by Matt Rudd, Sunday Times, www.thesundaytimes.co.uk 17 July 2011

         Are the turbines outside your window yet?

         Well it won’t be long now.

         It’s a full-on invasion.

When did wind become big business?

         Is it the only option?

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Moneysupermarket.com got in touch with us after seeing our blog post about huge increases in energy prices and hidden green taxes in our fuel bills. 
Many people seem to think that wind power = free energy but this couldn't be further from the truth. According to the Turnbull Report (May 2011) windturbines are amongst the least cost efficient ways of reducing carbon emissions and are very heavily subsidised which we all ultimately pay for through the levy on our fuel bills. Denmark, who have invested heavily in wind energy over the last 30 years have the highest electricity costs in Europe and local communities are becoming much more critical of the reliance on wind turbines.

Moneysupermarket.com are running a series of blog articles and money saving guidance and have produced this infographic – to get the message over.
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Andrea Leadsom is MP for South Northamptonshire. She has initiated a three-hour Commons debate about onshore wind farms and their impact on Britain’s landscape earlier in the month Click here to read some of what she had to say

“Wind farms will desecrate the countryside pointlessly.” – James Lovelock

We've just added a new page [click here] about what seems to be blind institutional faith vested in wind turbines. It draws on the work of  Professor David MacKay (Professor of Physics at Cambridge University & Fellow of the Royal Society) in his now highly respected book, ‘Sustainable Energy – without the hot air’ (2009, pp 32& 33). Here's the summary:-

  1. There's a limit to wind power output which depends on the area of land devoted to turbines regardless of turbine size.
  2. Even if we covered as much as  10% of the country (UK as a whole) with wind turbines we end up with a startling output of 20 kWh/day per person – which amounts to “half of  the power used by driving an average fossil-fuelled car 50 km per day”!
  3. the turbines needed to provide the UK with 20 kWh/d per person amount to "50 times the entire  wind hardware of Denmark ” who’ve been building them for 30 years and “double the entire fleet of all the wind turbines in the world”!

To read the article in full [click here]


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