Durham 1 x 27m Approved
Holmhead Farm Moniaive 2 x 25.6m Approved
Livingstone Glenlochar 1 x 22.4m Approved
Auchengibbert Farm Crocketford 2 x 21.9m Approved
Shenrick Farm Crocketford 2 x 21m Approved
Larghill Farm Crocketford 1 x 21m Approved
Holehouse Farm Springholm 1 x 21m Approved
King's Grange Old Bridge of Urr 1 x 20.3m Approved
Glensone Farm Southwick 1 x 20m Approved
Milnmark Farm Dalry 1 x 20m Approved
Torrorie Kirkbean 2 x 20m Withdrawn
Colvend Farm Colvend 1 x 20m Approved
Drumhumphry Corsock 2 x 20m approx Approved
Edingham Farm Kirkgunzeon 1 x 19.8m Approved
Cullinaw Farm Buittle 1 x 19.25m Approved
Torrorie Southwick 1 x 15m hub height Approved


Every effort has been made to produce accurate information. If you know of incorrect details please contact us and we will amend the mistake.


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