Below are planning policies from the Dumfries and Galloway Local Plan or Structure Plan which are relevant to planning applications for wind farms.  This list is not comprehensive.


Policy S21 – Renewable Energy

Development proposals for renewable energy sources will be considered positively provided they do not have a significant adverse impact on:-

1.  The built and natural heritage;
2.  Areas and routes important for tourism or recreational use in the countryside;
3.  Water and fishing interests;
4.  Air quality; and
5. The amenity of the surrounding area.

All proposals will be required to provide detailed information on associated infrastructure required, including roads and grid connections, impact during construction and operational phases of the development, including visual impact, noise and odour issues and provisions made for restoration of the site.


S22: Wind Farm and Wind Turbines Development

Proposals for wind farms and wind turbines will be considered favourably in Potential Areas identified on the Map showing Wind Energy Search Areas, where it can be clearly demonstrated:-

• They are in accordance with policy S21; and
• take into account the guidance set out in the Wind Energy Strategy, pending completion of more detailed guidance in the Subject Local Plan.

In Intermediate Areas the Council will take into account the location of the proposed development and the issues identified for that area in determining its response to the proposal.

There will be a presumption against Wind Farm development in Sensitive Areas.

When assessing Wind farm developments the Council will take into account existing sites with Planning permission and the cumulative impact of development proposals.

Development proposals for sites outside the search areas identified will be considered in terms of Policy S21 and Policy E3 until replaced by Local Plan guidance.


Policy E1 – National Scenic Areas

The siting and design of the development should respect the special nature of the area.  Development within, or which would have a significant impact on the National Scenic areas (NSA’s) will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated either:-

1. The proposed development will not compromise the area’s scenic, and overall integrity: or
2. Any significant adverse effects on the scenic interest and integrity of the area are clearly outweighed by social or economic benefits of national importance.


Policy E3 – Landscape Character

When assessing development proposals likely to have significant impact on the landscape the council will take into account the guidance set out in the Landscape Assessment.
The Council will encourage and where resources permit support initiatives to conserve and enhance the landscape character of Dumfries and Galloway.


General Policy 7

a) Have regard to the character and appearance, scale, density, massing and materials, of the building, group of buildings or adjacent area, of which it will form a part of”
c)   Have no material adverse impact on the local landscape character, avoiding      prominent ridge lines or other visually sensitive sites:
d)  Take into account the guidance set out in Landscape Assessment Study


General Policy 8

All developments proposals will require to have regard to the established density, character and development pattern of the immediate area


 General Policy 24

b) The character, scale and location of the proposal is compatible with its landscape setting and the landscape character of the area

 f) The design, siting and external appearance of the building should be appropriate to its rural location and setting.


Policy D36 – Design of Development

The Council expects development to take into account:-

1. siting, scale, form, massing and layout in relation to townscape and landscape setting:


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