Scots Wind Farms Paid To Stop Producing Electricity

By BBC News   Scotland    (01/05/11)

Yov couldn't make it up could you!  Six scottish wind farms were paid a total of £900,000 to stop producing electricity on the evening of 5/6th April.  It works out 20 times more expensive that the value of the electricity that would have been produced.  Madness!

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Wind Farm Efficiency Queried by John Muir Trust Study

 By BBC News (06/04/11)

Wind farms are much less efficient than claimed, producing below 10% of capacity for more than a third of the time, according to a new report.

The analysis also suggested output was low during the times of highest demand.

The report, supported by conservation charity the John Muir Trust, said assertions about the ability of wind farms must be challenged.

It concluded turbines “cannot be relied upon” to produce significant levels of power generation.

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GE wind turbine towers reach 130 m

By Renewable Energy Focus Staff (05/04/11)

GE is introducing taller wind turbine towers for its onshore wind turbine product line, bringing hub heights to 130 m.

The taller towers will initially be offered for GE’s 2.5 MW series including the 2.75-103 wind turbine.

“We continuously strive to increase value for our customers. The taller tower which will also be available for our new 2.75-103 is the next step in our evolutionary product portfolio,” says Stephan Ritter, General Manager of GE Renewable Energy Europe.

“With taller towers, more sites become attractive wind farm locations. The increased height also offers more customer value through higher winds and a reduction in the impact of turbulence resulting in higher annual energy production.”

The wind turbine towers will have a hybrid pre-cast concrete and tubular steel design.

Initial, key markets will be Germany, Scandinavia, Poland, Romania and Canada.


Lack Of Wind Saw Land-based Turbines Idle For Four-fifths Of 2010

By Alistair Dalton,  The Scotsman   (02/04/11)

SCOTLAND'S onshore wind farms were idle for record periods last year because of unusually calm weather, which industry analysts claimed could lead to higher power bills. 

Turbines operated on average for just 21.9 per cent of the time – more than five percentage points less than in 2009, the Renewable Energy Foundation claimed. They are expected to operate at an average output of about 30 per cent of maximum capacity.

There's Nothing Wrong With Fighting Turbines

Opinion: Nigel Adams (Conservative MP for Selby and Ainsty)  The Yorkshire Post (02/04/11)

I REMEMEMBER the now Labour leader Ed Miliband saying that “it is socially unacceptable to be against wind turbines in your area”.

Since Mr Miliband’s insulting comments two years ago, more and more onshore wind farm applications and scoping for possible wind farms have come forward.

My part of the constituency in the Selby District has got more than its fair share, especially as the existing applications are proposed very close to populated villages.

But rather than just dismissing wind energy from an aesthetic point of view, it is important to set out the reasons why it should not be seen as the only renewable option available.

Often when it is coldest, and we need electricity most, there is no wind to generate power.

On December 7 last year, when the fourth highest United Kingdom load of 60,050 megawatts of electricity was recorded, the total UK wind fleet of approximately 5,200 MW was producing about 300 MW. In other words, it had a load factor of 5.8 per cent).

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Wind And Wave Energies Are Not Reneweable After All 

by Mark Buchanan for The New Scientist  (issue 2806) (30/03/11)

WITNESS a howling gale or an ocean storm, and it's hard to believe that humans could make a dent in the awesome natural forces that created them. Yet that is the provocative suggestion of one physicist who has done the sums.

He concludes that it is a mistake to assume that energy sources like wind and waves are truly renewable. Build enough wind farms to replace fossil fuels, he says, and we could seriously deplete the energy available in the atmosphere, with consequences as dire as severe climate change.

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Wind Farm Is Their Neighbour From Hell

by Harry Reid      Herald Scotsman  (29/03/11)

How wind turbines have blighted the lives of people living in Ayrshire.  If that's not bad enough, they now face the prospect of more turbines being erected on the other side of them.

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Wind Energy Surplus Threatens Eastern German Power Grid

by Richard Fuchs,      Editor Sam Edmonds,     Deutsche Welle      (26/03/11)

German Economics Minister Rainer Brüderle recently warned that Germany faces frequent power blackouts because too much 'green electricity' is being pumped onto the grid.

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