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Wind farms operators have been paid nearly £7 million this year to switch off turbines, the Government has said.


Seventeen wind farms across the UK were told to shut down on a total of 37 days, with the farms' owners compensated for not generating power.


So-called "constraint payments" are made when too much electricity floods the Grid, with the network unable to absorb the power generated.


Energy Minister Charles Hendry said: "Reducing or increasing the output of generators is a normal part of National Grid's role to balance supply and demand, and it will pick the most cost-effective way to deliver what is required.


"However, the recent requirement to use wind farms to manage the system has raised questions as to whether the current market-wide balancing arrangements for wind are appropriate.


"National Grid has launched a consultation to seek views on the issues involved."


The Press Association    (11/10/11)     Click here for the full article


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