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After three and a half years fighting this proposal, TW312 are delighted to announce that the Reporter appointed by the Scottish Government has refused the appeal.


Landscape visual impact and the overbearing impact on 2 properties are citied


Click here to read report


Scroll down to 5th June – Appeal decision document


The Reporter has recognised the importance of the Interim Planning Policy (IPP) and the Dumfries and Galloway Landscape Capacity Study (DGWLCS) which contains the details of landscape character types and their ability to accommodate a size of turbine in a particular location.




Some quotes from the report:-


I agree with the conclusions of the council’s landscape capacity study (DGWLCS) that there would be significant adverse effects from large turbines occurring across a wide range of sensitivities within the drumlin pastures and coastal granite uplands. From the evidence of my site inspection, I also agree with the advice of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) that the drumlin pastures and coastal uplands have a higher sensitivity than ‘medium’ to large (typology) turbines as suggested in the appellant’s Environmental Statement.


I find the whole landscape envelope, running north-east to south-west from Castle Douglas to Kirkcudbright and incorporating small settlements and their agricultural hinterlands, would be unable to accommodate 6 wind turbines of the size and scale proposed by the appellant.  I consider the proposed turbines, 130 metres in height to blade tip, would the area’s small scale land use pattern and gentle rounded topography.


I find that the turbines would be visually dominant when viewed from the north against the rising backdrop of the granite uplands (Screel, Bengairn, Barcloy) and the jagged hill tops beyond. The peaks and hills are also important recreational assets and I consider their attractiveness would be diminished by the presence of a cluster of large turbines in such close proximity.


In summary, for the reasons set out in paragraphs 9 to 15 above, I consider that the proposal does not accord with the requirements of structure plan policies S21 and E3 and interim planning policy (IPP) WEP3 because it would result in a significant adverse impact on the character, appearance and visual amenity of the local landscape and area. The turbines would also have a significant adverse visual impact on occupiers of the two closest residential properties.


A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us over this time and/or has submitted objections



Community Windpower Ltd has submitted an appeal to the Scottish Government against the refusal of their Mayfield application by the council.


An advert appeared in the Galloway News on Thursday 4th April notifying objectors that they have 14 days from this date to submit further comments on this application if they so wish.


Normally the council have to send individual letters to everyone who commented but due to the numbers involved it was agreed by the Scottish Government that Dumfries and Galloway council could instead place an advert in the local paper.  If you know someone who did comment and may like to add further comments please let them know they have until the 18th April 2013 to send their email to :-


Or write to:-


The Scottish Government

Directorate for Planning and Environmental Appeals

4 The Courtyard

Callendar Business Park

Callendar Road





Documents can be viewed on the council’s eplanning website or at


(use simple search facility and enter case number for Mayfield which is PPA-170-2062)



Community Windpower’s main arguments against refusal



The Mayfield application conforms to guidance in the Wind Energy Diagram Technical Paper No5 (1999) and (they try to argue!) the Interim Planning Policy (IPP).


The current Supplementary Guidance on Wind Energy Development (the IPP) is not a material consideration as it has been incorporated into the draft Local Development Plan which has just been out for public consultation.


Scottish Natural Heritage has not objected to the application and the implication is therefore they support it!  Anyone who has read SNH’s response can be left in no doubt this couldn’t be further from the truth.  SNH are unable to object to applications unless the proposal impacts on national grounds.


The proposed wind farm would make a ‘small but valuable’ contribution towards the Scottish and UK renewable energy targets





Barcloy Hill Wind Farm


RES UK has applied to the council for an extension to the date for determination.  This six week agreement will mean the determination date is now 2nd June 2013.



Chapman’s Howe


REG Windpower has announced further public exhibitions for the Chapman’s Howe project which has been reduced from 4 x 107m turbines to 3 x 100m (still contrary to local policies!).


Gelston Village Hall   1 – 7.30 pm   Friday 26th April

KBT Town Hall   10 – 3 pm   Saturday 27th April

Community Windpower Ltd have submitted an appeal to the council's refusal of the Mayfield wind farm.


The application will be allocated to a Reporter from the Scottish Government who will decide how the appeal will be heard.  This could be through an oral hearing or via written evidence.


Anyone who commented on the application should be contacted and will be able to submit further comment.


Community Windpower's decision to appeal this application demonstrates complete disdain for our local policies and communities. This application is CLEARLY against the Interim Planning Policy and the Landscape Capacity Study.


Sadly their attitude is not unique as RES UK showed at the Kirkcudbright Community Council meeting last week.  When asked by a community councillor how they expected the Barcloy hill wind farm to be approved as it was against local policy, the new project manager replied that they were aware it was against local policies but they hoped to push it through anyway.


So much for community consultation and local democracy!

 Mayfield was unanimously refused


Well done to everyone who spoke at the meeting and our thanks to those who came to support us!


Galloway News Report



Mayfield open for comments until the 9th August 2012 on the following sections only


Volume 1 Section 6 of the Environmental Statement (Socio-Economic Impacts)

Ornithology Addendum (Bird Survey submitted 31st May 2012)


The documents can be read here

All other documents can be read at Kirkbank House Dumfries during office hours



Previous objections to Mayfield do NOT stand – you will need to object again to be counted.


Reasons for objection and information to help you can be found by clicking 'Projects in the Region'  then 'Mayfield'


Or simply click here



Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) have submitted a 'Notification of Application' which means they intend to re-submit their plans for the Mayfield wind farm, possibly around the end of October/beginning of November. 


New documentation shows the amended site is slightly larger than the original but the number of turbines is reduced from 7 to 6, although there is no height stated!


Community Windpower will give a presentation to Kelton CC on Monday 19th September and plan to hold two public exhibitions in September at Rhonehouse and Castle Douglas.  No dates are stated as yet.


CWL were asked by the RSPB for more information on Red Kites and Whooper Swan activity.  The survey for Whooper Swans needs to be completed from September to April to gather additional data, which suggests the application will be submitted without the required information! 


Our suspicion is that CWL are trying to submit their plans before the new Interim Planning Policy is adopted and RES UK present their proposals for the Barcloy Hill wind farm approximately 2 miles away.


The Barcloy hill development will comprise of 5 x 115m turbines strung in front of the Barcloy Hill to Suie Hill ridgeline.


Please let as many people know as possible about these developments and ask them to register their email address with us so we can send newsletters to keep them up to date.  At the appropriate time we will also let people know when and how to object.


They can register by emailing us at or clicking the 'Contact Us' button on our website

16th May 2011     Article written by TW312 member


Mayfield Community Windfarm         7 x 130m wind turbines         Planning Application Ref: 11/P/2/0001

Community Windpower has been advised by the Dumfries and Galloway Council to withdraw their application until they have secured additional data to satisfy a number of consultees, notably:

Scottish Natural Heritage who wish to see further watches carried out to fully assess the impact on two bird species, whooper swan and red kite.  They suggest the period September 2011 to April 2012 for additional watches in relation to whooper swan and May to August watches for red kite.  In addition, they suggest that VP3 should be relocated to a more appropriate position.

Galloway Fisheries Trust  wish to see a survey conducted of the salmonids in the water courses in and around the proposed development and wish to see addressed other shortcomings in the information submitted in the Environmental Statement.

Historic Scotland confirmed that the assessment of potential impacts on cultural heritage assets is inadequate and they detail a number of inadequacies.

The implication of the recommendation to withdraw the application and the additional requirements of the consultees would suggest that this application is now in limbo.  We shall keep an eye out for further developments.


The closing date for comments on Mayfield Wind farm has now passed.

Thank you to everyone who objected. There are over 150 objections lodged though we cannot be sure of the exact number yet.


Today is the last chance to submit an objection to the proposed Mayfield Wind farm.  You have until 4.30 pm, so if you haven't sent yours in yet, please do so now.

TW312 has been working hard over the past couple of months.   To raise awareness of turbine proliferation around Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Gatehouse areas, we have printed and delivered over 1,500 leaflets.  Thank you to everyone who helped with  distribution.

We will update the blog more regularly now so please check back soon to see what's happening.

The Mayfield Community Wind Farm application is now live. 

You have until the 24th March to submit your objections.

Why should you object?

The development is located in a tranquil area just over 3 km from Rhonehouse, in landscape types which have been identified as only being suitable for 'small scale' wind developments.  This, when turines were only half the proposed height. 

Local residents are going to suffer increased noise and at certain times of the year, shadow flicker.

TW 312 has concerns that the number of proposed developments around the area are going to negatively impact on tourism and businesses in Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and Gatehouse.

We need your help to stop the inappropriate siting of wind farms around our main tourist towns. 

If you would like help on submitting an objection, including valid grounds for objecting and where to send it,  just click here

How else can you help?

We also ask that you contact your community council and request them to lodge an objection on behalf of your community.  This is very important.

Make sure your friends and neighbours know about the application, ask if they will send an objection to the planning department and contact the community council to make their views known

Thank you from TW 312

Update 14th December 2012


REFUSED by D & G PAC committee 12/12/12 due to impacts on landscape and being completely out of scale!


We await to see whether Community Windpower Ltd will appeal this decision to the Scottish Government


Update 19th July 2012


Mayfield open for comments until the 9th August 2012 on the following sections only


Section 6 of the Environmental Statement (Socio-Economic Impacts)

Bird Survey submitted 31st May 2012


The documents can be read here

All other documents can be read at Kirkbank House Dumfries during office hours



Update 25th Feb 2012     MAYFIELD OPEN FOR COMMENT  until 15th MARCH


The Mayfield application (11/P/2/0478) was re-advertised in the Galloway News on Thursday 16th February due to the omission by the planning department of Section 6 of the Environmental Statement.  This enables the public to comment further on the Social and Economic impacts of the proposed wind farm.


Unfortunately, there appears to be an error with the software used by the council and none of the documents have been available to view since that date.  The council are working to correct the error.


There will be an opportunity for further representations on the bird surveys once completed and submitted by Community Windpower, which will have to be advertise in the press to enable further public comment.




Update   –   Friday 20th January 2012



Mayfield Wind Farm is now open for comment:  19th Jan – 16th Feb 2012




Previous objections will not stand , you will need to object again to be counted



There appear to be two main differences between the original application and this resubmission:-


A reduction from 7 turbines down to 6 but still 130m high!


A new, additional, construction traffic route has been introduced through Gelston village, out towards Kirkcudbright before turning right onto the Slagnaw road.  Improvements to a farm track by Lochdougan House will be required for access to the site.



Why should people object to Mayfield Wind Farm?



There are many reasons why people could object to Mayfield but there are two very important reasons why you should:



1)   If turbines of this height are approved in our lowland areas it will set a precedent and open the door to further developments which will be extremely difficult to oppose.


2)   The council recently paid professional Landscape Architects to assess all the landscape character types across Dumfries and Galloway and their capacity to site wind farm developments. The Landscape Capacity Study clearly identifies drumlin pastures and coastal granite uplands, which are the landscape types that will host the Mayfield turbines, as being unsuitable for large scale turbines i.e. over 80m to tip.  At 130m to tip these turbines would be clearly out of scale in the landscape.  If this proposal was approved, the money spent producing the Landscape Capacity Study, which forms the backbone of the Interim Planning Policy (IPP), would be wasted.  It would also render a major component of the IPP, which was produced to prevent inappropriately sited wind developments, totally redundant.



If you would like to submit an objection to the development of the Mayfield wind farm we have provided a list of valid grounds within a specimen letter for your use. You can modify this letter to fit with your views and circumstances.


Please include any of the specimen reasons you want but the two most important points are setting a precedent in this area and the landscape impact.  This will ensure your comments will be valid and then you might wish to add any other comments you would like to make.


Important points



For those of you who submitted an objection to Mayfield last year your objection will not stand.  You need to submit another objection – you could use the same basic letter as last time, with just a few alterations:


Change the date and year


Change the planning application number to 11/P/2/0478


Change from 7 to 6 turbines throughout your letter if necessary


Change the address for where to send to:-


Head of Planning and Building Standards,

Dumfries and Galloway Council,


English Street,


DG1 2 HS


Email address is



Please send your objection to the above addresses before the deadline of 16th February 2012



Your objection will carry more 'weight' if you can write your own letter – use our reasons if you want to as a basis and just reword.  If you don't have time to do that you can copy and paste some of our points into your own letter/email.


If one objection is signed by more than one person (i.e. 2 people) it still only counts as one objection.   It is better to send a letter (by conventional post or email) for each adult and sign each individually.


Please be aware that your name, address, date, relevant planning application number and your signature must be on your objection.  Your signature is not required for emails.


All objections received by the planning office will be in the public domain.  Your name and address will be available for the public to see.  Personal information (email address, telephone number and signature will be blacked out for security reasons).















Head of Planning and Building Standards,

Dumfries and Galloway Council,


English Street,


DG1 2 HS



Dear Sir,


Planning application 11/P/2/0478



I object to the proposed wind farm development at Mayfield, Rhonehouse for the reasons listed below.




Approval of large turbines (over 80m) in the lowlands will set a precedent and open the door for further developments.


The size and scale of the proposed development is unsuitable for this location and will have a widespread visual impact.   Turbines of this height will overwhelm and dominate the surrounding area, changing the local character.


The size and scale of the turbines is incompatible with the landscape character type – Drumlin Pastures and Coastal Granite Uplands – as described in Dumfries and Galloway Landscape Assessment 1998 and the draft Interim Planning Policy. 


This development will neither conserve nor enhance the landscape character as specified in the Landscape Assessment 1998.


The size and scale of the development will have a significantly adverse impact on tourism due to its proximity to Kirkcudbright, Castle Douglas and important tourist routes along the A75, the A711 (the main tourist road into Kirkcudbright) and the National Cycle Route 7 along the B727.


The turbines will have an adverse impact over a large area including on local tourist attractions such as Threave Castle, Moat Brae in Kirkcudbright and Neilson’s Monument. 


Whilst this development is outwith Regional and National Scenic Areas, it is still close enough to have significant adverse impacts on them, particularly Screel, Bengairn and popular tourist spots such as The Doon (Nun Mill Bay).  


The predicted noise level of 38dB documented in the Environmental Statement does not conform to council standards (listed in Technical Paper No 5 as 35dB), so fail to comply with Policy S22 and GP 12.


The amenity of nearby residents will be negatively affected by increased noise levels and potential shadow flicker.


The environmental assessments carried out do not provide any firm evidence that the impact on wildlife will be minimal and previously requested bird surveys have not been completed.


Increase in traffic and abnormal loads on minor roads during construction, will have safety implications, particularly around Gelston school. 

Yours faithfully,










After nearly 9 years of fighting inappropriately sited wind farm developments the Turbine Watch 312 team are ‘retiring’ and we will be closing our website soon.


Our Facebook page will continue for the time being with information of general interest and news of  any new turbine planning applications.




Over the years we have fought several developments across the region with numerous successes including Mayfield, Chapman’s Howe, Barcloy Hill, California and Knockendurrick.


Local policies have proved to be a strong barrier to wind farms in the Stewartry area but communities in the north of the county face a tough battle not only with more new wind farms but also ‘repowering’ in the future.


Scoping applications (Torrs Hill) are now being submitted for turbines up to 250m in height and one developer has been quoted as saying that ‘off-shore’ turbines are now set to come on-shore!!


👏 Thank you to everyone who has helped over the years – from those who have submitted objections, to those people working on the team.


😀 All the hard work has been worthwhile in helping to protect our local landscapes.



Banks Renewables have submitted Further Environmental Information on their proposed changes to the Knockendurrick development near Twynholm.  Documents can now be viewed on the council website and comments submitted until 5pm on Thursday 29th June 2017.


Although Banks have reduced the height of the turbines from 7 x 132m turbines to 6 x 115m and 1 x 100m to tip, the development would still have significant landscape and visual impacts.


The Dumfries and Galloway Wind Farm Landscape Capacity Study, which states that “There is no scope for siting the large (>80m)  typology (turbines) within this landscape due to the scale of these foothills and their likely  prominence from adjacent sensitive landscapes", is quite clear that this development is in the wrong location. 


Below is an approximation of how the proposal could look…..


A new website has been set up called Say No to Knockendurrick – please Click here for more information


The refusal of the California, Mayfield, Barcloy Hill and Chapman's Howe developments in recent years strongly supports local policies.  If Knockendurrick were approved it would be particularly visible across large areas to the south, west and east which is the heart of D & G's main tourist area and it would significantly weaken local policies. 


We need as many people as possible to object individually to this scheme as Banks have been very active collecting support and many people have no idea exactly what they are supporting or how the proposal is contrary to local planning policies.


Please help us to protect our landscapes and tourism industry, by objecting before 5pm on Thursday 29th June and passing the message on to as many people as you can and asking them to object too.


Click HERE for a specimen objection letter created for Knockendurrick. You can add or delete text as you like! Just insert your address, the date and then your name at the end. Remember if two or more people sign the same objection it will only count as one so please sign and send in individually.




MAYFIELD   A Reporter visited the site on Tuesday 7th May.  A decision is expected by 7th June which is next Friday!


BARCLOY HILL      RES and D & G council have agreed an extension to the decision date which is now the 2nd September 2013.


RES are trying to change the noise conditions and are in discussion with the Environmental Health Officer.  RES also applied recently to change the noise conditions for the Glenchamber wind farm but as these had been set by a Reporter at the appeal stage the D & G councillors decided not to allow RES's requested alterations.


CHAPMAN'S HOWE   is expected to be submitted sometime this month if REG Windpower are on course!


KNOCKENDURRICK (IRELANDTON)   The council's scoping response indicates that the proposed scale of this development is not suitable for the site


LITTLE SYPLAND (1 x 74m)   has been refused by the Planning Application Committee due to the adverse impact on the landscape and the objection by the National Air Traffic Services.


Ingleston Lodge, Gelston – who already have permission for a 21m turbine, have submitted a scoping request for a 32m to tip turbine. (13/E/2/0017)


Other scoping applications recently submitted include:-

Merkland Farm   1 x 67m (13/E/2/0013)

Holehouse Farm Kirkpatrick Durham   1 x 42m  (13/E/2/0016)

Braidenoch Farm, CD   1 x 21.5m  (13/E/2/0019)


OPEN FOR OBJECTION until Thursday 6th June


13/P/2/0129   PLASCOW FARM  DALBEATTIE   3 x 74m


This application is very similar to a previous proposal for 3 x 84m turbines which was refused due to the proximity of nearby houses.  The new application has moved the turbines 150m further away but the people nearby are extremely worried about this development.


You can email an objection to by 5pm on 6th June.



RES announced a new project manager for the Barcloy Hill Wind Farm at the Kirkcudbright Community Council meeting last week.  When asked how the scheme conformed to local policy they admitted it didin't but said they hoped it would be pushed through anyway!


RES stated that the decision date for Barcloy was the 24th April (unless RES and the council agree an extension) and there is a Planning Application Committee meeting due that day.  We will let you know as soon as we hear if Barcloy is on the agenda.


Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) are not able to object to wind farms anymore but have submitted clear guidance that the Barcloy turbines are too big for the landscape and will have significant adverse impacts on the area.




Community Windpower Ltd have until the 18th March to appeal against the councils refusal of the Mayfield application.  It could take a few days for the appeal to appear on the Scottish Government website but we should know by the end of next week.




Banks Renewables will be holding 3 public exhibitions on the Knockendurrick proposal for 10 x 132m turbines


Twynholm Village Hall 18th March 3 -7pm

Kirkcudbright Town Hall 19th March  3 – 7pm

Gatehouse Community Centre 21st March 3 – 7pm




The application for an 80m mast has been appealed to the Scottish government due to non-determination within the time frame allowed.  There is a scoping application in for the same site for 18 x 141.4m turbines.


OPEN FOR COMMENT (until 28/03/13)


13/P/2/0044   High Barcaple   1 x 62m

13/P/2/0050   Larg Farm Creetown 1 X 45.5m




13/P/2/0055   Marnhoul Wood ( E271234, N576145) 1 X 80m Met Mast (Infiergy)

13/P/2/0056   Smittons   E262318, N593717) 1 X 80m Met Mast (Infiergy)

13/P/1/0042   Kirwaugh Farm Wigtown 2 X 28.673m turbines

13/P/1/0105   North Park Farm Kirkcolm 1 X 46.5m turbines




13/E/1/0021   Awkirk Farm Ardwell 1 X 27m turbine

13/E/1/0022   Baltersan Farm Newton Stewart 1 X 45m

13/E/1/0023   Reiffer Park Sorbie Newton Stewart 1 X 67m


13/N/1/0002 Shennanton Wind Farm, Kirkcowan 11 X 100m turbines dated 07/03/2013 (submitted by PNE Wind)

13/N/1/0003 Larbrax Wind Farm Nr Stranraer 8 X 125m turbines dated 07/03/2013 (Submitted by PNE Wind)


A scoping application for a possible 15 x 137m turbines on Mochrum Fell has been submitted to D & G  council by Coriolis on behalf of Falck Renewables.


The site lies adjacent and northeast of the Benshinnie site which may have up to 24 turbines if developed.  Both of these proposals will be close to the consented Blackcraig and with Knockman Hill, Loch Hill and Margree still awaiting a decision it looks like the Glenkens could be completely changed for the next 25 years!


Click here for the Galloway News article


Planning News


Planning applications


12/P/2/0341   Knockendurrick (IRELANDTON)    1 x 80m met mast

12/P/2/0340   Culdoach, Tongland 1 x 77m + 40m mast

12/P/2/0317   Guffogland, Dalbeattie   1 x 55m

12/P/1/0361   Airyhemming Farm, Glenluce   3 x 38m


Scoping Applications


12/E/2/0047   Mochrum fell   15 x 137m

12/E/2/0046   Upper Porterbelly Farm, Kirkgunzeon   1 x 44.9m




11/P/2/0478   Mayfield, Rhonehouse   6 x 130m   REFUSED

12/P/2/0241   Rattra, Borgue   1 x 27m   APPROVED

12/P/2/0293   Torrories Farm, Kirkbean 2 x 20m   WITHDRAWN

Residents close to the intended Barcloy Hill development were given a kick in the teeth on Monday when representatives from REG Windpower called to give them the devastating news that a scoping application has been submitted for 4 x 107m turbines nearby.


The proposal is sited on land belonging to Hartburn Farm and Realforests Group and some of the turbines appear to be located approx 500-600m from nearby houses.  Four house will have all 4 turbines within approx 1km.

There appears to be a problem with the name of the wind farm at present as the leaflets call it Sypland Wind Farm but the development will not be on Sypland land which is owned  by someone else.  Once REG decide on its proper name we'll let you know!


With plans for 5 x 115m turbines at Barcloy Hill, 4 x 107m at Hartburn, 1 x 84m Little Sypland and 6 x 130m at Mayfield there will be a string of 16 turbines across 5km of beautiful countryside in landscape character types identified in the Interim Planning Policy (IPP) as unsuitable for large typologies (over 80m).


No account is taken of the impact all this is having on people's health and the communities which are divided by these proposals.  The uncertainty of what will happen with all of these developments also means anyone in the area wanting to move faces an almost impossible task in selling their home or having to reduce the price drastically and lose money that they have worked hard for over the years.


Distressed and angry?  Damn right we are!


A sad day for D & G with news yesterday that RES's appeal to the Scottish Government against the council's original refusal of the Glenchamber application was successful.


Read more here on this story




Credit:    Christopher Booker,      The Telegraph,     (03/03/12)


Developers of wind farms offer ‘sweeteners’ to local communities, but they may be tiny compared to the revenues.

Read the full article here.


Please note for D & G, a framework has been agreed for developers to pay £5,000 per MW not £1,000 as in the article.  To put it into context though let's look at the Mayfield development:-


20.4 MW at 30% capacity (as claimed in their Environmental Statement – though they also claim it could be 35% capacity!)


6.12MW x £800,000 pa from ROC's and electricity sales   =  £4.896 million pa   x 25 years

TOTAL  income of     £122.4 million


Community benefit at £5,000 per MW is £102,000 pa   

Over 25 years is equal to £2.55 million  – approximately 2% of the total income at today's prices!




TW312 have been asked by several people what happened with the Interim Planning Policy (IPP). 


The IPP was ratified by the Planning, Housing and Environmental Services Committee (PHES) on February 14th 2012.

Unfortunately for the people of Dumfries and Galloway, our suspicions proved correct and the final policy was indeed 'watered' down.


Our main concern was the alteration of 2 maps within the document headed 'Areas of Search' (maps 4 & 5 for those interested).

Huge areas marked in yellow have now been added including the sites of Mayfield, Barcloy Hill, Irelandton, etc.


Consultation with the team finalising the IPP revealed that they hoped the wording of the map headings could be 'tightened up' and strengthened before ratification.  It was explained to us that the yellow areas on the map AREN'T actually 'Areas of Search' but areas that will be of limitted potential and any development must taken into account the advice given in the Landscape Capacity Study which underpins the IPP.  The Landscape Capacity Study was produced by an independent professional landscape architect in conjunction with SNH (Scottish Natural Heritage) and assesses the landscape characters within Dumfries and Galloway and their ability to absorb the size and scale of wind turbines for each type.


We suspected from attending Planning Application Committee meetings and comments made by some councillors, that (some) councillors thought these yellow areas were just new 'areas of search'.  We requested that councillors were clearly informed at the ratification meeting, that this was not the case as the maps and headings were unclear and this point needed clarifying.


Keith emailed all 19 councillors on the PHES committee before the meeting and requested that they ask about these new additional 'Areas of Search'.




TW312 are currently thinking about how best to proceed but we are extremely disappointed that members of the public who raise valid concerns about such important and far reaching issues are being ignored by our elected representatives. 





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