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June Newsletter


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Barcloy Hill – date for decision?

Help protect Cairn Holy

Update on Stewartry developments

News from further afield

Local Development Plan update

Community Windpower go for a record




Barcloy Hill


It is looking likely that the Barcloy Hill application for 5 x 115m turbines will be decided at the Planning Application Committee (PAC) meeting on THURSDAY 17th JULY. More details will be sent out once we have definite confirmation.


Help protect Cairn Holy


Plans for an 80m met mast just over 1km from Cairn Holy have been submitted. In 2012 councillors refused permission for a similar sized mast at Blackmyre Moor close by, on the grounds that it would have "a significant adverse impact on the Galloway Hills Regional Scenic Area".


The decision was not contested and plans for a wind farm were dropped with the developer saying "Vattenfall has decided not to pursue a development at this site due to concerns raised over the proximity to several Scheduled Monuments and the potential visual impact in the local area ".


The Kirkdale Hill mast will be visible from several Scheduled Monuments including Cairn Holy and across the west to Wigtown and Martyr's Stake.



Below is an objection you can copy and paste if you wish to help protect the area by objecting.


Objections must be submitted by 5pm on Friday 27th June


Email to










Application (14/P/2/0209) for an 80m met mast at Kirkdale Hill, Carsluith



Dear Planning Officer,


I wish to register my objection to the above proposal on the following grounds:-



  • Adverse visual impact on the Galloway Hills Regional Scenic Area and views from the Western side of Wigtown Bay (including from Martyr's Stake) resulting from an increase in man-made visual clutter and cumulative effect with Cambret Hill Masts and turbines at Kirkmabreck and Larg Hill (erected and consented).


  • Adverse visual impact on the setting of Scheduled Monuments (Cairn Holy Chambered Cairns, Bagbie Cairn and Stone Circle, the Standing Stone of Bagbie and Glenquicken Moor Stone Circle) and the Listed Building old Kirkmabreck Kirk.


  • A local precedent for refusal of a Met Mast (12/P/2/0017) at adjacent Blackmyre Moor was set in May 2012 on the basis "That the proposed mast would have a significant adverse impact on the Galloway Hills Regional Scenic Area".


  • Adverse visual impact on Dark Sky Park if visible aviation lighting fitted.


  • Safety Risk of aircraft accident  (MOD  low level flying Tactical Training Area).


  • The application offers no economic benefit to Dumfries and Galloway but the approval of this mast will signal the intention of yet another wind farm. This will adversely impact on local properties making them, at best difficult to sell and at worst unsaleable, until a final decision is taken on the pending wind farm, all of which can take several years.


I hope you consider my comments and refuse this application.



Yours sincerely,






Update on Stewartry developments



Chapman's Howe – REG Windpower have contacted the Planning Department to say that if the proposal is not decided by council at the PAC meeting on the 25th June, then they will appeal the application directly to the Scottish Government on the grounds of non-determination within the relevant time limit. Planning have replied to say the application will not be on the agenda for decision on that date and that REG are within their rights to appeal.


Knockendurrick – The council's Landscape Architect has submitted his report on the landscape and visual impacts of Banks' proposed 7 x 132m turbines near Twynholm and Gatehouse.


His report can be read here (dated 13th May 2014)


The recommendations are for an objection to be raised on the significant adverse impact on the Fleet Valley National Scenic Area, the local landscape character, nearby residents and key recreational viewpoints.


Mochrum Fell – 11 x 126.5m turbines. Currently NATS and MoD have lodged objections to the plans. The council's Landscape Architect has recommended objection on grounds of landscape and visual impacts, particularly on Loch Ken, and cumulative impacts with Blackcraig.


SNH have also raised serious concerns on cumulative impacts and the effects on Loch Ken.



High Barcaple – The 1 x 62m turbine near Ringford was granted planning permission by the Scottish Government Reporter who overturned the council's original refusal. Sadly, this decision permits the tallest turbine in the area now despite the Landscape Capacity Study indicating that turbines of this size in drumlin pastures are unsuitable.


Littleton Farm have applied for 3 x 45m turbines but the application will only see a blade length change on the towers that currently operate. It also means the third turbine will now be constructed as grid connection issues appear to have been solved. No decision has been made yet.


Culdoach Farm, Tongland – an application for 2 x 48.5m to tip turbines has been submitted and is now closed for comment.


Land south of Mollance Farm – the site is where the "Woodlands for sale" sign is on the A75 for those of you who know the locality. The proposal is for a 1 x 44.5m turbine right next to the River Dee. If any of you took a picture of this area earlier this year when the Dee flooded we'd love to see it! No decision has been made but the application is closed for comment.


Meikle Culloch – 2 x 35m turbines – the proposal was due for decision at the Planning Application Committee meeting last month. However, councilors agreed to go on a site visit to assess the potential impacts.


Knockower Community Wind Farm, Loch Doon (14/E/2/0008) – Sorry, no prizes for those who worked out from the title that the scoping applicants are Community Windpower Ltd! The site is located approximately 1.1km north-east of Loch Doon Castle for up to 16 x 145m turbines. Loch Doon itself is a Site of Scientific Interest (SSI) for Arctic Charr.



News from further afield



Newfield Wind Farm, which was for 21 turbines totaling 63MW, has been refused by the Scottish Government on grounds of visual, landscape and cumulative impacts.


Solwaybank has been taken to appeal for 15 turbines.


Harestanes Ext – D & G council have decided to raise an objection to the proposed additional 7 turbine extension to the 57 currently being constructed.


Millriggs Farm, Lockerbie have applied for a scoping opinion for a single 127m turbine.



Gass Farm – Glenluce


An application for a 9 turbine wind farm will be submitted in approximately 12 weeks time as a Pre-Application Notice has been served.


The site is close to Artfield Fell, Artfield Fell ext, Carscreugh (all of which are operational) Glenchamber (about to be constructed) and Airies (approved).


We will let you know when this application is open for comment.


Local Development Plan


Dumfries and Galloway council had submitted their draft Local Development Plan to the Scottish Government Reporters for examination. A number of modifications have been 'suggested' by the Reporters.  Please note, when the Reporters say "suggestions" they really mean "recommendations (which are binding on the Council)".


The Council’s Planners had  seemingly protected areas of high and medium landscape sensitivity by not including them in ‘Areas of Search’.  The Reporters, however, have suggested that the Planners should revise this approach in line with Scottish Planning Policy which seems to indicate that areas of high and medium landscape sensitivity should be included in ‘Areas of Search’.


There are other changes but the full implications are not understood presently and we'll try to find out what they mean.


And finally….


Community Windpower Ltd have set a new record for D & G by submitting a scoping application (14/E/3/0007) for up to 20 X 160m turbines. It will be an extension to their Sanqhuar Community Wind Farm, 9km South of Sanqhuar.


Planning Applications Committee Meetings for 2014

Wed  11th June

Wed   25th June

Thurs  17 July

Wed   27th Aug

Wed   24th Sept

Wed   22nd Oct

Wed   26th Nov

Wed   16th Dec



Communities Against Turbines Scotland has changed their web site address.

It is now   


Please note that everything is the same except we are    .com    NOT .org


Sorry for the inconvenience.  If there are any problems please contact Kim Terry on


Please consider attending  the day-long in Ayr on the 11th November (why not make a weekend of it!). The conference has been called to generate a national critical voice on Scottish wind energy policy and to facilitate solidarity between groups and communities.


Please register as soon as possible and preferably before the end of September so that  numbers can be assessed.

Community Windpower Ltd (CWL) have submitted a 'Notification of Application' which means they intend to re-submit their plans for the Mayfield wind farm, possibly around the end of October/beginning of November. 


New documentation shows the amended site is slightly larger than the original but the number of turbines is reduced from 7 to 6, although there is no height stated!


Community Windpower will give a presentation to Kelton CC on Monday 19th September and plan to hold two public exhibitions in September at Rhonehouse and Castle Douglas.  No dates are stated as yet.


CWL were asked by the RSPB for more information on Red Kites and Whooper Swan activity.  The survey for Whooper Swans needs to be completed from September to April to gather additional data, which suggests the application will be submitted without the required information! 


Our suspicion is that CWL are trying to submit their plans before the new Interim Planning Policy is adopted and RES UK present their proposals for the Barcloy Hill wind farm approximately 2 miles away.


The Barcloy hill development will comprise of 5 x 115m turbines strung in front of the Barcloy Hill to Suie Hill ridgeline.


Please let as many people know as possible about these developments and ask them to register their email address with us so we can send newsletters to keep them up to date.  At the appropriate time we will also let people know when and how to object.


They can register by emailing us at or clicking the 'Contact Us' button on our website

This is part of an article by Christopher Booker, Daily Telegraph (20/06/11) in relation to the new IPPC report. 

To read the full article click here


A long chapter on wind energy, for instance, brushes aside some of the more peripheral objections raised to wind turbines, such as that they kill vast numbers of birds and bats, or have a damaging effect on house prices. And in all its 108 pages, there is no real attempt to address the central objection to wind turbines, which is that they are a ludicrously inefficient and expensive way to produce electricity – so unreliable, due to the intermittency of the wind, that the derisory amount of power they produce can make no significant contribution to meeting the world's energy needs.

Nowhere does the report properly address the major defect of these turbines, that they only generate, on average, 25 per cent or less of their nominal capacity. The figures the report gives for this, in a brief passage that skirts round the issue, are absurdly exaggerated. It claims that US turbines achieve 30 per cent of their capacity, without pointing out that the output of all 12,000 turbines in America equates on average to no more than that of two large coal-fired power stations. And nowhere does the chapter mention the mind-boggling cost of these machines, which no one would dream of building without the aid of subsidies that in Britain amount to 100 per cent of the value of the electricity they produce (and 200 per cent for offshore turbines).

Step out of this foetid IPCC hothouse into the real world and consider what is going on at Fullabrook Down in north Devon, where they are constructing what will soon be the largest onshore wind factory in England. The developers boast of how the 22 giant 3MW turbines they are building on the hills between Barnstaple and Ilfracombe, at a cost of more than £60 million, will have the "capacity" to generate 66MW of electricity, and how they will contribute £100,000 a year to "community projects" to buy off the hostility of local residents.

In reality, this wind farm's output is not likely to average more than 16.5MW, or 25 per cent of its capacity (the average output of UK turbines last year was only 21 per cent), an amount so pitifully small that it represents barely 2 per cent of the output of a medium-sized gas-fired power station. Yet for this, the developers can hope to earn £13 million a year, of which £6.5 million will be subsidy and of which the £100,000 they hand back to the local community will represent well under 1 per cent.

Another of the scores of sites across Britain where wind farm plans are now arousing huge anger and unhappiness among locals is the Althorp estate in Northamptonshire, where Earl Spencer is hoping that a French company, EDF, will be allowed to spend £2.5 million to erect 13 2MW turbines, towering 385ft over the Vale of Avon Dassett. These will provide their owners with subsidies of around £650,000 a year, for producing a quantity of power so small that its fluctuating contribution to the grid will scarcely register. Compare this to the nearly 900MW output of the £400 million gas-fired power station recently opened near Plymouth and it can be seen that the capital cost of these wind farms, for the puny amount of electricity they produce, is around 10 times as much. The expense of the Welsh Assembly's £2 billion plan to build 800 turbines, up to 415ft high, across a vast stretch of mid-Wales, plus 100 miles of pylons to connect them to the grid, will be a staggering 15 times higher than would be needed to produce the same amount of power from gas, without subsidy.

These are the kind of hard facts that appear nowhere in the IPCC's latest propaganda exercise. Its only purpose is to provide politicians, such as our Energy Secretary, Chris Huhne, with a piece of paper they can wave to claim that their dreams of covering the Earth with wind turbines have been fully vindicated by "the world's top climate scientists".

Our Government, supported by virtually all our politicians, hopes to see us spend £100 billion on wind turbines in the next nine years. Even if this was practically achievable, it would necessitate building a score of gas-fired power stations just to provide instant back-up for whenever the wind failed to blow at the correct speeds. These would have to be kept spinning all the time, wholly negating any theoretical reduction in Britain's emissions of CO2.

Truly, this infatuation with the chimera of wind power ranks alongside the creation of the collapsing euro as one of the supreme follies of our age. It is, of course, delightful that Dr Pachauri's latest effort should coincide with those warnings from an array of US scientists that the current dramatic decline in solar activity might herald the approach of a "mini-ice age". But as the great global warming scare continues to fade away, the real problem is that our politicians have so much collective ego invested in this delusion that, even when hell freezes over, they will still find it impossible to admit they got it wrong.

Here is an extract from the Turnbull report issued in May 2011 by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. The GWPF is, according to their website, "an all-party and non-party think tank and a registered educational charity which, while open-minded on the contested science of global warming, is deeply concerned about the costs and other implications of many of the policies currently being advocated."

Here's how they describe their ethos:-

We are in no sense 'anti-environmental'. There is a wide range of important environmental issues, which call for an equally wide range of policy responses. Our concern is solely with the possible effects of any future global warming and the policy responses that may evoke.
The GWPF is funded entirely by voluntary donations from a number of private individuals and charitable trusts. In order to make clear its complete independence, it does not accept gifts from either energy companies or anyone with a significant interest in an energy company.

The logical economist’s approach[to energy generation] is to rank policy responses according to the cost per tonne of CO2 abated and then work through the merit order, starting with the most effective. Or, what amounts to the same thing, set a price on carbon and then let the various technologies – gas, coal with CCS, nuclear, wind, tidal, energy efficiency etc, fight it out for market share.


But the EU Renewables Obligation is the denial of this logic. One particular set of technologies, and especially wind, has been given a guaranteed market share and a guaranteed indexed price, regardless of how competitive it is.  The current pursuit of wind power is folly. Its cost per kWh substantially exceeds that of other low carbon sources such as nuclear when account is taken of intermittency and the cost of extending the grid far from where consumers are located. There is a constant confusion between installed capacity for wind and its actual output, which is, typically, about 20-25 percent of the former. There is also the problem that the coldest periods in the UK often coincide with low wind speeds.


There has been in this country initially hostility to nuclear power and now at best a half-heartedness. The Secretary of State at Department of Energy and Climate Change has called nuclear a tried, tested and failed technology. It may be that in the UK historically it has not been as successful as it might have been but it has for 50 years provided around 20 percent of our electricity reliably, competitively and safely. Just 20 miles from our coast France has produced over 2/3rds of its electricity from nuclear and regards this as a great success. Clearly events in Japan are raising new questions about nuclear power. We cannot yet say whether there is a general lesson about current designs or whether the lesson is about 40 year old designs in seismically active areas.

There is something profoundly illogical in Nick Clegg’s demand that nuclear power can only go ahead in the UK if it receives no public subsidy whatsoever, while at the same time promoting huge subsidies for renewables.

The feed-in tariff mechanism is fast becoming a scandal. Those lucky enough to own buildings large enough on which to install solar panels, or enough land for a wind farm, have been receiving 30-40p per kwh, for electricity, which is retailed at only 11p. The loss is paid for by a levy on businesses and households. It is astonishing that the Liberals who attach such importance to fairness turn a blind eye to this transfer from poor to rich, running to £billions a year. If you live in a council tower block in Lambeth you don’t have much opportunity to get your nose into this trough. The good news is that, at last, the government is beginning to cut back on subsidies to large solar operators, following the trend set in Germany and Spain.

There is a major new development which fits the description of a disruptive technology, that is the introduction of new drilling techniques which make it possible to extract gas from shale[4]. This has dramatically widened the geographic availability of gas, has produced a massive upgrading of gas reserves and is decoupling gas prices from oil.

There is no peak in hydrocarbons. Gas has the advantage that it produces less than half the CO2 that coal produces. So we face a happy prospect that we can replace a lot of coal burning with gas, reduce energy prices, and make a big reduction in CO2 emissions, albeit not the complete decarbonisation sought by some, achieving in effect a dash for gas at the global level. Certainly the opportunity cost of renewables has risen, and perhaps that of nuclear power too.

To read or download the full report (15 easy to read pages) click here.

Sadly this week, the Blackcraig development that Alison Chapman and GLARE have worked so hard to prevent, was approved by the Scottish Government.  This on the day the Parliament closed for the May elections.

The Robin Rigg extension and Wigtown Bay 'offshore' proposals were dropped from the Marine Plan, which is great news for Dumfries and Galloway.  However, we have concerns that this will put undue pressure on 'onshore' wind farm applications to be approved.

TW 312 have concentrated on the Mayfield application for the past month,  In the meantime other proposals have appeared in the planning system:-

18/03/2011 West Barmoffity Kirkpatrick Durham CD   11/E/2/0021     2 X 21m          Awaiting Submission
11/03/2011 Muirhead Farm Twyholm   11/E/2/0020     1 X 27m   Awaiting Submission
11/03/2011 Balmangan Farm Dundrennan   11/E/2/0019     3 X 39.6m   Awaiting Submission
04/03/2011 Furmiston Criag Carsphairn   11/P/2/0088     80m mast   Not Decided
04/03/2011 Quantans Hill Carsphairn   11/P/2/0087     80m mast   Not Decided
04/03/2011 Kirkmabreck Carsluith Creetown NGR 248820 556130 11/P/2/0084     1 X 45.9m   Not Decided
03/03/2011 Blaiket Mains Haugh of Urr   11/P/2/0083     2 X 39m   Not Decided
21/02/2011 Ernespie Dairy Castle Douglas   11/E/2/0018     1 X 39.6m   Awaiting Submission
21/02/2011 Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon   11/E/2/0017     1 X 27m   Awaiting Submission
22/02/2011 Cambret Hill Creetown   11/E/2/0016     1 X 45m   Awaiting Submission
21/02/2011 Trostrie Farm Twynholm   11/E/2/0015     1 X 66.6m   Awaiting Submission
17/01/2011  Culnaightrie Farm Auchencairn   11/E/2/0005      1 x 70m   Awaiting submission

The planning application number provides information about the stage the porposal is at.  For example 11/P/2/0001

'11' means the application was registered in 2011.

'P' indicates an application for full planning permission

'2' indicates the proposal is for the Stewartry area  (1 = Wigtownshire,   3 = Nithsdale,   4= Annandale and Eskdale)

'0001' is the number allocated to identify each application

 Any application with an 'E' instead of a 'P' means the applicant has applied to the planning dept for a scoping opinion and it is not yet a full planning application.   A scoping opinion identifies any issues that will need to be taken into consideration when applying for planning permission.

This is a list of wind turbine and related planning applications in the Stewartry. It contains a summary of the key information in relation to each application. When Dumfries & Galloway Council have updated their Planning Register website, we will be creating links directly to the full details of applications on their website.

DateLocationMap Ref.ApplicationTurbines
Number & Height
Met MastComments
Find a location from the NGR (grid reference). Click the link and when the page opens copy and paste the first 6 numbers into the 'x' box and the second 6 into the 'y' box.
11/07/2016Longburn Wind Farm16/P/2/018710 X 134mNot Decided
03/05/2016Quantans Hill Carsphairn16/P/2/01361 X 80m Not Decided
19/04/2016Lorg Wind Farm16/P/2/01251 X 80m Not Decided
19/04/2016Lorg Wind Farm16/P/2/01241 X 80mNot Decided
26/04/2016Quantans Hill Carsphairn16/P/2/000212 X unknown heightNot Decided
19/04/2016Loch Hill Dalry16/P/2/01228 X 126.5mNot Decided
07/12/2015Lorg Wind Farm SW of Sanquar15/P/2/033711 X 130mNot Decided
15/10/2015Craigley Farm Gelston15/E/2/00071 X 30mNot Decided
29/09/2015Culmark Hill Dalry15/P/2/02761 X 80mNot Decided
25/08/2015Loch Hill Dalry15/E/2/201510 X 126.5mNot Decided
08/07/2015Knocknalling North of Dalry15/E/2/000514 X 150m Not Decided
18/06/2015Trostrie Farm Glengap15/P/2/01571 X 53.7mReapplication but Withdrawn
15/06/2015Knocknalling North of Dalry15/P/2/01871 X 80mApproved
03/06/2015Mollance Farm Castle Douglas15/P/2/01771 X 34.2mWithdrawn
20/05/2015Windy Rig NE Carsphairn15/P/2/015516 X 125mNot Decided
02/04/2015Mochrum Fell15/P/2/01171 X 80mWithdrawn
19/03/2015Lethans Wind Farm 5Km NE of New Cumnock15/C/2/000912 X 136 m & 14 X 152mNot Decided
17/03/2015Rerrick Dundrennan15/P/2/00861 X 34.2mApproved
16/03/2015Pencloe Nr New Cumnock Eas tAyrshire15/C/2/000521 X 125mNot Decided
12/03/2015Windy Rig NE Carsphairn15/P/2/00831 X 80mNot Decided
03/03/2015NW of Kirkland Cottage, Manse Road Lochfoot15/E/2/00011 X 45m Not Decided
16/02/2015California Wind Park Carsluth14/P/2/00537 X 110mNot Decided
15/12/2014Culshan Farm Springholm14/P/2/04791 X 17.75mNot Decided
10/12/2014Pibble Farm Creetown14/E/1/00212 X 77.9mAwaiting Submission no EIA Required
20/11/2014Land South of Barlay Hill14/E/2/002110 X 126m Not Decided
18/09/2014Plascow Farm Dalbeattie14/P/2/03603 X 76.5mApproved
08/09/2014Land South of Barlay Hill East of Balmaclellan14/P/2/03831 X 80mWithdrawn
28/08/2014CulshanFarm Culshan Springholm14/P/2/03621 X 17.5mWithdrawn
25/08/2014Plascow Farm Dalbeattie14/P/2/0360to increase approved 3 X 74m turbine heights to 76.5mWithdrawn
15/07/2014Windy Rig Wind Farm 18km north of Dalry14/E/2/001825 x 125mNot decided
14/07/2014California Wind Park Carsluth14/E/2/00177 x 126mNot Decided
12/06/20149km South West of Sanquhar14/E/3/000720 X 160mNot Decided
19/05/2014Kirkdale Hill Carsluth14/P/2/02091 X 80mRefused
03/04/2014Culdoach Tongland14/P/2/01522 X 48.5mRefused
01/04/2014Littleton Farm14/P/2/01483 X 45mApproved
15/04/2014Mollance Farm Castle Douglas14/P/2/01151 X 44.5mWithdrawn
01/04/2014Knockower Wind Farm (Loch Doon)14/E/2/000816 X 145mNot Decided
31/03/2014Windy Standard Phase 314/E/2/0007Up to 25 X 100-120mNot Decided
20/02/2014Standingstone Farm Borgue14/P/2/00151 X 34.2mApproved
25/11/2013Land at Barwhilly Est Glenswinton Farm Parton (Mochrum Fell Wind Farm)13/P/2/03277 X 126.5m & 1 X 116.5m TurbinesRefused But Approved By Scottish Government at Appeal
06/11/2013Land NW of Kirkland Cottage Manse Road Lochfoot291225,57378013/E/2/00361 X 34.4mNot decided
05/11/2013Corlae Byre St John's Town of Dalry265925,59770513/E/2/00351 X 22.43mNot Decided
30/09/2013Knockendurrick Twynholm13/P/2/02847 X 132mNot Decided
30/09/2013East of Waterworks Cottage Lochfoot290379,57424213/E/2/00311 X 34.42mNot Decided
27/09/2013Ingleston Farm Twynholm266625,553119 266756,55305713/E/2/00302 X 47m Not Decided
20/09/2013Windy Standard13/P/2/02733 year Extension for Start of ConstructionNot Decided
16/09/2013Meikle Culloch Farm Kirkgunzeon13/P/2/02682 X 35.2mApproved
13/09/2013Holmhead Farm Moniaive270178,58639913/P/2/02675 X 22mWithdrawn
Corlae Byre, St John's Town of Dalry265975,59770513/P/2/02661 X 22.43mApproved
02/09/2013Torrorie Farm Kirkbean 13/P/2/02521 X 20.345m (Additional)Approved
22/08/2013Drumhumphry Farm Corsock277888 57598413/E/2/00261 X 79mNo EIA Required
03/07/2013Marhoul Castle Douglas13/N/2/000416 X 146.5mNot Decided
28/06/2013Chapmans Howe Kirkcudbright13/P/2/01893 X 100mRefused at Appeal
27/06/2013Glentoo Farm Castle Douglas13/E/2/00232 X 42mEIA Not Required
06/06/2013Little Sypland273271 55471713/P/2/01571 X 50mApproved
13/06/2013Baerlochan Twynholm13/E/2/00221 X 78mEIA Required
28/05/2013Braidenoch Farm Castle Douglas13/P/2/01421 X 21.5mApproved
22/05/2013Ingleston Lodge Gelston276954 55790413/P/2/01331 X 36mApproved
16/05/2013Corse Hill Duchrae Dalry13/P/2/01351 X 70m(Approved for extra 2 years)
16/05/2013Ingleston Lodge Gelston276954 55790413/E/2/00171 X 36mNo EIA required
14/05/2013Holehouse Kirkpatrick Durham13/E/2/00161 X 42mNo EIA Required
13/05/2013Shepherd's Rig Carsphairn13/E/2/001545 X 146.5mNot Decided
09/05/2013Plascow Farm13/P/2/01293 X 74mApproved
07/05/2013Merklands Farm274360 57405013/E/2/00131 X 67mNo EIA Required
09/05/2013Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie13/P/2/01293 X 74mApproved
15/04/2013Bush of Killylour 287190 57384413/E/2/00121 X 45mNot Decided
17/04/2013Marhoul Farm13/E/2/001116 X 146.5mNot Decided
09/04/2013Mochrum Fell Corsock13/N/2/000214 X 126.5mNot Decided
26/03/2013Upper Porterbelly Farm Kirkgunzeon13/P/2/00811 X 44.9mTaken to the Scottish Government on Appeal due to Non Determination (Appeal Dismissed)
18/03/2013Knockendurrick Gatehouse of Fleet13/E/2/000710 X 132m1 X 80mScoping Report Completed
19/03/2013Gerranton Farm Haugh O Urr13/E/2/00081 X 45.5mNot Decided
Smittons Carsphairn13/P/2/00561 X 80mApproved
25/02/2013Larg Farm Creetown13/P/2/00501 X 45mRefused
20/02/2013High Barcaple Ringford13/P/2/00441 X 62mRefused
14/02/2013Standingstone Farm Borgue264165 55265713/P/2/00351 X 45mRefused on Appeal
08/02/2013Crumquhill Farm Ringford270425 560223113/E/2/00031 X 42mNot Decided
07/02/2013Farhills Farm Auchencairn79921 49986
13/E/2/00021 X 45.5mNot Decided
21/12/2012Barcloy Hill Kirkcudbright12/P/2/03575 X 115mRefused
21/12/2012Halket Leathes Farm Castle Douglas280435 56124012/E/2/00511 X 42mNot Decided
21/12/2012Halferne Farm Clarebrand276650 56680012/E/2/00501 X 42m Awaiting Submission
21/12/2012Barbey Farm Twynholm264176 55502612/E/2/00491 X 42mWithdrawn
18/12/2012Collieston Hill Dunscore278202 58185312/P/2/03561 X 80mApproved on Appeal
19/12/2012Mochrum Fell12/P/2/03541 X 80m Approved
18/12/2012Culcaigrie Farm Twynholm12/E/2/00481 X 66.6mNot Decided
06/12/2012Mochrum Fell Corsock12/E/2/004715 X 137mNot Decided
05/12/2012Knockendurrick Hill (Irelandton)12/P/2/03411 X 80mApproved
05/12/2012Culdoach Tongland12/P/2/03401 X 77m 1 X 40mWithdrawn
05/12/2012Porterbelly Farm Kirkgunzeon285280 56595012/E/2/00461 X 44.9m Awaiting Submission (NO EIA Required)
26/11/2012Enoch Hill Wind Farm Between New Cumnock & Dalmellington12/E/2/004423 X 150mNot Decided
26/11/2012Benbrack Wind Farm Soth East of Dalmallington12/E/2/004327 X 150mNot Decided
23/11/2012Lorg Wind Farm North East of Knowehead12/E/2/004228 X 150mNot Decided
05/11/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie12/P/2/03171 X 55mRefused after appeal to Scottish Government
25/10/2012Nether Ernambrie Clarebrand12/P/2/03092 X 21.9mApproved
23/10/2012Largs Farm Creetown248386 55791312/E/2/00391 X 45mNot Decided
22/10/2012Farhills Farm Auchencairn12/E/2/00381 X 65mNot Decided
18/10/2012Benbrack near Carsphairn Forest (On the site of the proposed 27 turbine wind farm)12/P/2/03051 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Benbrack near Carsphairn Forest (On the site of the proposed 27 Turbine Wind Farm12/P/2/03021 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Lorg (Craigstewart)12/P/2/03011 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012Lorg (Ewe Hill)12/P/2/03001 X 80mApproved
17/10/2012West Kirkcarswell Dundrennan12/P/2/02981 X 56.3mAppeal Refused
16/10/2012Little Sypland Near Kirkcudbright12/P/2/02961 X 74mApproved on Appeal
15/10/2012Baerlochan Twynholm12/E/2/00371 X 105mNot Decided
15/10/2012Kenview Parton12/P/2/02941 X 25.8mWithdrawn
12/10/2012Torrorie Farm Kirkbean295621 557280 & 295586 55732012/P/2/02932 X 20.3mWithdrawn
08/10/2012High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270313 549325 & 270365 54928712/E/2/00362 X 33.1mNot Decided
08/10/2012Pibble near Gatehouse of Fleet Station254405 58211412/E/2/00351 X 56.7mNot Decided
05/09/2012High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270313 549325 & 270365 54928712/P/2/02432 X 33.1mApproved
05/09/2012Banks Hill Kirkcudbright270738 548364 & 270774 54826912/P/2/02442 X 33.1mApproved
28/08/2012Valley View Ringford12/P/2/02451 X 50mApproved
24/08/2012West Lagan Farm281016 562336 & 281042 56217812/E/2/00302 X ?Not Decided
22/08/2012Rattra Farm Borgue260132 54888212/P/2/02411 X 27mApproved
08/08/2012Ken View Parton, Barend Hill268877 57171612/E/2/00291 X 25.8mNot Decided
09/08/2012Barcloy Hill12/P/2/02281 X 80mRenewal of previous approval for temp Met Mast 10/P/2/0202 for further of 2 years Approved
07/08/2012Pencloe Windfarm New Cumnock12/E/2/002833 X 130mNot Decided
07/08/2012Margree Dalry12/P/2/02251 X 60m Renewal of permission (10/P/2/0337) for 2 yearsWithdrawn
07/08/2012Margree Dalry12/P/2/02241 X 60m Continued siting for further 2 yearsWithdrawn
31/07/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie562394 28058912/P/2/02191 X 50mApproved
27/07/2012Longburn Windfarm Stroanfreggan Carsphairn12/E/2/002736 X 135mAwaiting Submission
25/07/2012Chapman's Howe Wind Farm12/E/2/00264 X 107mAwaiting Submission
25/07/2012Chapman's Howe Wind Farm KbtAprox 273537 55366912/P/2/02161 X 16mApproved
25/07/2012Little Sypland GelstonAprox 273200 55460012/P/2/02151 X 50mApproved
25/07/2012Marhoul Farm Between Balmaclellan and CorsockAprox 271100 57805012/P/2/02141 X 50mApproved
25/07/2012High Barcaple Farm RingfordAprox 266790 55830012/P/2/02131 X 50mApproved
20/07/2012Torrie Southwick12/E/2/00252 X 20mAwaiting Submission
05/07/2012Nether Ernambrie Clarebrand275717 566018, 275763 56598012/P/2/01912 X 27mRefused
28/06/2012Round Craig Dalry264140 59342312/P/2/01871 X 70mApproved
20/06/2012Breaconside Kirkgunzeon12/P/2/01811 X 70mWithdrawn
13/06/2012Culdoach Farm Tongland271600 55450012/E/2/00231 X 77mAwaiting Submission
30/05/2012Gledpark Borgue12/P/2/01591 X 17.8mApproved
30/05/2012Corlae Dalry12/P/2/01511 X 31.5mRefused due to lack of requested information
25/05/2012Kissock & Breconside, Beeswing12/E/2/002216 X 126.5mNot Decided
22/05/2012Conchieton House Twynholm12/P/2/01491 X 17.75mApproved
09/05/2012Lochhill Farm Crossmichael12/P/2/01411 X 18.61mNot Decided
04/05/2012Corra Farm Kirkgunzeon286220 56559312/E/2/00181 X 78mAwaiting Submission
28/04/2012Auchenlosh Dalbeattie12/P/2/01222 X 47m1 X 40mApproved
27/04/2012Standingstones Auchencairn76954923, 76964920, 7700491712/P/2/01173 X 17.75mWithdrawn
16/04/2012Meikle Culloch284057 56405712/E/2/00171 X 80mNo EIA Required Awaiting Submission
13/04/2012Kirkbride Hill Gatehouse of Fleet256139 556697,
256262 556574
12/P/2/01212 X 46.5mRefused
10/04/2012South Kyle Wind FarmNot Given12/E/2/0016Not GivenNot Decided
04/04/2012Byecroft Farm South West of Dumfries286237 56940312/E/2/00151 X 80mNo EIA Required Awaiting Submission
28/03/2012Guffogland Dalbeattie12/E/2/00141 X 79mAwaiting Submission
29/03/2012Benshinnie Wind Farm Parton12/E/2/001324 X 125mNot Decided
22/03/2012Townhead Farm Kirkcudbright269632 54726612/E/2/00111 X 66.5mNot Decided
24/02/2012Land to the South of Loch Urr Moniaive12/P/2/006580mApproved
13/02/2012Balmangan Farm Dundrennan12/P/2/00443 X 27.2mApproved
31/01/2012Culraven Farm Borgue264549 550022, 264688 54998012/P/2/00282 X 45.5mRefused
26/01/2012Fellend Farming Company Ringford268330 56004012/P/2/00231 X 19.25mApproved
24/01/2012Rattra Farm Borgue260132 54888211/P/2/04911 X 39.92mWithdrawn
23/01/2012Marnhoul Farm Dalry71178012/E/2/00051 X 80m Awaiting Submission
19/01/2012Blackmyre Moor Creetown12/E/2/0004Up to 10 X unknown HeightProject withdrawn
18/01/2012North of Black Burn, Carsphairn Forest, Carsphairn12/P/2/001890m MastApproved
18/01/2012Blackmyre Moor Creetown12/P/2/001790m MastRefused
18/01/2012Overlaw Farm Kirkcudbright12/P/2/00161 X 18.5mApproved
09/01/2012Land North West of Lennox Plunton Borgue260748 55156612/P/2/00061 X 18.5mApproved
09/01/2012Land North West of Lennox Plunton Borgue260741 55147512/P/2/00051 X 18.5mApproved
06/01/2012Larg Farm Creetown248387 557928, 248451 55791711/P/2/04872 X 27.1mRefused But Approved on Appeal by Scottish Government
06/01/2012Trostrie Farm Twynholm265063 55811411/P/2/04861 X 53.7mApproved
06/01/2012Mayfield Rhonehouse272624 55623811/P/2/04786 X 130mRefused and Refused again on Appeal
06/01/2012Castle Creavie Farm Dundrennan Kbt272273 54875011/P/2/04691 X 22.85mApproved
05/01/2012Orroland Farm Dundrennan11/P/2/04491 X 23.5mApproved
05/12/2011Auchenlosh Landfill Site285509 56129911/E/2/00721 X 74mAwaiting Submission
23/11/2011Barnbarroch Farm Dalbeattie11/P/2/04511 X 19.05mApproved
21/11/2011Auchengibbert Farm Crocketford283425 571492, 283393 57155911/P/2/04432 X 21.9mApproved
21/11/2011Kings Grange Old Bridge of Urr278526 56704211/P/2/04421 X 20.3mApproved
21/11/2011Rerrick Park Farm Dundrennan276491 54718311/P/2/04281 X 41mApproved
17/11/2011Standingstone Auchencairn Castle Douglas11/E/2/00685 X 20.75mAwaiting Submission
14/11/2011Quantans Hill Carsphairn11E/2/0067up to 30 X 125mNot Decided
09/11/2011Low Chapelton Farm Borgue261615 54718411/P/2/04231 X 26.13mApproved
07/11/2011Kirkcudbright Golf Club11/E/2/00651 X 24.8mNot Decided
01/11/2011Margrie Farm Borgue11/P/2/04182 X 46.5mRefused
02/11/2011High Banks Farm Kirkcudbright270967 549234, 276967 54913111/P/2/04002 X 45.5mWithdrawn
02/11/2011Banks Hill Kirkcudbright270738 548364, 270774 54826911/P/2/03992 X 44.5mWithdrawn
20/10/2011Colt Cottage Borgue26125 5492511/P/2/04091 X 19mApproved
13/10/2011Cambret Hill Creetown252886 5900411/P/2/03831 X 45mAppeal Refused
10/10/2011Valley View Ringford11/E/2/00581 X 80mAwaiting Submission EIA Required
10/10/2011High Barcaple Ringford11/E/2/00571 X 80mAwaiting Submission EIA Required
30/09/2011Barstobrick Ringford11/P/2/03841 X 26.13mApproved
05/10/2011West Kirkcarswell Farm Dundrennan11/P/2/03701 X 79mRefused On Appeal
30/09/2011Erncrogo Hill Cross Michael11/E/2/00561 X 66.7mAwaiting Submission EIA required
16/09/2011Conchieton House Twynhom552995 26366111/P/2/03581 X 17.75mWithdrawn
06/09/2011Edingham Farm Kirkgunzeon11/P/2/03561 X 19.8mApproved
08/08/2011Larg Farm Creetown248173 557615, 248131 55764611/P/2/03502 X 27.1mWithdrawn
23/08/2011West Barmoffity Farm Kirkpatrick Durham278136 57108011/P/2/03372 X 21mApproved
22/08/2011Holmhead Farm Moniaive270886 58593011/P/2/03331 X 25.6mApproved
22/08/2011Holmhead Farm Moniaive270884 58592911/P/2/03321 X 25.6mApproved
19/08/2011Lochdougan Dairy Kelton557220 27392711/P/2/03301 X 27.1mApproved
18/08/2011Craigley Farm GelstonGR 275935 55841811/P/2/03171 X 27.1mApproved
18/08/2011Shirmers Farm PartonGR 266270 57523411/P/2/03211 X 27.1mApproved
02/08/2011Livingston Glenlochar Castle DouglasGR 271552 56777911/P/2/02971 X 22.4mApproved
26/07/2011Low Chapelton Farm BorgueGR 261615 54718411/P/2/02951 X 19.25mRefused Due to lack of Information
26/07/2011Kirkmabreck CreetownGR 248668 55614811/P/2/02901 X 45.9mApproved
21/07/2011Garrochar Tree Farm CreetownGR 51936 5879211/E/2/00451 X 65mAwaiting Submission
21/07/2011Brighouse Bay Compressor Station264326 545713,264371 545667,264448 5456811/P/2/02893 X 24.25mApproved
13/07/2011Land Adjacent to Guffogland Dalbeattie11/E/2/00441 X 87m

EIA Required
Awaiting Submission
11/07/2011Trostrie House TwynholmeGR 557593 26479311/P/2/027740.5mApproved
08/07/2011Kirkland Farm Kirkpatrick Durham11/P/2/02751 X 27mApproved
08/07/2011Cullinaw Farm BuittleGR 280746 55951011/P/2/02731 19.25mApproved
04/07/2011Moorbrock Hill Carsphairn
Pre Application Enquiry
11/F/2/0005Not known at this timeSubmitted by Community Windpower Ltd
28/06/2011Ingelston Farm GelstonGR 557904 27695411/P/2/02641 X 21mApproved
28/06/2011Holehouse Farm SpringholmGR 280006 57001711/P/2/02631 X 21mApproved
22/06/2011Rattra Farm BorgueGR 260132 54888211/P/2/02521 X 39.92mWithdrawn
15/06/2011Little Sypland11/E/2/00391 X 84mAwaiting Submission
10/06/2011Balmangan Farm Dundrennan276138 548139, 276159 548040, 276181 54794311/P/2/02383 X 39.6mRefused
10/06/2011Muirhead Farm Twynholm11/P/2/02371 X 27mApproved
07/06/2011Culnaightrie Farm AuchencairnGR 276374 55033611/P/2/02301 X 75mRefused On Appeal

Refused after Apeal

07/06/2011Culnaightree Farm Auchencairn11/P/2/022950mApproved
31/05/2011Auchenlosh DalbeattieGR 288607 5596411/E/2/00351 X 34.2mAwaiting Submission
31/05/2011Low Arkland Kelton272596 557898, 272650 55790811/P/2/02132 X 27mApproved
31/05/2011Kelton Hill Farm Castle DouglasGR 27490 56000, 275060 56002011/P/2/02122 X 27mApproved
19/05/2011Blairshinnoch Farm KirkgunzeonGR 288159 569409, 288227 569364, 288196 56926111/P/2/01953 X 27.1mApproved
16/05/2011Ingelston Farm Borgue11/P/2/01932 X 39.6mRefused
11/05/2011Larghill Farm CrocketfordGR 82138 7423011/P/2/01821 X 21mApproved
04/05/2011Garrochar CreetownGR 50079 59262 & 50079 59212 11/P/2/01702 X 27mDelegated Refusal
26/04/2011Shrimers Farm Balmaclellan11/P/2/01631 X 27.1mWithdrawn
15/04/2011Shenrick Farm CrocketfordGR 83459 71992 & 83479 7193711/P/2/01542 X 21mApproved
08/04/2011Torrorie SouthwickGR 295654 55725211/P/2/01461 X 15m HubApproved
05/04/2011Land Adjacent to Crocketford House CrocketfordGR 282004 572618, 282060 57270111/P/2/01342 X 27.1mApproved
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Auchengibbert Farm CrocketfordGR 283378 571598 & 283350 571524 & 283322 5714711/P/2/01333 X 27.1mWithdrawn
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Croft Head Farm Crocketford282798 568779 & 28284 56869011/P/2/01322 X 39.6mApproved
04/04/2011Land Adjacent to Chapel Farm Kirkcudbright268790 55594411/P/2/01311 X 39.6mApproved
25/03/2011East Kirkcarswell Dundrennan11/P/2/01173 X 19.6mApproved
04/03/2011Furmiston Criag CarsphairnGR 261460 59365011/P/2/008880m mastApproved
04/03/2011Quantans Hill CarsphairnGR 258530 59490011/P/2/008780m mastApproved
04/03/2011Kirkmabreck Carsluith CreetownNGR 248820 55613011/P/2/00841 X 45.9mWithdrawn
03/03/2011Blaiket Mains Haugh of UrrGR 282945 567732 & 282916 56780211/P/2/00832 X 39mWithdrawn
21/02/2011Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon11/E/2/00171 X 27mAwaiting Submission
15/02/2011Littleton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet11/P/2/00653 X 40mApproved
15/02/2011Larg Farm CreetownGR 248346 55790111/P/2/00631 X 27mApproved
14/02/2011Merklandwell Lochfoot NGR 571700, 28915011/P/2/00601 X 27mApproved
14/02/2011Crochmore Farm Crocketford286460, 570401311/P/2/00591 X 27mApproved
27/01/2011Portmary House DundrennanGR 275166 54558311/P/2/00411 X 22.4mApproved
05/01/2011Mayfield RhonehouseGR 272624, 55623811/P/2/00017 X 130m1x80m MastApplication Withdrawn
23/12/2010High Barcaple Farm Castle DouglasNX 267390, 55802010/P/2/04981 X 21mApproved
22/12/2010Auchenleck Farm Auchencairn Castle DouglasNGR 277300, 55200010/P/2/04961 X 27mApproved
22/12/2010Barstibly Farm TonglandNX 270800, 55750010/P/2/04952 X 21mApproved
22/12/2010Slagnaw Farm KeltonNX 274804, 558505
274940, 558453
10/P/2/04942 X 41mApproved
22/12/2010Ingleston Farm TwyholmNGR 266644, 553029
& 266757, 553029
10/P/2/04912 X 45.5mApproved
21/12/2010Culraven Farm BorgueNGR 264709, 549832
& 264855, 549847
10/P/2/04902 X 45.5mRefused
20/12/2010Craigmore Hill LochfootNX 291498, 573218
& NX 291597, 573119
10/P/2/04872 X 45.5mRejected due to effect on Seismological Station at Eskdalemuir
10/12/2010Little Barmoffity Kirkpatrick Durham10/P/2/04752 X 27mWithdrawn
08/12/2010Sypland KirkcudbrightNGR 273163, 55368110/P/2/04742 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
25/11/2010Drumhumphry CorsockGR 277994 575784 & 277994 57582510/P/2/04552 X 15m Hub,
Apprrox 20m
Total Height
10/11/2010Little Milton Crocketford10/P/2/04392 X 27mWithdrawn
10/11/2010Stonehouse Farm Crocketford10/P/2/04352 X 27mWithdrawn
09/11/2010Carsphairn Community Garden10/P/2/04341 Mini Turbine On Pole with Solar Panel Approved
09/11/2010Ladies Walk Farm KirkcudbrighhtNGR 270120 55071810/P/2/043385m MastApproved
05/11/2010Craigmore Hill LochfootNX 291498, 57321810/P/2/04282 X 45.5mNot Decided (Re applied 20/12/2010 app.No. 10/P/2/0487)
04/11/2010Loch Hill North of DalryGR 266200, 58426010/P/2/042711 X 100m76m MastRefused
01/11/2010Greenburn CreetownNX 560733, 24830510/P/2/042130m MastApproved
23/10/2010Land Adjacent to Barnbarroch Farm DalbeattieGR 28150, 55694010/P/2/04151 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
Refused due to being in a Regional Scenic Area & on a high ridge
22/10/2010Standingstone Farm Borgue10/E/2/00331 X 62mAwaiting Application to be submitted
22/10/2010Irelandton Farm Twynolm10/E/2/00324 X 100mAwaiting Application to be Submitted
26/08/2010Magree Dalry10/P/2/0337Mast 2Renewal of Application 08/P/2/0290 (Approved)
26/08/2010Magree Dalry10/P/2/0336Mast 1Renewal of Application 08/P/2/0289 (Aproved)
11/08/2010Larg Farm Creetown10/P/2/03161 X 23.4mApproved
02/08/2010Windy Standard Wind Farm Carsphairn10/P/2/0305
& 10/P/2/0303
Control & Communication Buildings & Maintainance Shed + Electrical Cable & Excavation Work Approved
26/07/2010Land Adjacent to Barnbarroch Farm DalbeattieNGR 284150, 55694010/P/2/02971 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
Refused, insufficient information provided
26/07/2010Land Adjacent to Boreland of Covend Farm ColvendNGR 287390, 55394010/P/2/02961 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
22/07/2010Land Adjacent to Milnmark Farm Dalry10/P/2/02911 X 15m Hub,
Approx 20m
Total Height
09/07/2010Kirkmabreck Carsluith CreetownNX 252249, 55625810/P/2/02791 X 45.5mWithdrawn (Re applied on 20/12/10 App No. 10/P/2/0488)
01/07/2010Glenquicken Moor Creetown10/E/2/00231 X 67mAwaiting Submission
24/06/2010Rutherford's Whitness Skyreburn Gatehouse of Fleet10/E/2/00212 X 45.5mAwaiting Submission
24/06/2010Knockenbrex Duck Lochen/Strudie Moss Carrick10/E/2/00192 X 45.5mAwaiting Submission
15/06/2010Mark Farm CreetownNGR 252249, 56137810/P/2/02471x60m MastApproved
14/06/2010Barcloy Hill10/E/2/00186 X 125mAwaiting Submission
02/06/2010Culnaightrie Farm Auchencairn10/P/2//02381 X 20mApproved
25/05/2010Milnthird Hill Kelton Castle Douglas10/P/2/02281x50m MastApproved
17/05/2010Slagnaw Farm Kelton10/P/2/02192 X 34.5mResubmitted with 41m turbines 22/12/2010. App No. 10/P/2/0494
07/05/2010Barcloy Hill KirkcudbrightNX 274000, 55300010/P/2/02021x80m MastApproved
28/04/2010Boreland of Borgue Kirkcudbright10/P/2/01861 X 20mApproved
21/04/2010Arvie Castle Douglas10/P/2/01581 X 20mApproved
14/04/2010Glensone Farm Southwick10/P/2/01461 X 20mApproved
30/03/2010Low Barend Farm Dundrennan10/P/2/01221 X 20mApproved
19/03/2010Torrs Farm Castle Douglas10/P/2/01021 X 20Approved
22/01/2010Knockman Hill Milnmark Farm Dalry10/P/2/00215 X 81m1x55m MastApproved
19/01/2010Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie10/P/2/00181x50m MastApproved
19/01/2010Balmangan Farm Borgue Kirkcudbright10/P/2/00171 X 20mApproved
12/01/2010Torrs Farm Mutehill Kirkcudbright10/P/2/00083 X 19.5mRefused due to lack of information
24/12/2009Blairshinnock Farm Kirkgunzeon09/P/2/04341 X 15mApproved
21/12/2009Corse Hill Dunchrae Dalry09/P/2/0429Mast No Height GivenApproved
05/11/2009Ardendee Tongland Road Kirkcudbright09/P/2/0373Mast No Height GivenApproved
20/10/2009Plascow Farm Nr Dalbeattie09/P/2/03593 X 84mNot Decided
08/09/2009PortMary Cottage Dundrennan09/P/2/03111 X 15m
28/08/2009Durham Hill Kirkptrick Durham09/P/2/03001 No
Height Given
05/08/2009Galtway Hill Milton Farm Kirkcudbright09/P/2/02672 X 100mRefused On Appeal
12/06/2009Little Farm Gatehouse of Fleet 09/P/2/02081 No Height
15/05/2009Galtway hill Miltton Farm Kirkcudbright 09/P/2/01641x60m MastApproved
Ingleston Farm Gelston09/E/2/00039 X 125mAwaiting Submission
16/02/2009Glenquickeb Farm Creetown09/P/2/00492 X 15mApproved
07/07/2008Magree Dalry08/P/2/0289Mast 1 (2 year extension)Approved
07/07/2008Magree Dalry08/P/2/0290Mast 2 (2 year extension)Approved
17/01/2008High Barley Farm Gatehouse of Fleet08/P/2/00111 No Height
1 Mast No Height GivenApproved
18/12/2007Site 3 Mackilston Dalry07/P/2/05181 No Height
Given (6Kw)
22/05/2007Forrest Estate Dalry07/P/2/02231 X 15mApproved
26/02/2007Adjoining 93 Cottan Street Castle Douglas07/P/2/00841 No Height
Plus Solar Panels Approved
08/01/2007Barnbackle Hill Barnbackle Farm Lochfoot07/P/2/00062 X 100mMast No Height GivenRefused at Appeal
08/01/2007Doon Hill Upper Porterbelly Kirkgunzeon07/P/2/00052 X 100mRefused at Appeal
17/10/2006Upper Craigenbay Clatteringshaws06/P/2/04531 Domestic
21/09/2006The Kennels Airds of Balcloy Auchencairn06/P/2/04171 Domestic
13/09/2006East Balcloy Colvend Dalbeattie06/P/2/04021 DomesticApproved
13/09/2006Land North of Cleughbrae Dalry06/P/2/04051 DomesticApproved
30/05/2006Darngarroch Hill Corsock06/P/2/02461x60m Temp MastsApproved
14/12/2005Magre Forest Dalry05/P/2/0514,
5x60m MastsApproved
13/12/2005Rainton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet10/P/2/05101 X 25mApproved
23/08/2005Brockloch Rig Wind Farm, Windy Standard Carsphairn05/P/2/03572x50m MastsApproved
02/02/2005West Barmoffity Farm Kirkpatrick Durham05/P/2/00531 Domestic
04/11/2004Bridgend of Kildarroch Borgue04/P/2/05031 X (2.75Kw)Approved
10/05/2004Rainton Farm Gatehouse of Fleet04/P/2/02392 X 13mApproved but subsequently replaced by application for 1 x 25m turbine
17/06/2003Edgerton Cothouse Laurieston03/P/2/02621 No Height
Septic Tank & Turbine Approved
10/06/2003Torrs Hill Forest Est Dalry03/P/2/02522 X 100m1 Mast No Height GivenApproved
28/01/2003Brockloch Rig Wind Farm, Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00221X60m MastApproved
28/01/2003Bawnhead Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00181X60m MastApproved
28/01/2003Craignane Hill Windy Standard Carsphairn03/P/2/00211X60m MastApproved
16/10/2002Lochinvar Water Water Treatment Works Lochinvar Dalry02/P/2/03641X40m Temp MastApproved
13/09/2001Craignane Hill Windy Standard Carsphairn01/P/2/02821X60m MastApproved


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