Amplitude Modulation – High Court sets new standards for Den Brook Valley Wind farm 

Acoustic Ecology Institute     25/07/11


Jane and Julian Davis lived 930m from the wind turbines of Deeping, St Nicholas, Lincolnshire.  They were driven out of their home due to noise problems and in July go to the High Court in a landmark case against the landowner and wind farm developers.

This is their submission to The Select Committee on Economic Affairs on The Economics of Renewable Energy.

This is on the CAWT website who are fighting wind turbines across Aberdeenshire



Dick Bowdler – ETSU-R-97   Why it is wrong

Dick Bowdler was a member of the Noise Working Group but resigned when the remit was changed.  In this document he states his reasons why the noise standards used for wind farms are wrong.


UK Noise Association

Report of noise problems relating to wind farms.  In their conclusion is the recommendation for wind farms to be setback  2 km from all properties. 



The NHS criticises a wind farm industry report called "Wind Turbines and Health Effects". and make some valid observations


Leading British sleep specialist, Dr. Christopher Hanning, explains the profound repercussions of wind turbines disrupting sleep.

“The only mitigation of sleep disturbance from industrial wind turbine noise is a setback of at least 1.5km, and probably greater




Carl V. Phillips     –     There is overwhelming evidence that wind turbines cause serious health problems in nearby residents, usually stress-disorder type diseases, at a nontrivial rate.

“Properly Interpreting the Epidemiologic Evidence about the Health Effects of Industrial Wind Turbines on Nearby Residents,” Bulletin of Science, Technology, and Society, vol. 31, no. 4 (August 2011), pp. 303-315.


Australian Senate Report on the 'Social and Econimic Impacts of Wind Farms  June 2011


Some of the recommendations include:-

Urgent studies into possible effects of wind farms on human health

Studies into the assessmnet of wind farm noise including infrasound and it's impacts

Further consideration to be given to separation distances between residencies and wind farms

Appropriate measures to calculate the impact of Low Frequency noise (LFN) and vibrations indoors at impacted dwellings

Complaints should be dealt with expediently by local authorities through an independent arbitrator


An article on the work of Dr Nina Pierpont


DECC 2011 report  on shadow flicker


Community Benefits


How community benefits in the Highlands are set to divide people further and yes it could happen here!


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