Update 14th December 2012


REFUSED by D & G PAC committee 12/12/12 due to impacts on landscape and being completely out of scale!


We await to see whether Community Windpower Ltd will appeal this decision to the Scottish Government


Update 19th July 2012


Mayfield open for comments until the 9th August 2012 on the following sections only


Section 6 of the Environmental Statement (Socio-Economic Impacts)

Bird Survey submitted 31st May 2012


The documents can be read here http://www.dumgal.gov.uk/index.aspx?articleid=11366

All other documents can be read at Kirkbank House Dumfries during office hours



Update 25th Feb 2012     MAYFIELD OPEN FOR COMMENT  until 15th MARCH


The Mayfield application (11/P/2/0478) was re-advertised in the Galloway News on Thursday 16th February due to the omission by the planning department of Section 6 of the Environmental Statement.  This enables the public to comment further on the Social and Economic impacts of the proposed wind farm.


Unfortunately, there appears to be an error with the software used by the council and none of the documents have been available to view since that date.  The council are working to correct the error.


There will be an opportunity for further representations on the bird surveys once completed and submitted by Community Windpower, which will have to be advertise in the press to enable further public comment.




Update   –   Friday 20th January 2012



Mayfield Wind Farm is now open for comment:  19th Jan – 16th Feb 2012




Previous objections will not stand , you will need to object again to be counted



There appear to be two main differences between the original application and this resubmission:-


A reduction from 7 turbines down to 6 but still 130m high!


A new, additional, construction traffic route has been introduced through Gelston village, out towards Kirkcudbright before turning right onto the Slagnaw road.  Improvements to a farm track by Lochdougan House will be required for access to the site.



Why should people object to Mayfield Wind Farm?



There are many reasons why people could object to Mayfield but there are two very important reasons why you should:



1)   If turbines of this height are approved in our lowland areas it will set a precedent and open the door to further developments which will be extremely difficult to oppose.


2)   The council recently paid professional Landscape Architects to assess all the landscape character types across Dumfries and Galloway and their capacity to site wind farm developments. The Landscape Capacity Study clearly identifies drumlin pastures and coastal granite uplands, which are the landscape types that will host the Mayfield turbines, as being unsuitable for large scale turbines i.e. over 80m to tip.  At 130m to tip these turbines would be clearly out of scale in the landscape.  If this proposal was approved, the money spent producing the Landscape Capacity Study, which forms the backbone of the Interim Planning Policy (IPP), would be wasted.  It would also render a major component of the IPP, which was produced to prevent inappropriately sited wind developments, totally redundant.



If you would like to submit an objection to the development of the Mayfield wind farm we have provided a list of valid grounds within a specimen letter for your use. You can modify this letter to fit with your views and circumstances.


Please include any of the specimen reasons you want but the two most important points are setting a precedent in this area and the landscape impact.  This will ensure your comments will be valid and then you might wish to add any other comments you would like to make.


Important points



For those of you who submitted an objection to Mayfield last year your objection will not stand.  You need to submit another objection – you could use the same basic letter as last time, with just a few alterations:


Change the date and year


Change the planning application number to 11/P/2/0478


Change from 7 to 6 turbines throughout your letter if necessary


Change the address for where to send to:-


Head of Planning and Building Standards,

Dumfries and Galloway Council,


English Street,


DG1 2 HS


Email address is pe.stewartry.planning@dumgal.gov.uk



Please send your objection to the above addresses before the deadline of 16th February 2012



Your objection will carry more 'weight' if you can write your own letter – use our reasons if you want to as a basis and just reword.  If you don't have time to do that you can copy and paste some of our points into your own letter/email.


If one objection is signed by more than one person (i.e. 2 people) it still only counts as one objection.   It is better to send a letter (by conventional post or email) for each adult and sign each individually.


Please be aware that your name, address, date, relevant planning application number and your signature must be on your objection.  Your signature is not required for emails.


All objections received by the planning office will be in the public domain.  Your name and address will be available for the public to see.  Personal information (email address, telephone number and signature will be blacked out for security reasons).















Head of Planning and Building Standards,

Dumfries and Galloway Council,


English Street,


DG1 2 HS



Dear Sir,


Planning application 11/P/2/0478



I object to the proposed wind farm development at Mayfield, Rhonehouse for the reasons listed below.




Approval of large turbines (over 80m) in the lowlands will set a precedent and open the door for further developments.


The size and scale of the proposed development is unsuitable for this location and will have a widespread visual impact.   Turbines of this height will overwhelm and dominate the surrounding area, changing the local character.


The size and scale of the turbines is incompatible with the landscape character type – Drumlin Pastures and Coastal Granite Uplands – as described in Dumfries and Galloway Landscape Assessment 1998 and the draft Interim Planning Policy. 


This development will neither conserve nor enhance the landscape character as specified in the Landscape Assessment 1998.


The size and scale of the development will have a significantly adverse impact on tourism due to its proximity to Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and important tourist routes along the A75, the A711 (the main tourist road into Kirkcudbright) and the National Cycle Route 7 along the B727.


The turbines will have an adverse impact over a large area including on local tourist attractions such as Threave Castle, Moat Brae in Kirkcudbright and Neilson’s Monument. 


Whilst this development is outwith Regional and National Scenic Areas, it is still close enough to have significant adverse impacts on them, particularly Screel, Bengairn and popular tourist spots such as The Doon (Nun Mill Bay).  


The predicted noise level of 38dB documented in the Environmental Statement does not conform to council standards (listed in Technical Paper No 5 as 35dB), so fail to comply with Policy S22 and GP 12.


The amenity of nearby residents will be negatively affected by increased noise levels and potential shadow flicker.


The environmental assessments carried out do not provide any firm evidence that the impact on wildlife will be minimal and previously requested bird surveys have not been completed.


Increase in traffic and abnormal loads on minor roads during construction, will have safety implications, particularly around Gelston school. 

Yours faithfully,










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